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2011 Scareactor Appreciation Thread


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HOLY sht the Thing tonight Scared the crap out of me, omg, the were pulsing the lines, I went here around 7 I think, and i was almost at the end of the group that went in the house,

anyways every actor tried to scare me and the actor where the Thing is on the wall with the Ax, that actor really scared me tonight,

the actors in the house this time were really great, wow, I was really glad of seeing the actor in the roof too!

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Oh, I just remembered, both on Friday, the 30th, and last night, the 2nd, one of the leprechauns in HR Bloodengutz always made an effort to go for me. I knew I was forgetting someone!

Oh, just remembered another! The Red Death in Poe was the best I've ever seen so far last night. Kudos to him!

Again, great job, everyone! I'm just getting more and more impressed with the zones and most of the houses every time I go!

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This wasn't a scare but it made my night.

Saturday Oct 1st during the last Bill & Ted show.

I just wanna give a shout out to the actor who played Bill. He came up to me and played with my hair right at the end of the show during "Kickstart my Heart" by Motley Crüe. I was the guy wearing the gold wig and head banging. I was drunk. LOL That was awesome, thank you!

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Troiandan, Sloth's minions are the guys with the zombie esque faces with the sunken eyes if that helps.

Yes, it does, and that was indeed a Slothy minion!

For Sunday night, more thank yous. Another shoutout for me and Dead Uncle Fred from the above mentioned minion (hi back, you are so much fun! :) ). Again, everyone in this zone is top of their game, beginning or end of night.

Lady Luck's minions, over by Mel's. Got a LOTTA love from them last night - I think everyone of you walked with, behind, in front of me on my way to Grown Evil, getting in a good growl or chainsaw rev to boot.

In Acid Assault, I got hand hearts from a girl who is now my favorite melty scareactor. How awesome was that?!?

For the handful of you that know me, you know I pretty much always come by myself. Well, this Thursday the 6th, I'll be attending with a few friends from work. So please, any and all scary creatures of the night (and not-so-dark part that happens before night) - please feel free to harass and harangue me, choke, poke and prod me, pull me into a boo-hole, sit in my chair, push ME in my chair, or any other shenanigans that float your boat. Things may be placid and boring at work, but I want them to see that nothing beats the awesomeness of an HNN HHN!!

You all rock, thank you for what is already another outstanding year! :D

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This could be long, as I had some amazing scares this whole weekend...

Trying to remember everything, timing and casts will be hard, but I'll try to be specific!

Thursday 9/29

Poe: Ravens got me good, then whatever was right after that got me so bad that I kept my head down and didn't look the rest of that house.

In-between: The blue devil creatures with wings, one has a boo hole after the string room, and another jumps out before the lazer room? I don't remember, but they got me every time.

Forsaken: Double scare in front of me and then shortly after behind me after the bedroom room. Mad props to the three guys at the end. Fell for the decoy, amazing at the mirror image coming at me then got the scare to right, right as the bungy guy moved, then reacting to that I kept walking to get the final to my left after already jumping a ton. Fantasic. Got that scare mltiple times over through out last weekend. One of my favorites.

Thing: Creatures at the end in the ship part got me really bad, had good timing with those.

Friday and Saturday 9/30 and 10/1

Bloodngutz: Apparetnly went through the house the night before, don't remember, not your fault, I blame the booze. HR has always been great and always has a funny question to ask me. Grass creature got me in Easter and the tree in Arbor Day. I knew to except Abe, so as soon as I entered the President's Room I yelled for you and you jumped at me out of no where. Fantastic! George too as well! Pilgrim gets me everytime too.

Poe: Red guy and dancing people room. Terrifying! Followed me the whole way around while in the room. I think you got me so bad the night before so I didn't even look the rest of the house.

Saws: I was reacting to the guy going into the smasher thing and guy with a chainsaw/knife got me to my right. The same guy gets me everytime after I'm distracted by the water fall and scuba dude. All the guys in the last room get me at least once every time. Great house!

Winter's Night: Got me good in the cabin/house area, and in the crypt by poping out when I didn't expect it.

Nightengales: Always seem to get a few good pop out scares. Girl on corpes got me good right as I walked into that room as she was on the side cloest to the door. Guy shooting right at me at the end. Sunday, the girl eating the horse corpse sprayed water at me. She can definitely control it but I hadn't seen that until last night so that surprised me.


Grown: I was walking through last night, 10/2, around 10ish on my cell phone! (sorry, had to give directions) But every single scare actor had to have gotten me. And I understand why, but it was awesome! Thank you for showing me what I was missing as I was chatting away. Great scares.

Minons by Mel's DIE IN/Lucy area with the moe-hawks. Y'all are awesome. I got separated from my friend on Friday night, 9/30, at about 2am. I was yelling his name to wait up for me before he went into the 7 area and no one else was in the immediate area, and as soon as I opened my mouth at least 5 of you surrounded me and wouldn't let me pass. Very intimidating. Loved it! Thanks :)

That's all that come to mind right now. Had a great weekend there! Houses are all fantastic! Hope I get to go a few more times this upcoming weekend! Fun stuff! Great job guys! Really appreciate it! :D

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I must post Respeck for one of the random dudes that walks around just outside of the 7 zone. . . The guys in masks with mohawks carrying medieval weaponry for some reason.

In particular, Respeck to the one who was on the other half of this exchange:

Scareactor walks up

Me: "You're all alone - where's the rest of your troop?" (while obviously surrounded by five hundred others in the same costume)

Scareactor looks around

Scareactor makes point-in-circle-at-everyone/are-you-serious gesture

That was very amusing to me.

OH, and also, Respeck to the

crazy mofo who pops through a boohole in the ceiling in the cemetery

. You, sir/madam. You.

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Saturday, October 1st

*I apologize, for I didn't always note what casts I went through.

The Forsaken Forsakens (what's their official name, anyways?): I got a fantastic scare from the one on the right of the tilted room right after the floorboard actor.

Saws N' Steam Cast A: I love you guys. Even though I had memorized this house like the back of my hand from the amount of times I had gone thorough, I still get great scares due to the intensity of the cast. Got a Nightmares shout-out in the flesh aquariams by Cast A and an "off with your head gesture" (Cast B) targeted at me while I caught a cast change in the queue line. Luke, I remember your said that might have been you. I got a pretty good scare by the air piston actor behind the oil drums. I got a fantastic mega-ping pong scare by Cast A I think. Every actor from the pre-waterfall room to the outside chainsaw attempted (and succeed) scaring me.

BloodenGutz Cast A: I adore y'all. I especially love opening scene H.R. BloodenGutz, the leprechauns (Y'all are constantly moving around.), ***Arbor Day girl (Oh. My. God. You are amazing.), ***Thankskilling Pilgrim (You know who you are. I saw you laughing at me. You're awesome.), and the elves (Y'all didn't ever get to scare me, but I still love you guys.).

Nightingales Overhead Finale Banshee: I'd absolutley love to have your job.

Winter's Night Little Girl: You've always tried to scare me, so thank you for that.

7: Every single one of you are incredible. I epecially love Vanity's minions for always remembering me through out the night. I have a little story to tell, so here you go... I started taking photos down by Vanity and the next thing I know her minions are started to creep me out, so I move down to Lust. Of course, Lusts minions get a jump scare out of me. Sloths minions take note, and get me running into Envys minions, they run me into Wraiths chainsaw minions, which makes me run over to Greeds minions, and to top it all off, Gluttonys minions for a good, last startle scare from me. It was a ping pong scare, but 7 times scarier.

Mel's Minions: Y'all are by far my favorite characters at the event this year. I truly do aore you guys... the way you walk, the way your coats flow in the wing, but most importantly,I love y'all's dare I say swagger. :P

Grown Evil Owl: The ground owl on the right closets to the exit into Kidzone got a great scare out of me.

Canyon of Dark Souls Stilt Walker: Y'all are very talented. Great tag teaming between the ground actors.

Acid Assault Wheelchair: You are by far the scariest and the most talented scarezone actor of this whole year.

Nightmaze: Y'all have improved greatly (from the reviews I've read) from opening weekend. From when I went through, I noticed you all were constantly moving the walls. I even got abruptly got cut off a couple times.

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I just remembered a couple of other actors that I'd like to recognize from Saws N' Steam. Cast A: The actor to the left of the calf-slicing scene. Cast B: The guy on the left just before the waterfall.

Also, I have to recognize a couple of nurses from Nightingales Cast B yet again (as a whole, my favorite cast from any location be it house or zone this year). The nurse on top of the corpses, the nurse on the ground by the crashed plane and the final nurse in the house all gave me memorable experiences on Sunday night. I will miss this house.

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I just remembered a couple of other actors that I'd like to recognize from Saws N' Steam. Cast A: The actor to the left of the calf-slicing scene. Cast B: The guy on the left just before the waterfall.

Also, I have to recognize a couple of nurses from Nightingales Cast B yet again (as a whole, my favorite cast from any location be it house or zone this year). The nurse on top of the corpses, the nurse on the ground by the crashed plane and the final nurse in the house all gave me memorable experiences on Sunday night. I will miss this house.

Glad to know i can assist in the great times :D. Its great to be mentioned in here!!

- "final nurse in the house"

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My first post - and I wanted to start by giving thanks. I went to HHN for the first time ever on Saturday 9/24 (Opening Weekend) and had pretty high expectations. For the most part, these were met completely and I owe most of it to some of the incredible scareactors.

The one that stands out the most is George Washington in H.R. Bloodengutz. I broke away from the group of friends I was with in the President's Day room to search for the elusive red button. When I realized it wasn't there, I thought maybe pressing the black button on the timer on the desk would do something. Of course, now we all know that isn't so. I was distracted so much by this button and didn't think there would be any other scareactors in this room.

I was wrong!

I turned around and George Washington was running at me with his hatchet/axe. This image is now forever emblazoned into my mind as the ultimate moment from HHN.

Another scareactor that deserves major props is one of Lady Luck's minions who was walking backwards in front of me staring me down. My natural response in this situation is to become sheepish and start speaking French. It wasn't a terrifying scare but it was a memorable moment that I'll also associate with my first trip.

As far as consistent startles, I have to thank the "residents" of Acid Assault. I walk pretty fast so I was in front of my friends and had to turn around to talk to them. The scareactors in Acid Assault always noticed this so that every time I turned around, there was someone in my face.

I don't remember all the moments but I did point and say "Awesome!" at the scareactors if they did a good job. If you saw a guy in a plaid shirt wearing a hat and pointing at you that night, it was probably me.

Thanks for creating such a great experience for my first trip!

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As much as the scareactors were on fire and awesome last night on the 6th, I just want to voice a serious appreciation to the staff who works the lines to the houses. A lot of them kind of just stand around, but there are plenty that actually keep an eye on things in the lines and there was one line with some horribly annoying young asses in front of us who were arguing about smoking in line and jumping the railings(the Thing house) I'm sure they deal with people like that ALL the time. They do a good job taking care of obnoxious people for the most part. I think get a fear that those people are just gonna be morons in the house too, but they kept getting so scared of the thing creatures that they would run into the next room hahaha.

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I have some shout outs from last night (10/6)

Bed Nightengale(10:50) You get me to jump everytime. Keep it up.

Minions from Your Luck Has Run Out (11:00) Best Scares of the night. First to the one who was right in my face. Good job I wasn't expecting that. Second to the chainsaw minion. Thank you so much for being my first chainsaw scare. I tried to thank you. I'm sure you though I was weird by how well I reacted.

Forksaken Finale 3 (11:30) You guys make the house for me. You all work together so well. Great work.

Second to last actor in the In-Between (12:05) I have never screamed so loud in a house before.

And just a note, the scareactors seem to be much more aggressive. I'm really liking it. Keep up the good work and I'll see you all on Sunday.

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Last night in Forsaken at 7:47, the forsaken just before entering the courtyard scene. I knew you were there but you still got me... Twice!! Thank you! This house is getting better the more times I go through it! Keep it up!!!

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Last night was my first night this year and I had a wonderful time! Some kudos are in order. Warning: wall of text ahoy!


I'll start this off by saying that I can see why people hold the houses this year in such high regard. You were all on fire! I got scared silly and walked out of every house grinning and clapping... I don't think I've ever yelled so many profanities in one night! Bravo to ALL of you!

Winter's Night, Cast A: I came through three times and got you guys twice. You were fantastic! When I came through during S&S, the first boo door got me so good I screamed super loud and yelled "Shit!" Best scare of the night!

Nevermore, Cast A: WOW. Thank you for making my first experience in this house a great one. Scares galore. A couple of the Poes tried talking to me, unfortunately it was too loud and I couldn't understand them.

Saws 'n Steam: Not sure which cast, maybe the first one... I got this cast both times and each time, there was a Nightmare at the end of the house who got up in my face and at one point sneered "I'll give you Nightmares!" Your name eludes me, but I pointed at you the first time because I recognized you. Thanks for the shout out. Also, when I saw you the first time, another guy in your room took advantage of the distraction and got me when I turned around. Nice.


7: This scarezone. Omg. I had a feeling I was gonna get it bad in here when I first walked up... I had no idea just how bad. I got hit with at least one of everything, sometimes two, and it was just insane. There were so many of them and they were SO AGGRESSIVE. I came through a few more times because I wanted to see the ladies in their various forms, but I could only get a glimpse for a second or two before one or two of the men would spot me and pounce. The Gluttonies, Wraths and Vanities (and one long haired Envy) in particular seemed to delight in my torment. That said, I really enjoyed it and look forward to coming through here some more throughout the weekend. Btw, Vanity is cute... she caught me watching her and blew me a kiss. Awwww.

(and then I got attacked by one of her men a split second later. LOL)

Grown Evil: I have to give kudos to one of the ground bats in here who was on the opening cast. I was powerwalking through on my way to The Forsaken and thought I was moving fast enough that none of the scareactors could get me... but this one popped out of nowhere and got me to yell and jump (much to the amusement of the folks in front of me). First scarezone scare of the night.

The Spade Gang (whoever coined this term, I love it): I'll confess, these guys creep me the **** out. Their masks make them look kinda like dolls/mannequins and that does not sit well with me. You can imagine how happy I was when I went exploring near the front of the park and ended up smack dab in the middle of them... I clung to my lanyard for dear life! That said, I was walking down a side street at 8:12 and they were passing me in a line. One of them was watching me, then pointed, and I pointed back, figuring he was from here. Whoever that was, thanks for the acknowledgment. I actually mustered up the courage to come through your street a few times, but you either weren't around or didn't want to make yourself known. 'tis cool.

Nightmaze: I had a funny moment in here at 8:30 when one of the scareactors decided he was going to follow me the whole way through. He was so cute about it too. If he's on here, I got a big kick out of that, thanks :)

All right, I gotta go get ready. I'm going to try to take some video tonight... if I make it through 7 without dropping the camera it will be a miracle. lol! See some of you in a few hours.

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I'm a little delayed in coming to post this, busy week, but a great big thank you to all the scareactors working last weekend. Both Friday and Saturday nights were great but I have a few specifics.

From both Friday and Saturday, the Abe Lincolns in Bloodengutz. I am fairly sure I got scares from the Abe on both casts because the H.R. on Friday was different than the H.R. I had on Saturday. I didn't note run times til Saturday and I went through the house around 6:55 and H.R. gave me a shot out to my HNN shirt. (If he's a board member, I am sorry I could not hear what you said to me after that so whatever my response was to what you said, I'm sure it was nonsensical). Also the George Washington got my friend real good on Saturday during our second run through around 11:15. Abe left us alone that time but I'm afraid it's too late, I've already developed a fear of $5 bills. ;)

In Nightingales on Saturday night (7:45 and 11:26) both times the Nightingales in the room with the "bunk beds" double teamed me and came at me from both the sides of that room at the end of it Was not expecting that at all. Also the Nightingale with all the bodies on our second run through, came round the corner and bam...you were right there. First time I had seen this particalur scene with a SA that close to the crowd and it was great.

Saws and Steam around 6:40 on Saturday with the air blasters. Normally would not say a house so bright could catch me off guard like that but they got me good.

Cast in the Poe house on Saturday about 9:55 p.m., I had tons of scares in this house, and specifically this was the first time I had a scare in the Black Cat room.

Winter's Night at about 7:22 on Saturday, several scares here too, but one of the male ghosts who hides towards the front and one of the people in robes at the end. We can see you, but I still have seen you get people every single time I have gone through, and now including me. The second time we went through, about 11:33 that night, the scareactor near the miniatures, I had one of my best scares from the four nights I have gone. I didn't even know they had anyone there because I had never seen someone and when she popped out, she got me good!

Inbetween on Saturday at about 9:45, first winged creature got my friend GOOD!

SA in the wheelchair in Acid Assault early Saturday night rolled up on me out of nowhere and scared the crap out of me. That's the first scare I have gotten in that SZ and it was great.

The minions in 7, you guys are awesome. I sat on the side of this SZ on Friday night for a while watching you work and it was so much fun watching you scare people.

Friday night in Nightmaze, we got trapped trying to get out at one end by a SA who was quite playful and blocked our exit twice It was great. I didn't have the best run through here opening weekend, but Friday night this was much more fun.

I got so many scares this weekend, especially on Saturday, and I really wish I would have had the time to write this earlier, including for opening weekend, because I know I am forgetting some good ones but I just have to say that last Saturday night was one of my best nights at HHN in the 6 years I have been going. Thank you so much!

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From last night:

Nevermore, Cast A: I am intrigued by a Poe on this cast, I think he's the second one in the house. For the last two nights when I've come through on the opening set, he's made a point of coming over to wave at me. I don't know if he's from here, but I'm happy to see you too Mr. Poe. <3 If you see a short female Nightmare wearing a blue backpack, that is me.

Winter's Night: This is my favorite house right now, and I have to give you all more kudos because no matter what cast I come through on, I get at least one GOOD scare every time. I did this house 7 times last night and enjoyed every time. I do want to give a little extra love to the Weeping Angel at the beginning who was on the closing cast last night. I came through two times within the last 10-15 minutes and you got me BOTH times, despite me knowing full well that you were there. Well done!

Your Luck Has Run Out: Scare of the night, and possibly the whole weekend when it's said and done, goes to you guys. This was the only street I hadn't done yet, and I was dreading it because I'd passed by earlier and saw the Spade Gang out and about. But at 9:08 I gathered my courage, and in I went. I made it through most of the alley without anything happening until I noticed a guard watching me. I hesitated, fearful, but when he didn't move, I turned around to move on.

With a horrific scream, a perfectly concealed Demon Luck came lurching out of the fog and was RIGHT in my face. Oh she got me GOOD, I screamed and yelled "Oh SHIT!" Now, I love a good scare, so I clapped and laughed it off... well, I sure as hell wasn't laughing when I tried to leave the alley and one of the guards suddenly kicked on his chainsaw and charged at me! Oh man I screamed and screamed and scrambled butt over elbow to get out of there. If any of those scareactors are reading this, that was fantastic! I thought about that scare all night!

7: I had another really good run through here at 1:25, had at least one of everything come after me. Vanities, I have to give you credit because you scare me the most. I had one of you come up behind me and growl "Look at me." in a really creepy voice, and that just stuck with me for some reason. Guess who had a bad dream about you last night? This girl. D:

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I've been three nights so far (9/23, 9/30, 10/7) and am very impressed with both the houses and the energy of the scareactors this year! I had high expectations of the event and with the help of the amazing people working the event, this year is delivering. I have worn my HNN shirt every night so far, but since I have no way to wash it, I'll be wearing my old-school Vault shirt tonight. I just wanted to thank a few scareactors who have given us plenty of shout-outs and attention.

Winter's Night: Kim, we've been through this house six times, but realized that last night was the first time with your cast. Thanks for the shout-out - you're doing great. The weeping angels are always amazing - you get someone every time we walk through. I love how the scareactors are devising new ways of scaring each night - we never expect where you are.

Nightingales: I don't know who you are, but the guy we spoke with last weekend while walking to The Forsaken who works in Nighingales as a soldier with a gun in one of the first rooms gave us a shout-out again last night. No you know who I am - I'll see you again, I'm sure. There are several nurses who notice our HNN shirts regularly, and with your great costumes, you do a phenomenal job!

The Thing: I don't think this house is as good as its predecessor, but some of the actors in this house really make it feel like you are living through their perils that they face in the movie. Great animatronics and the scareactors who interact with them do a great job. I love the kitchen room, the large Thing on the ceiling, and the finale in the space craft - these scenes make the house what it is.

HR Bloodengutz: Abe Lincoln and George Washington - great tag-teaming - you get us every time. I love the girls chosen for the Arbor Day room and the Feaster Bunny is fantastic! The pilgrim with the musket is spot-on with his timing - we got blasted in the ear last night and couldn't hear for a while - great job!

Saws N' Steam: I love the aggression used by the scareactors in this house - great energy and plenty of shout-outs. The scareactors in the room with the saw blades near the beginning and the ones in the water rooms (both the aquarium room and the one before the waterfall) are doing a fantastic job.

Nevermore: Great implementation of the story - thanks to the ravens, the dancing scareactors with masks, and a few of the well-hidden scareactors, this house is becoming more successful.

The In-Between: Great costumes and amazing effects that are used the best way possible by very talented scareactors. I know that several HNN members are in the house and I also understand that it's hard to give proper shout-outs. You guys are doing a great job scaring and amazing us time and again!

The Forsaken: Amazing sets that come to life by amazing scareactors. I love the attention we get whenever we walk through this house - plenty of shout-outs and a constantly-changing way of scaring us, which keeps up on our toes when we walk through.

Acid Assault: The cast plays their parts well and you guys do a great job at hiding in the crowd and sneaking up on guests. The woman with the long dark hair who constantly chases me down and screams in my ear - great job - I love what you're doing!

Your Luck Has Run Out: This scarezone needs some work with both the set and the masks (please fix these masks, Universal). The "Luck Be a Lady" song should be much more prominent and use the roulette wheel in the scarezone and make a small scene with it. It was great to see armyofrobots back in action - I didn't realize that you were in this zone permanently now! Thanks for the recognition and the attention last night - I'm looking forward to seeing you again. However, it was much easier to recognize you as the Wolfman as opposed to one of the many minions of Lady Luck. Just keep chasing us down any way that you can!

Grown Evil: Amazing atmosfear and several shout-outs. But, with Death Drums taking over Mel's, the ambiance in this zone is being compromised - it's up to you scareactors to keep that ambiance up, especially when the show ends and everyone pours through your zone.

Canyon of Dark Souls: I still don't really get the hype of this zone, but the scareactors are doing well with hiding in the fog and startling guests.

NightMaze: This zone keeps getting better and it's all due to the scareactors in it. Last night, I got trapped in a corner while the wall was moving and the scareactor just stood in my way and wouldn't let me out of the tiny space in which I was trapped. I also had another shadow person slam a wall into my arm (accidentally, of course) and growl in my face. It would be very hard to work in this environment, but the scareactors are making this zone better each night.

7: My favorite zone of the year - you guys do a phenomenal job. Your energy stays high (even Sloth and her minions) and you stay in character throughout the night. Great distraction scares throughout the night, especially Pride's minions and Lust's minions. The Gluttony ladies are my favorite - I love how you try to offer everyone your grapes!

Overall, keep up the fantasic work - we'll be back for more tonight. . . .

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Everyone was on their A game tonight. I only have a few noteworthy shout outs though:

The first actor in Saws n Steam (8:00) I jumped like crazy when I saw you. You totally changed my view of this house this year.

One of the regular ground actors in the Canyon of Dark Souls.(9:00) When you put your hand in my face that was all I expected. Not the additional lunge and crazy growl. Got me so good.

Last actor in the room with all the pirates in the Forsaken (9:30) I was so distracted by what was going on behind me I had no clue you were in front of me. I screamed so loud and tryed to thank you. Best scare of the night. Good work

Chainsaws and Gluttons from 7 (9:45) When you made my sister's friend run away was great. Even better when the gluttony men chased her. Good work.

Great job everyone and continue with the amazing work.

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Much belated on this, still working off the sick I've had the past few days. From Thursday:

Great walk through Seven shortly after opening. Gave a hot lust guy a ride - in my chair, of course. Extra kudos also to vanity minion, who offered good tips on his surgeon :)

Forsaken, a little before 7:00. Best run through I've had yet - finally got the bungee triple team scare at the end. You all are making this house amazing!

More hand hearts from my favorite Acid Assault scareactor. I'm loving this tradition, especially when it sets me up for a double team from the side!

Not a scare, but a treat - got to meet a minion with his real face ;) Look forward to more minion scares soon! (I do love minions)

Extra special kudos and thanks to the actor that gave me Nightmares at the end of S&S - GREAT interaction, fun and scary. I loved playing along - hope to see you again right soon, I'm ready for more Nightmares!!

I'm hoping to make it back on Thursday, but still trying to get over the sick, so may not be until Friday if I keep recuperating this slowly :( Thanks everyone, you are rocking this year!

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These are all from last night. Again, incoming wall of text, sorry in advance!


Saws 'n Steam: Came through at 7:21 and in one of the scenes, some guy got ALL up in my face and I'm pretty sure it was about my shirt. Kept asking me if I thought I was better than him and stuff. lol! Thanks for the shout out.

This is belated, but I want to acknowledge the ladies in the Arbor Day scene of Bloodengutz. You two rocked that scene and I enjoyed slowing down a bit to watch you (though that came with wet consequences!). I played with one of you in my favorite scarezone last year... you know who you are, and it was good to see you again. :)


To start with, I want to thank everyone in the streets for sticking it out through the windy, chilly and drizzly weather so we could have scarezones again. You were all awesome. There was so much energy out there, it was insane. Well done!

Nightmaze: At 8:08, someone at the beginning of the maze ran up to me and said "I'll give you a Nightmare!" Thanks for the shout-out. I actually got trapped in here later when a scareactor completely closed off the path behind me. There was a way out up ahead, but I had two scareactors in there giving me grief and it made me panic a little bit. I can't believe they cut me off like that!

Acid Assault: Came through at 8:11, made it as far as the Rat Lady and thought I was in the clear until a LOUD snarl in my ear got a really good scare out of me. I turned around and saw a big scareactor lurking nearby, they had one of the bloody masks with a cloth wrapped around their head and they were carrying a pipe. Well, that could describe more than one character in the zone... but if that person's on here, you got me good! I had no idea I was being followed.

7: I think I've said before that this one is my favorite, and I played in here a lot. Thank you all for being so tolerant of me coming through so much in the last 10 minutes or so of the event. Every time I came through I got multiple scares and I loved it. Extra love goes to those creepy Vanities. Earlier in the night at 8:49 both of them caught me at the end of the street. I kept walking around, trying not to look at them and they kept blocking my path. One of them said "I like this one!" and I was like "No! No you don't!" I had to run to get past them! Also, a Sloth minion did something neat to scare me: he dropped to the ground and did this creepy scuttling motion through the crowd, eventually jumping up in my face. That was creative.

Canyon of Dark Souls: I came through taking video and a grounded stilt scareactor came at me going "Nightmarenightmare!" Thanks for the shout out, but man... you killed my shot! :P I came through later and got a good scare from the same guy when he came charging at me out of the fog, and again mentioned Nightmares.

Grown Evil: 11:05, the fog was really thick and you could barely see. A bird came snarling out of nowhere and got me SO good, I screamed and jumped about a foot in the air.

Your Luck Has Run Out: Oh my god. Luck and her minions had it OUT for me that night. Normally I could get away with avoiding the Spade Gang on the sidewalk, but not this time. I got a minor scare from one the first time I passed by, and the second time, one of them scared a couple of teen girls onto the sidewalk, then immediately abandoned them to follow me instead. That really should have warned me not to come through the Alley, buuut... I like Lady Luck and wanted to see her again before my HHN run was over. So I stopped by a little after midnight and as Luck would have it, I was pretty much alone in there. Ended up with one Demon Luck in my face and two more double teamed me. The really scary part was when I stepped out of the Alley, and there was a minion just waiting up ahead. I hesitated a second too long before going for the sidewalk- he charged. I dodged him and ended up with another one on my tail. Oh yes, there was screaming.

Now you would think I wouldn't come back after that little experience... well, I never said I was smart. I came back later, and other than a minion scare at the end of the Alley, I was fine... and then I stepped out of the Alley. And that was as far as I got before three minions came charging at me from the side with chainsaws roaring. Oh man did I freak out, scrambling into the little side alley and cowering there while they lurked nearby. Then one of them decided to park himself next to the sidewalk, and I was basically trapped because every time I tried to sneak away, he would look back to make sure I was still there. I had no escape route left that wasn't full of scareactors. Eventually, I decided he was the lesser evil and headed in his direction. Of course he came after me, and of course I ran screaming out of there. If he reads this, that was a smart (and EVIL) move! Kudos to all you spade minions, I've never screamed as much as I did last night.

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Acid Assault: Came through at 8:11, made it as far as the Rat Lady and thought I was in the clear until a LOUD snarl in my ear got a really good scare out of me. I turned around and saw a big scareactor lurking nearby, they had one of the bloody masks with a cloth wrapped around their head and they were carrying a pipe. Well, that could describe more than one character in the zone... but if that person's on here, you got me good! I had no idea I was being followed.

Ahhh Stumpy....as with Veritas earlier....I suggest you not stand still for too long ..and you should CERTAINLY pay attention to your surroundings..look forward to seeing you again reallll soon

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