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  1. This should be interesting; It’s making me wonder what went out so far. The reason I want the Exorcist to come back that is exactly like the one from 26 because I personally felt doing it based on the upcoming reboot would be too much of a spoiler, and it’s also too soon to tell if the sequel trilogy does well. Otherwise it’d a be ball-dropping moment for Universal, but an extra scene or two won’t hurt as a preview.
  2. This is what the Studios looks like after Ian, and it doesn’t look like the backlot areas were flooded, which is good news. I just hope the facades of the sprung tent houses weren’t damaged by the wind.
  3. Sounds like they could reopen the park for the event on Saturday, but you might have to wait until next week if they need some extra time to clean things up and fix all the damages. I hope all of you HNN regulars from Florida are safe from Ian.
  4. Oh, I’m totally liking the idea of some of the IP’s being used in a Post-Apocalypse theme cause It makes me wonder what type of scenario the characters would be in while being themselves at the same time.
  5. Thanks! It actually looks much more detailed now!
  6. Gave my very first house idea an upgrade with a logo done by myself, some minor improvements and additions, and even made the characters speak Hindi for the dialogue. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11VKaDeRSk25dkj5ZLq_iICYPJF5YgbeIGgbQ501ogiE/edit
  7. I could even picture Charlie, Alan, Pim, Glep, and even DJ Spit from Smiling Friends with that idea too. “I love Horror Nights, Charlie! I love Horror Nights!” I remember last year, you thought of doing an International overall theme like if the event have its own take of Epcot’s World Showcase, and each house and zone represents each country. I actually like to see your own descriptions of my house ideas inspired by The Jungle Book that is my take of a Scary Tales type of house (India representative) and Inuyasha that revolves around Naraku (Japan Representative).
  8. I’ve noticed a couple of ideas related to Adult Swim, have you ever thought of throwing in Dethklok from Metalocalypse as a show idea too?
  9. No problem! Checking out some of your ideas, and they all look like the Fourth Wall breaks are the overall theme of it.
  10. Sure you can add it if you like. I’m actually thinking about adding an extra scene with Frankenstein’s Monsters as a Kyle who attacks with a “Frankenpunch” while holding a Monster Energy can and drinks.
  11. The description is awesome! “Bad Moon Rising” is one of the best choices for this idea, since CCR played at Woodstock. The Beatles makes sense too cause they were supposed to play there, but never happened. If there’s one thing I could add is a Werewolf-themed parody of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.” Furry Haze are on my skin Human days are fading out Going violent without a clue ‘Scuse me while I slash this guy
  12. Not sure Mark would allow us to post a speculation thread this soon when the event is still going on right now, but I figured we’ll be getting four IP’s again like now and last year. My early IP predictions are….. The Exorcist: What’s the best way to celebrate the classic 1973’s 50th anniversary? By bringing it back to the event that is the same as 26 with some improvements and an extra scene or two as a preview to the upcoming reboot. Stranger Things (Seasons 4 & 5): We should be glad it’s not back yet right now cause otherwise It would be a let down quality wise. The A&D team are probably having more time to make up the expectations of Season two in order to be good as the first one or maybe exceed it. I can totally picture it as a Megahouse. Slipknot: I hope The Weeknd is the catalyst of the music based houses for HHN. With The End, So Far album coming out this month, It perfectly makes sense for Slipknot to go next, going by the original lineup that fans are familiar with the most and also as a tribute to their deceased members. Though, not as big as The Weeknd and Alice Cooper, but the beloved masked metallers from Iowa sold over 35 million copies worldwide, had three number one albums on the Billboard 200, and even won a Grammy. They’re big enough to draw a lot of crowds. Universal Monsters: We had the Frankensteins last year, and currently with Dracula, the Wolfman, and the Mummy. So, next year would be a toss up between the Creature From The Black Lagoon or Phantom Of The Opera. If 5 as an extra Wildcard Nightmare On Elm Street: It seems like the Slasher icons are being represented one at a time in recent years. Last year was Leatherface, this year is Micheal Myers, and Freddy Krueger is probably next in line for 32.
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