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  2. Does anyone know if there’s a page in the Necronomicon that explains how to summon a house announcement?
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  4. Just made a new zone idea inspired by the modern Australian hoax and folklore called the Bear Drops or Drop Bears (either way you wanna call it) for the New York Waterfront as a location for a bit of a beach vibe. Was thinking of doing a total of five zones for my Jungles of Fear event theme, but I’m pumping it to six, so I can represent Australia in some form. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LUCkcPTndGeoV-wlzare3cd9iTMYVzg9x2BM2-vxy4g/edit
  5. Last week
  6. I don’t think we need another Blumhouse compilation this year. If the Exorcist is rumored to come back in some form regardless if it’s based on the 1973 original classic, Believer, or both, then why represent it on a smaller scale when it’s too big for that?
  7. I agree. FNAF is a big IP so they’d probably want to save that for a solo house
  8. I don't think a horrors of blumhouse with Fnaf is the best idea. That compilation will probably ruin the maze experience as a whole. Fnaf deserves to get the stand alone maze experience.
  9. Do we have to sacrifice a kidney to get a house announcement at this point? I might be down
  10. I heard rumors that the Five Nights at Freddy's film might be coming to Horror Nights this year. Could it possible merge with M3GAN to create another Horrors of Blumhouse maze?
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  12. Ok, maybe if the series is more well known in the future and if it is popular enough to be made as a haunted house, then this could happen.
  13. Got my newest scarezone idea done that is an original concept with original characters, revolving around the carnivorous plants in a surreal jungle with some desert elements inspired by Seeds of Extinction! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LCbB4qjyOiKSG-J18uO9I1F3sNPxrQg4aHzFuOI2mdk/edit
  14. I’ve always disliked the minions… those damn banana addicted fiends.
  15. I know that happened but Orlando can't keep Hollywood waiting?
  16. With Minionland officially announced as a complete (well almost) replacement of Production Central, It looks like we’re gonna have to wait longer for the next announcement.
  17. That sounds about right. Hopefully tomorrow or Thursday afternoon is our next house announcement. I’m guessing the rumored Phantom of the Opera house.
  18. Here are some writing translations. “Uncover The Truth” “The Signs Are Everywhere” “Hiding In Plain Sight” “Join The Quest For The Truth” ”If You Dare” “See You In The Fog” They’re all just teasers, but Universal’s HHN pages on all the Twitters and Facebooks are letting us know that another house announcement is coming real soon.
  19. @Sinfear Finally got it done! This is my take of doing a house inspired by the Amazonian creatures that takes place at the Amazon jungle in Brazil, and also one fan who I met on the official HHN Discord channel that is from there. Y’all are gonna have your jaws dropped and eyes widen in shock. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17kKaVFuCvbUOH6hWpRMAtccciW0TTcO543PefnQd6MQ/edit
  20. Legends Collide was announced on May 17th last year. If next week, then it’ll be the 19th on Friday, but I doubt it’d take a little longer than that.
  21. I mean it has to be this week or next week right? We've been waiting since last year
  22. Chucky was the first announced house. I think second house announcement will be next Tuesday, either The Last of Us or Phantom of the Opera
  23. When do you think the first house announcement of 2023 will begin?
  24. I’m totally seeing it as a teaser for the next house announcement. If the current spec map were a hundred percent true, then the Monsters are obviously first as usual. As for the “My Harvest is inescapable” translation, the word “Harvest” means to gather, so that could be a reference to Dr. Oddfellow and that he’s gathering (harvesting) something inescapable. I know that sounds like a stretch, but I know that it’s just a tease to get ready for what they’re about to drop before the event kicks in.
  25. For both coasts HHN posted a static video on tik tok that looks like static from a tv. Some say the top secret maze on the speculation map might be the ring, the Poltergeist, or Fnaf. The legend might be referring to the legend of samara and the cursed video tape. If its the ring I'm very excited to see it come to the event as a maze
  26. I’m hoping he ends up being the event Icon for this year. I’m always up for a clown Icon and from what we know about his backstory with Jack, there’s a lot they can add on.
  27. Based on what’s speculating right now, this sure it means a lot. There’s been talks about Dr. Oddfellow being a possible icon too. https://twitter.com/fearandbeerpod/status/1655233687569539073?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1655233687569539073|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=
  28. But HHN released a static video on Tiktok which could possibly mean Fnaf, the ring, or the poltergeist. I would love Fnaf or the ring to be honest.
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