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    • It probably took me more or less than a month to finish this after all the hard work and constant delays, but all the time has paid off well for me. I’m getting the feeling that I’m somewhat doing better at writing organically. To represent the country genre for my themed event idea of Halloween Horror Nights: Face The Music, here’s a full haunted house concept of The Darkest Deal sequel called The Darkest Bet. Unlike one of last year’s houses that was based on the Robert Johnson lore, this is inspired by Charlie Daniels’ “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” I went all out on the rural southern theme that is unapologetically the most the redneck concept I’ve ever written. Hope you guys enjoy this newest piece, and I wanna thank everyone for reading this. Got some plans to work on the next house. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QoeDn4pWzJzHIsm5g0pXdo4llhJwVwmT0pBG3DMyWcY/edit
    • This will be the future location of this years event music thread! As the event comes closer, I will continue to update it! Check back soon and Happy Haunting Season!
    • How about when Scarecrow dies, he gets pushed into the fire by Tin Man, sacrificing himself to end Scarecrow's madness, as Scarecrow begs for one of his subjects to save him, as his face is the last thing to be enveloped in firs?
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