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  2. I’m definitely hoping for the dates and the general admission as the next announcement cause that’s the first thing I want to come regardless of what all the houses and zones will be. That’s the point we’re at, and this should also be the month for Legacy to throw us some clues. Was expecting last month a few weeks ago, but he’s pushing them back cause he was impressed how quick some in the fan community got them right, and we’ve already got one house announced with Chucky.
  3. Idk.... I feel like something will get announced. My bet is on the dates, but maybe they'll surprise us and announce Monsters or something.
  4. Universal Orlando has recently announced an hour long HHN panel seminar at Transworld. Sounds interesting, but It’s likely they’re gonna focus on the previous years of the event other than talking about Chucky.
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  6. I’m thinking about that too. In case a Cleaver sequel doesn’t happen for 32, then this would make a good alternative for a comedy house. I also agree that the Killer Klownz from Outer Space deserves a better location for a facade other than having Klownzilla back.
  7. I could see KKFOS returning to Hollywood if it's an original take on the IP. Like some sort of original sequel. I say yes, bring it back to Orlando at least, and upgrade it to a Soundstage or Parade Building. The game also releases this year, so that makes it a little more likely in my book.
  8. Halloween Horror Nights 2010 at Universal Studios Hollywood- The Tome of Evil Icon The Storyteller- The elderly woman at the old house seems like such a kind and gentle soul. And she has such a vivid imagination that enables her to tell such fantastical stories. But her mind is a dark place and her imaginations are of the grim, bloody and terrifying variety. She has the power to enchant guests to be transported into worlds where it’s residents feast on fears and violence with the guests as their supper. Mazes Hellraiser- Do you dare open the Lament Configuration? For if you do, you will be sucked into a world that mixes both pain and pleasure in a sick yet sweet concoction. This is literally Hell, and Pinhead and the cenobite cult wait to show you such sights in the labyrinth of chains. Based on the Hellraiser series, itself based on the novel “The Hellbound Heart” by Clive Barker. The Ring- There is a legend that if you watch a certain tape depicting a certain stringy haired ghost, you have only 7 days to live before your life is taken away (unless you transfer the curse to someone else). The ghost in question is Samara Morgan, a little girl who couldn’t control her psychic powers and was imprisoned in a well because of it. Now watch the tape and then step into the abyss as Samara directs her pain and suffering towards all of humanity- including you. Based on the 2003 film, itself a reimagining of the 1991 Koji Suzuki novel. Psycho- It is the 60th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal horror masterpiece, and what better way to celebrate it than by taking you into the film itself? Or rather within Norman’s head that is? See the tortured imagery that inflicts the former proprietor of the Bates Motel, from flashbacks of his previous murders and the memory of his cruel mother, to surreal imagery such as giant knives floating in the air and a version of “Mother Bates” akin to a giant. You may want to check out as soon as possible… but you may not have a choice to leave. Based on the 1960 film, itself based on the novel of the same name by Robert Bloch. Glasses Hiding Dark Thoughts- Baligha Ballade, our Storyteller this year, still lives in the old house. All it’s antiques and furnishments are still in place after all these years- and unfortunately so are the corpses hidden under the walls and the floors. The gruesome imagery from the Storyteller’s mind creeps out into reality here as the monsters come out from under the bed and closets. Scarezones Chapter One (Front Gate and New York)- Begin the tale by stepping through the front cover and into the first chapter of Halloween Horror Nights. The Storyteller rests on an ornate platform, telling random tales of gory violence and macabre obscenities as giant sized books line the area. Her minions surround the area and you must evade them to move past the various pathways. Ghostwreck (Western Street)- The fog shrouds the remains of an abandoned shipwreck. The literal skeleton crew glide in the broken corridors, some hiding in the darkness. Demonic dogs from hell also are part of the entourage of fear. Inspired by Old West ghost stories “Ship of Death” and “Hell Dogs”. Little Red Man (French Street)- A street full of the resurrected drowned spirits of a hospital disaster is the home of the Little Red Man. He used to be an assassin for the royals of Old France until they killed him out of paranoia. Even after taking his revenge from beyond the grave, he is unsatisfied. Walking bodies with faces bloated from the tragedy serve in liege to the Little Red Man as they direct their rage on humanity itself. Inspired by Parisian ghost stories. Lunatics (Baker Street)- Same as 2010’s one. The notorious White Chapel Asylum is home to the most dangerously disturbed inmates in England. Unfortunately, the Lunatics have overrun the asylum and slaughtered their certakers. Finally freed from the cruel confines of the Asylum, these blood-crazed loonies have begun a murderous rampage through the foggy streets of London. Not Just Another Fairy Tale (Lower Lot)- The deepest layer of hell awaits you down, down below. This is where the hidden passageway to the house of the Storyteller can be found. But be very careful as hordes of her minions prowl the very streets. Watch out or you may not make it to the epilogue. Terror Tram: The Final Chapter Baligha Ballade was a acclaimed storyteller of children’s books who sadly lost her creative touch. This drove her to engage in more visceral themes for her books which eventually led to her ban from publishers. Long after taking revenge (and her disappearance) she is back and ready to drag you and your group into the very stories that inspired classic horror films. Step into the Universal Backlot and enter the twisted realms of Pinhead, Samara, Norman and Mother Bates, all under the Storyteller’s watchful eye. This may be your final chapter in the worst way yet.
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  10. Killer Klowns might have some potential left, but It can’t be like what Hollywood had done last year, even if you flex the new Minions attraction that won’t be available anytime soon.
  11. Ehhhh, I thought the Killer Klowns house from 29 was alright. But it definitely does not need to return.
  12. Another wild card is on the table? https://twitter.com/rumors_legacy/status/1620569993212743680?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1620569993212743680|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=
  13. Icon: The Storyteller Tagline: The Tome of Evil Houses: Hellraiser, The Ring, Psycho, Storyteller house Terror Tram: Chapters of Evil Scarezones: Tales of Terror (Front Gate), Not just another Fairy Tale (Lower Lot), Death’s Ship (Western Street), Little Red Man (French Street), Lunatics (Baker Street) (again this will be more detailed as I think more ideas)
  14. Press release for the “World of Fear” (This Universal theme park) invites guests to its first ever Halloween Horror Nights, the most frightening cavalcade of haunted houses, terror filled streets, and spectacular shows this side of (whatever country this is). The Guest Experience: Discovering the World of Fear By day, (This Universal park) is a wondrous trip down the very world itself. But by night, the world has been turned upside down. In the “World of Fear”; all of its glamorous countrysides such as Jurassic Park, Egypt, Universal Horror/The Old World, Amity, New York and Hill Valley have been sent into the dark depths and emerge as twisted dark parodies of themselves. Each land contains hundreds of scare actors and set pieces to convey a dark mirror where the nightmares reign supreme. And within each land lies haunted mazes, conveying scenes of terror and brutality that are sure to keep you tingling. Another notable attraction is the “Hayride of Screams”, which takes guests on a hay-filled wagon ride out of the park and into a journey down the road which features hundreds of set pieces and scareactors to give guests a frightful evening. Side A- Presenting the gruesome festivities is the insidious Jack the Clown. Jack, an undead spirit in greasepaint form, knows what goes bump in the night, as he warps the landscapes of wonder and awe into those of shock and terror. Side B- Overseeing the gruesome festivities is the decrepit, grisly personification of death itself. The Caretaker, a tall man in a dark suit with white hair, knows what evil lurks in man’s heart as he unleashes a horde of monsters and killers to take over Universal. His cold dead eyes glare at guests from hidden corners as they traverse through the warped landscapes of the World of Fear. Beware of the rusty oversized shears he wields. Side C- Overseeing the gruesome festivities is Biff Tannen, the famous movie villain from the “Back to the Future” series. Biff Tannen once knew how it was to take the spotlight and now he has found a way. Hijacking Doc Brown’s time travel inventions, he now rules the show as hundreds of evil beings from different timelines have taken over their respective own little worlds. Scary Streets Enter the Dark World (Universal’s Harbor of Advenrure) The fright fest begins as guests pass through the gates into the “World of Fear”. Freaks of nature hide in the alcoves amongst bloodthirsty killers waiting to attack fresh meat walking through as they are immersed in the grim atmosphere and foreboding atmosphere. At the end of it, guests come across the familiar world tree. But something’s wrong- there lies hundreds of corpses hanging by the branches, some freshly bleeding, others rotted. Jurassic Carnage (Jurassic Park) Jurassic Park started out as such an innocuous but innovative experience- dinosaurs from way back when brought back to life using cutting edge scientific technology; available for all guests to see. But things went horrendously wrong and now the more dangerous dinosaurs have overrun the entire area, turning it into an hunting ground. Guests will have to watch their backs as Velociraptors, Dilophosaurus, and other hungry carnivores prowl the vines and leafs, awaiting the chance to strike and devour the flesh of hapless guests. Some poor fools thought it was a good idea to merge their blood with Dino DNA and have merged into twisted Dino-human hybrids. Rise of Imhotep (Egypt Timey-Wimey) They thought they sealed him in that god forsaken tomb for all time, they thought the threat may not come to pass… they were mistaken. Now Imhotep; the former High Priest of Hamunaptra, has risen back from the dead and used the full powers of the Hom-Dai curse to plunge Egypt into darkness. Mummies, from the classic “bandages and wrappings” type to the elite Soldiers arming themselves with spears and khopeshes, walk free under Imhotep’s command on the warped wasteland. Daily rituals are performed, unfortunate victims either being mummified alive or having their heart ripped open to be judged by Imhotep. Monster Mash (Universal Horror/The Old World) It’s a party down in the old times as classic monsters of Universal’s library of horror films have been ripped from the films and into guests’ own reality. Count Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and Bride, the Invisible Man, and The Phantom of the Opera are among the many monsters dancing in the cobblestone streets. Dracula’s own brides fly from the air to snatch new blood from guests, and the Wolfman hides in bushes, jumping out where they least expect it. Aquatic Nightmare (Amity) Amity the otherwise quaint little town has been going through some hard times, first a series of shark attacks in the late 70s sent attendance plummeting, now it has been the forefront of strange subterranean activity. The entire town has been overrun by both paranormal activity and strange undersea creatures. Ghostly sailors moan and sing demented sea shanty’s as giant aquatic freaks of nature apparently can run amok on land just fine. New York Under Siege or the Rotten Apple (New York) The ruthless Carnage/Mystique/Green Goblin has organized a mass breakout of the most savage Marvel super villains to take over the entire city of New York for themselves. The superheroes are nowhere to be found; either fighting offscreen or already haven been taken out. The streets are littered in debris and demolition, cars and buildings struck by gunfire and machinery. Characters like the Hobgoblin fly in the air and shoot bombs to the sky, creating hellfire. Biff Tannen’s Hell Valley (Hill Valley Timey-Wimey) Biff Tannen once knew what it’s like to be in the spotlight. First he once sent his younger self an ingenious plan to take over Hill Valley and become one of the richest men in America. Thanks to the efforts of a “Butthead” the plans were thwarted… but Biff found a new way. After stealing some precious machinery invented by Doc Brown, Biff has once again taken control of this city. Zombie bikers and Biff’s undead minions rule the city via shotgun, knives, and their own sharp teeth as a collection of the best metal/rock tunes permeate the area. Biff’s visage looms over the area via screens and neon signs. Terrifying Mazes JP: Extinction (Located in Jurassic Park) In-Gen unknowingly has been having some dark secrets within. A lead scientist in the genetics field, under coercion by Biff Tannen/a clown/ a man with a top hat in his dreams, was performing unauthorized experiments combining Dino and human DNA. The experiments… sorta worked; with the humans transforming into half-dinosaur beasts, that can tear humans and concrete alike while eating wherever may come. The mad doctor eventually injected himself with the hybrid serum and organized a mass power failure in the park. Now guests can step inside the facility where the experiments were being held and where it’s “patients” still reside. Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Torture (Located in Amity) The strange going ons in Amity is not enough to quell Captain Spaulding from “House of 1000 Corpses”; in fact this is the type of anarchy and weirdness he gets his kicks from. His brand new “Museum of Torture” is open for all guests to see; where recreations of famous tortures of history like the acts of the French Revolution and what you would see back then in the Middle Ages. Once they step further in, guests soon realize some of them aren’t “actor’s”, they really ARE being tortured alive. Captain Spaulding’s henchmen will ensure that the guests will “participate” in the gruesome scenes, some as victims, others as torturers. Maximum Carnage or 7 Side A- Some of the super villains have made their bay within the hidden areas of New York. From crusty and abandoned warehouses to the slimy and dingy sewers, they don’t take kindly to the odd wanderer or explorer. Carnage/Mystique/Green Goblin is the head of operations here, and they don’t exactly carry a code of honor nor decency. Guests will have to flee for the lives from super villains like Scream, Dormammu, and the Mole Man as the super heroes won’t be here to save the day. Side B- Pride. Greed. Wrath. Envy. Lust. Gluttony. Sloth. These are the seven deadly sins as recorded in the Bible, and man has unfortunately fallen under these spells throughout history. But there is a legend that these aren’t just mere ideas, rather that there are a group akin to spirits, that are the living embodiment of these vices residing in a world not seen by ordinary eyes. The gateway to said world has been open, and guests can finally come face to face with what may be a mirror image of themselves. (Depending on the Icon) Jack’s Fearhouse, Screamhouse, or (?) Side A- This version of the Big Top has all manners of freaks and sideshows displayed for people of all ages! Jack the Clown serves as Ringmaster for this perversion of a funhouse; filled with dizzying sights of wonder and bewilderment. Monstrous Clowns and Phantom Harlequins pop in and out from all directions and the walls are plastered with vintage carnival memorabilia. Side B- The old house near Shady Oaks Cemetery has been abandoned for quite some time after it’s burning via an angry mob. The funeral home was once the site of terrible acts of murder, dissection, and cannibalism under the eye of Albert Caine, the former Caretaker of the cemetery. Legends say that the Caretaker and his servants survived the arson, and that horrific acts still continue in that house to this day. Guests foolishly step in the decrepit house and find out for themselves that the legends were accurate, as the Caretaker and his followers strike and maim in the dirty hallways. Side C- Doc Brown is not having a good night, thanks to the tomfoolery caused by recurring villain Biff Tannen. Guests will have to join Doc Brown on a frightfully thrilling chase as Biff subjugates them into a blast into the past in various places of the world. Guests will have to dodge the swords of evil samurai, and gunfire from zombie soldiers. Marquee Attraction Hayride of Terror: Exploration of Hell The marquee attraction of Halloween Horror Nights. Guests will climb aboard the hayride and venture in an expedition where they explore the uncharted territories of the “World of Fear”. Guests will have to watch their backs as hordes Zombies, Mummies, Dinosaurs, etc. hide within the dark recesses of the forested pathways. Bloodcurdling Shows (Depending on the Icon) Jack’s Funhouse, A Gothic Night with the Caretaker, or Biff Tannen’s Halloween Party Side A- The circus is here with Jack serving as the Ringmaster. Side B- Are you ready to meet the Caretaker? The Caretaker aside from being a murderer is also quite a captivating lecturer, speaking diatribes about the nature of death and how to cut someone to pieces. And he has plenty of “participants” to give guests a visual demonstration. Side C- Exotic dancers and death defying stunts are all the rage in this party hosted by none other than Biff Tannen! Rivers of Blood The horrors of Halloween Horror Nights come to life upon the very waters of Universal. Water mist projections, fountains, fireballs, and physical sets combine to create one fantastic yet brooding spectacle.
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  16. What if there was a haunted experience, very much like Dark Torment https://halloweenhorrornights.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Torment , with the guests having to ride the attraction before going to the haunted house? I'm not sure if there are any currently available rides for this type of haunt experience to return, but anyone can dream!
  17. 1st Halloween Horror Nights- the World of Fear (This is merely the “placeholder” for a more described version.) BACKGROUND: This Universal park is set somewhere in the early 2000s. The first HHN probably would have started somewhere in 2004-2007. This is sort of like Islands of Fear. Icon • The Caretaker or Jack the Clown • Biff Tannen Scarezones • Enter the Dark World • Jurassic Carnage • Rise of Imhotep • Monster Mash • Aquatic Nightmare • New York Under Siege or the Rotten Apple • Biff Tannen’s Hell Valley Mazes • JP: Extinction • Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Torture • Maximum Carnage or 7 • (Depending on the Icon) Jack’s Fearhouse, Screamhouse, or (?) Marquee Attraction • Hayride of Terror: Exploration Gone Wrong Shows • (Depending on the Icon) Jack’s Funhouse, A Gothic Night with the Caretaker, or Biff Tannen’s Halloween Party • Rivers of Blood
  18. Not for AU 2008, but I’m thinking of doing a version of the Titans of Terror house they had in 2017 but much differently and involving Psycho. However the version I’m thinking of is too similar to the NOES house I just wrote.
  19. Woah! This looks incredible, and I’m loving the way you’re using Freddy as an icon differently. Have you thought of adding Michael, Jason, Leatherface for an unholy alliance of Slashers? You could do a zone called “Freddy & Friends.”
  20. Shaun of the Dead is my favorite Horror movie ever. So, I would gush if it came to Horror nights
  21. The only zombie things I wanna see are Shaun of the Dead and The Last Of Us.
  22. A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET HOME SWEET HELL TREATMENT Facade At the end of the queue line, you see in front of you the famous 1428 Elm Street House from the NIGHTMARE series. It’s recreated identically to the one shown in NIGHTMARES 3-5; dilapidated, run-down with boards covering the windows, and a blue-ish paranormal glow emanating from the slits. The giggles of children mingle with the screams of FREDDY’S victims. FREDDY speaks “You can check in, but you can’t check out.” and with that you and your group are led into the house from hell. Foyer Passing through the door, you push through a narrow hallway barely decorated. Then you pass and find yourself in the exact same hallway again, but with the sound of FREDDY scraping the walls with his finger knife glove piercing your ears from all directions. Then you pass through the same hallway again for the third time, but this time FREDDY KRUEGER finally reveals himself behind a scrim wall effect. Finally exiting that damned hallway, that’s when things get slightly trippy. The whole foyer is bigger than it’s supposed to be, making you feel like you’ve shrunk in size. The sound of wheels ring from above, and as you pass the stairway, a “gigantic” bicycle almost crashed into you! (Listen closely and you hear the sound of goo as it falls down the stairs, a audio reference to the goo stairs from the first NIGHTMARE.) Living Room The living room is only illuminated by the television set, playing the Evil Dead. This is used for either one of the two scares described: SCENE A- FREDDY pops out from behind the couch to slash at you. SCENE B- The couch itself lunges at you with a roar. Kitchen Technically it’s in normal size, but with the space of it it’s more like a restaurant kitchen. The cabinets are filled with vials of embalming fluids and blood samples, the pans and pots searing and boiling with severed human body parts; raw human meat laying on a rack. A severed head is seen turning inside a microwave. The oven springs open to reveal a WARPED GINGERBREAD MAN bursting at you with the smoke. At the end, DEBBIE THE ROACH GIRL from the fourth NIGHTMARE cries for help. (The Pizza of Souls is seen as an Easter Egg) Dinner Room Here, FREDDY KRUEGER and his party guests happily feast on the cannibalistic delights. FREDDY digs his claw into GRETA’S stomach and force feeds GRETA her own innards. You disturbed by the horrifying scene leaving you unaware of the GIANT DEMONIC HOG puppet that roars at you on your left. Bedroom Once again, you find that the dimensions have shifted. The bedroom is seemingly giant sized, decorated with an antique mirror, toys on the floor, and of course the mattress itself. As you walk through, a baby stroller glides through as if pushed by an invisible being. The stroller looks a lot more darker and spiky than any normal stroller; it is in fact the same demon baby carriage from the fifth NIGHTMARE. FREDDY’S claw swipes from the stroller (either a hidden actor or a mechanical puppet). The following scene is either: SCENE A- You go underneath the bed itself, the corridor stimulating the dirty and grimy underneath, with giant bags of garbage laying. HUMAN-FACED DOGS AND GIANT DEMONIC RATS from the second NIGHTMARE movie charge at you from the darkness. SCENE B- The bed is broken, it’s hinges cracked, the mattress on the floor. This gives you chance to slide under the covers. There you push yourselves through corridors of sheets illuminated by moonlight blue. The LOST SOULS claimed by FREDDY push through the walls begging for help in muffled cries. At the end, FREDDY’S claw slashes through a sheet wall, creating a red glow. Bathroom and Shower Room Escaping from the bedroom, the bathroom is surprisingly well-lit and clean, though sparsely decorated. The water in the faucet is running hot, with mist in the air as a result. The lights start to flicker, and FREDDY’S razor knife glove slashes through the mirror, creating sparks as it does so. Then, you come across the shower door where someone is bathing. The sheets are pulled down to reveal SHOWER FREDDY, a full frontal long haired version of the nightmare demon. He gives the line “How’s this for a wet dream?!” Attic After a short transition hallway with screens projecting stairs going in all directions (like the scene in WDW’s Haunted Mansion), again the dimensions are all whack. The attic, which is filled with antique items and ELM STREET memorabilia, by itself isn’t abnormal, but there are several oversized children’s toys strung about. A nursery rhyme can be heard, along with a music box tune, but they seem to be broken. Suddenly you are ambushed by the NIGHTMARE MINIONS, some lunging from the air via bungee. Along with a hanged man. Basement Another transition hallway with the bizarre staircases leads you into the basement of the house- or more accurately the boiler room. Giant pipes and other machinery hiss smoke and fire, the lighting of the scene bathed in red and orange. Trinkets from FREDDY’S victims hang in various places. Speaking of victims, CHARRED VICTIMS burned to the core charge at you from hidden alcoves, some in a deranged state, others pleading. However FREDDY himself pops out and takes one victim with him back into the furnace (this may be used for a elaborate kill scene). Garden Going out the basement door, you enter the garden. The dimensions make this more like a giant conservatory. Mirrors help give the illusion of this garden being wider in depth, along with dimly lit matte paintings. The garden is full of plants and other greenery, but some not only look huge but some seem… off. Animatronics and puppets conveying GIANT VENUS FLYTRAPS, HARLEQUIN-HEAD FLOWERS are used to great effect, and there are a few VICTIMS stumbling about with cuts on their faces and eyeballs missing, and the walls decorated with bloody thorns. The setting morphs into a dark jungle-like setting, the hissing and growling of wild animals permeating your ears, the pathway dark and hard to see. At the end, another puppet conveying SNAKE FREDDY from the third NIGHTMARE film (with green goo and all) either bites at you or is eating a girl whole. Garage Finally, you make it into the garage, which while dimly lit seems normal. However you are led into a hallway of boarded up walls, where in the holes fully-sized cars honk and almost crash through from nowhere from in different angles from above. The room morphs again into something akin to an abandoned junkyard. SKELETON FREDDY jumps out from the ground itself to swipe at you and at an unfortunate VICTIM. The impaled body of NANCY’S FATHER is on display. A giant version of FREDDY KRUEGER bursts from a mist projection of the moon for one last scare.
  23. But there is one problem of doing another Zombie house and/or zone at this point: Whether If it’s an original concept or an IP that has never been touched before, people would complain that It’s still the Walking Dead in some form. The zombies were a trend of the 2010’s that was ended by the oversaturation of the concept unlike this decade.
  24. I know. But, I'm saying if there was a zombie movie you would love to see at HHN, what would it be? I'd obviously go with Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, and all three Romero Movies
  25. I think Universal is trying to take a long break with the Zombies cause of the Walking Dead overrepresentation.
  26. Is there a Zombie movie that hasn't been to horror nights yet?
  27. Though I did enjoyed the newest episode of Fear and Beer, they decided not to showcase my house ideas on their podcast cause they don’t want anyone to think It was theirs. So, I’ve decided to add the final touches of my newest house idea and drop it here instead. Fullmetal Alchemist was my inspiration for this, and it revolves around the Homunculi. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EuNzKtMiBvjdnflfWg4qCzupkjpjyN4eNd0jeX8sT-4/edit
  28. They’ve mostly been busy with a lot of things outside of their podcast for more than a month other than Christmas and some rough moments, which is why there are less recently uploaded episodes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if their next episode will be delayed. Maybe It could be better than what I’m expecting cause of how much they love my house ideas.
  29. Cool. Would like to show them my sirens house someday or in any podcast.
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