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  1. Thought I show ya my icon ideas. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Om_3bXJBcLhkqFYfLXN5yN5jVRzBLobvU-ETCP2QSZQ/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Goh7wD6-ZnFTVq0BC5P-4nDXtIaxLKybQ7j5M3UaSwU/edit
  2. That would probably be saved for a Jaws-themed house concept.
  3. My newest house concept is now here that is based on much of the songs by Ice Nine Kills from their last two albums with original compositions of a fan-convinced album idea by me, including my very own Halloween Horror Nights alternate universe. It’s pretty much my most fan-service approach in a very fun kind of way. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J-A6gWpnK5DziL0051vxJc0sWAJXXmzXCU7UECnoUEA/edit
  4. Well, I always post here to showcase my concepts other than elsewhere as fan projects, which I usually get a lot of good reactions.
  5. After almost three weeks in the making, my take of Little Shop of Horrors as a haunted house concept is now complete. It has the best of the Broadway show, the best of the Frank Oz movie, and some humor I’ve incorporated that fits well for this, adding some Easter Eggs and some characters mentioned from the Halloween Horror Nights lore (including one bit from my alternate universe of the event). Come on in! But always remember this: Don’t Feed The Plants. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PA61BcZzvreiUVkmZ1ePsuRGCB7aHwAgOOu7dpzol1Y/edit
  6. Just got my newest, weirdest, and trippiest concept done that is a Psychedelic themed house inspired by the original 1969 Woodstock and the annual Burning Man art festival, taking place at Bethel, New York on the exact year the historical event happened for my themed event concept of Halloween Horror Nights: Face The Music. I hope you guys enjoy this! https://docs.google.com/document/d/14qyFP5J04Qekyrwur6L2a84NQ2c_pWgsx982LjJXUAE/edit
  7. From what it turns out to be, the old tents are staying, but we’re getting newer ones that will be bigger to retain the house total of ten. However, the parade buildings are officially discontinued due to the need for more floats and storages to put in. As for the rumored IP’s, we’ve almost got Five Nights At Freddy’s, but it wasn’t able to get through the negotiations entirely, so we might get Ghostbusters and Nightmare On Elm Street coming back as an alternative instead, which I take if that’s true. We all know they’re still going beat-by-beat with the Monsters, but I hope the last and fourth IP is gonna be something I certainly want.
  8. At last! My arm is complete again! This is my very first take of doing a haunted house concept that is both based on a musical play and a movie. Sweeney Todd is another piece I’m proud of writing; I was taking all the theatrical stuff to my highest level and it even brought me to another area. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RIppLGlcjD8WR8IFSjisxe9WlxLTKLc-QtzjiiN2RnU/edit
  9. Hey everyone! Just got another new house concept done that took me more than a week, which is also music-related and this was one of the most requested ideas from readers on Discord. Just like what I did with Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward, I also gave My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade a house treatment that is lyrically about death and the reflection of life. I was inspired by one interpretation that was written by one fan on Reddit at the band’s official page, which made it more easier for me to adapt, translate, re-listen to the music, and understand the lyrics more with a bit of my own take to offer a unique experience done by a fan like myself for an offering that will blow y’all away. This isn’t like any other concepts I had done before, but man I am so proud of myself for all the hard work, effort, and inspiration. I hope you guys enjoy my newest piece! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qgxo48eEFXbP_ZPDhTXQSiDFnqdYhU1oMK8OdYECO78/edit
  10. A couple of weeks back, they filled a couple of permits to build a new warehouse/parade building as the newest house locations. From what I’ve heard, this could be the last year for the sprung tents at Orlando before they move to Hollywood, which I actually find this very interesting. If they do a sequel or two of the houses from previous years that were over there, then they could do a send off kind of moment cause why not?
  11. I got my newest haunted house concept done a week ago. This is my take of doing a New Orleans themed house with Jazz and Voodoo that takes place during the Roaring Twenties. I was really going all out on this. I hope you guys enjoy this newest piece of mine. Next I’ll work on another concept that is music-related. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QM1IIe6bvDvccqMSMGCc85SDC7ccsQY48CFbcgMVNIU/edit
  12. This marks the beginning of me making my next themed event concept of Halloween Horror Nights called Face The Music. Unlike the last two, I created a new character from scratch rather than using any existing characters as an icon who is an undead conductor, composer, and a victim of the infamous 27 curse - the cause of the death is not what you think it is - named Adam Williams whose surname is a nod to the legendary film composer John Williams with his own powers and abilities while using his baton as a weapon to cause terror. I think you’ll be impressed with the character’s backstory I’ve written, and there are some surprises I don’t wanna say too much cause I want y’all to read then react. Hope you guys enjoy what this looks like so far! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B6ysKMnGH0dvmFzaUJLJdkr38FteO5imWBbXqPqEW0c/edit
  13. With Christmas over until this December, I’m right now working on the themed event concept of Halloween Horror Nights: Face The Music, starting with the main doc first by adding a premise and icon backstory, an overlay for the Archway, music playlist, and original music compositions. Could add more if necessary, but I wanna make sure it looks done enough to show y’all what it looks like so far before it’s done again. I’ll also give my old concepts a cast update as well for more details, additions, and better quality of writing, but it could take for Face The Music to be similarly on par with Memories In Darkness and Jungles of Fear cause I’ll be very busy at work to remodel at my job other than my full house family, which are always a top priority.
  14. Almost all of the permits are here, and the best thing about them is there are new codenames for the houses as the first part of the clues! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kD-hQsh8Z6_dBGS-b_bLP6CdpfJTg1MbhtEvYZwyjPc
  15. These are some confusing but really interesting permits. From what I’m hearing, a staggered operations are taking place at The Simpsons Ride (which will be on the chopping blocks soon) like what Back To The Future had before the closure and replacement. Looks like that attraction might be leaving sooner than what I’m expecting, since it had seen better days, but it’d crazy if they gut everything in there for an eleventh house even though that’s not very realistic. If that’s not the case, then they’re probably gonna install another parade building whether they could expand it or fill in for the sprung tents. https://fxtwitter.com/hnnightmares/status/1736881698057355446?s=46&t=2J2KPQJiV5SqYy9HPrqePg
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