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    • What I’m thinking is the Exorcist will be an Orlando exclusive while Hollywood won’t be getting it again until the first sequel of the reboot trilogy comes out a few years later. I still remember back in 07 when the Thing wasn’t at Hollywood but it was at Orlando. That’s a very notable example of an exclusive IP.    Though, I want Slipknot to be next in line after The Weeknd to have their own house. But if there’s one problem from happening, then it could be their recent departure from their now former label. They had a seven studio album deal with Roadrunner Records (owned by Warner Music Group), and their newest record marks as their last one under the company, so It would kinda be complex to get both WMG and Slipknot involve. If I were them, I’d pull a Metallica by starting my own label and buy the band’s catalog. That way It’d be more straightforward on the licensing deal for Universal.    Got any thoughts on that? 
    • Next year is the 50th anniversary of The Exorcist. I know Universal doesn't really do IPs just based on anniversaries, but with the reboot coming next year, it lines up pretty well. The only problem I have with it is that Hollywood just had the original Exorcist last year. If it's the reboot that comes, then it works out. But I wonder if it would be an Orlando exclusive if it's the original. Dang, I said "if" a lot lol.
    • This should be interesting; It’s making me wonder what went out so far. The reason I want the Exorcist to come back that is exactly like the one from 26 because I personally felt doing it based on the upcoming reboot would be too much of a spoiler, and it’s also too soon to tell if the sequel trilogy does well. Otherwise it’d a be ball-dropping moment for Universal, but an extra scene or two won’t hurt as a preview.
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