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  1. I was able to give my very first music house concept a vast update for more details, additions, and better quality of writing right before Thanksgiving kick in. The reason for this was for me to get ready for the next event themed concept I’ll work on next year after Christmas called Face The Music with a Conductor as an icon, which I’ve already thought of a full name for him. His backstory will be first for this, then I’ll make some new zones and houses with the best variety I could branch out while I’ll still give some old concepts a vast update. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11GMMubevP6-SnNok3l7PTM5j-o_5qg3fV9dKenp_baE/edit
  2. Here are some of the things I’m thinking. Universal Monsters: Either Black Lagoon or an Epic Universe Preview/Prequel Five Nights At Freddy’s: That should be on the cards. Netflix: It won’t be Stranger Things but something different that like Fear Street, The Fall of The House of Usher, or Wednesday Silent Hill: Just in case there are no plans to bring back the Last of Us for Part II The Weeknd: He technically made his return for the event at Singapore. Maybe he’ll loop back to the domestic parks. My honorable mentions. Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral will turn 30 next year, and what a masterpiece that album is. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: It’s my most favorite Slasher flick, and it’ll turn 50 next year, but anniversaries are never on Universal’s minds. We already had it a couple of years ago. However, if it comes back again, then it’ll happen unintentionally like the Exorcist. The Gremlins: Chucky opened the door for this. What I don’t want. Another Blumhouse compilation. The Originals Poseidon’s Fury: If Dueling Dragons came back as a house, then this can as well. Plus we need more Greek Mythology houses in the vein of Hades Youkai: We were close to get a Japanese themed house during this year’s speculation, and it’s gotta happen soon already. Krampus: An original concept house based on the folklore instead of the movie from 26 was rumored to become a house, then it was reduced as a rumored zone, then wiped off from the map and shelved. I could see it coming back as a Victorian or a Tooth Fairy type of house. RUN: In case of no Slasher IP’s, why not bring back the original from 11? It’s gotta be what it was supposed to be similarly. Could be a good time for it. Another Zone turned into a House: Regardless of what they pick, they could do it randomly. I hope they go with my house concept of Anarch-Cade cause there’s enough potential for it. A Jungle-themed house: In case they can’t do Black Lagoon this year, then they should make one of my house concepts a reality. Doing a Jungle of Doom sequel with a vague setting would be narrow mistake creatively.
  3. With 32 (along with the recently discontinued Halloween Nightmare Fuel) now officially over, it’s that time again for us to chat about next year’s event. What IP’s you think are coming the most right now? What original concepts do you wanna see at the event. Will there ever be another icon to tie into the HHN like Dr. Oddfellow? Will they bring back Bill & Ted? So many questions to say our own thoughts and opinions. It’s not just part of the fan community, it’s culture!
  4. @Sinfear@DocNiktMarr Hey everyone! After MONTHS of researching, writing, experimenting, adding, constructing, editing, updating, improving, layering, and whatever I was doing with my second themed event concept of Halloween Horror Nights to capture the essence and bring a breath of fresh air at my best effort as fan content while I was simultaneously breaking the cliches and embracing the tropes of the horror genre, I can finally say that it looks done enough to show y’all this big package called Jungles of Fear. It’s something I was working on before one of this year’s scare-zones was announced, and I probably started it around maybe late January or early February at the earliest. I even included some writer’s notes to avoid not only some questions, but also to make sure no one gets confused and to prevent any confrontations and negative bad behaviors for some good discussions about this. I took a step further on the aesthetic inspired by not only some of the fan demands and suggestions on Discord and elsewhere who wanted to see more of it aesthetically, but also the myths, the folktales, the movies, the cryptids, literature, some random stuff, original thoughts, previously done houses and zones that goes well with certain vibes to fit this, and most occasionally video games with the total of 14 houses, 10 original music compositions, 7 exclusive themed costumes as merchandise, 6 zones, 6 food booths, 5 roaming hordes, 5 rides, 2 shows, 2 overlay experiences, one tribute store, and one icon character for one big firing event. I know what you’re thinking, the totals are ridiculously too massive, and there’s no way they could do that in reality, especially with today’s level of crowds, which I get it a hundred percent, but I wanted to make sure the variety is there, so it can be immersive and not too repetitive while keeping the icon aspects as the most represented part of it other than doing a cohesive take. Creatively, I wasn’t overthinking too much, and virtually everything is the same in terms of theming, but they’re all unique in terms of occurrence, style and setting. If this were to happen now in most fashion, it would be a big creative risk to take. As for the event icon for this, I didn’t create a new character from scratch nor did I felt the need to and instead pulled out one from the public domain for a horror treatment and a redo that has the creative potential as its own version(s). It’s obvious, but it thematically makes sense and since some of you guys read much of my haunted house concepts here on this site, I went with Mowgli from the Jungle Book to play the icon role for this, and this particular character is a fitting choice for this concept than what anybody would think more so than say Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz or Snow White while leaning on the original stories by Rudyard Kipling than the Disney adaptations and taking inspirations from the Hindu lore and the Indian culture for an authentic touch in a fictional way. At Orlando, Universal had used a public domain character before to be on the top figure statues with the famous Urban Legend Bloody Mary, which was the inspiration of my decision. Unfortunately, they can’t reuse her again at some point in the future for some weird copyright reason, so I thought to myself “What if they went with an alternative instead to represent the PM category?” Got several more themed concepts that I could try in the next few years. I wanna try out many different music-related concepts along with the Slasher Horror sub-genre, and I also want to take a step further in Japan and India, since they’re the most represented countries in my own work of material. Could I use another character from the public domain as an icon? Maybe so, but it depends which one would work well for another overall theme like let’s say if I made my own version of Mulan for a horror treatment and everything is related to China and Hercules for a Greek themed event as another example. But in the meantime, I’ll be taking a break for the most part until Christmas is officially over in January. I hope you guys enjoyed my newest HHN themed event concept of mine, thank you so much for having the time to read this, and lemme know your thoughts. Tell me your favorites, what do you like about this idea, your questions that I could answer for y’all, and what I need to improve with this. The event may be over until next year, but with this on paper, I can officially start the opening that goes on everyday for you to read at any time you’re in and anywhere you’re at. I now welcome you to Halloween Horror Nights: Jungles of Fear! *Cuts the ribbon with a giant scissor* Happy Haunts! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kvq-FCB3lBprkMi0Bx6XuZEij01bIq57Xq6YVh_9Buo/edit
  5. The results are in! The overall winners of the “House of The Year” and “Zone of The Year” titles goes to…… Yeti and Vamp ‘69!
  6. Finally completed the house concept update on my take of Yeti, I’ll see if there’s any bits left to sprinkle in, and it’ll be done enough to show y’all my HHN: Jungles of Fear themed event doc work on November 5th 2AM on Eastern time after the Orlando event ends.
  7. Since Vamp 69 is my most favorite zone of this year cause of the humor, my love of bands from the 60’s, and how much I go to concerts, I jokingly consider it as the fourth and my very first Woodstock. As always, it has once again gone wrong. The bottle neck issue aside, I’m glad Jungle is a fan favorite that it deserves for the immersive sets, good costumes, and some of the best claustrophobic scares. As for the houses, I feel like it’s really hard to tell which one is likely to be the overall winner of “The House of The Year” title cause they all felt like they were built for all guests to have their own number one favorites rather than jumping on the popularity bandwagons and that makes it fun as a contest.
  8. With Halloween now here, I’ll give you guys my top houses and zones. HOUSES 1. Universal Monsters: Unmasked 2. Yeti: Campground Kills 3. The Last of Us 4. The Darkest Deal 5. Bloodmoon: Dark Offerings 6. Dr. Oddfellow’s Twisted Origins 7. Chucky 8. Dueling Dragons 9. Stranger Things 10. The Exorcist: Believer ZONES 1. Vamp 69: Summer of Blood 2. Jungle of Doom: Expedition Horror 3. Dark Zodiac 4. Shipyard 32: Horrors Unhinged 5. Dr. Oddfellow’s Collection of Horror
  9. Took a good amount of inspirations from the original Tarzan stories; his appearance isn’t like how Hollywood portrays him who actually had a hair body that made look both closely and eerily like an ape other than in a near perfect muscular form with a skimpy loincloth on nor he was raised by gorillas like in the Disney version. Unlike my Jungle Book concepts which leans more on the Scary Tales side and is considered as an unconventional fairy tale, La is a little more pulpier like what you see in the old comics from the 30’s to 50’s.
  10. Just gave my take of a Tarzan house concept a vast update for more details, additions, and better quality of writing. Got one more concept and maybe some things here and there to amp up for my HHN: Jungles of Fear event before it’s done enough to be ready. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L8jpEan3ASjyrmtJKJQcbtcPulI4yRuGG5eOsfvPcow/edit
  11. If they do this, then I’m looking forward to see how much they could reach on the Billboard charts, and how much streams they could get daily.
  12. And this is why they need to start selling their own music and drop them on streaming platforms. They’d make some good extra money if they do this.
  13. And this backstory pretty much makes sense now, but I kinda picture Elsa to be born from a way earlier era like around the 1890’s instead of during the Great Depression cause of her classic vibes like almost all of the other icons have.
  14. @Sinfear My newest house concept is now done, completing the total for the Jungles of Fear themed event. This is my take of doing something that is not only Sea-related but also doing it better than Depths of Fear at 29 with some surprises and callbacks. Soon, I’ll be giving a couple of old houses some vast updates, then add some more touches here and there, and it’ll be done enough for everyone to experience. If I can get my second themed event done before Christmas Eve at the soonest or earlier, I can take a good break for all the hard work until the Holiday is over on January to start the next HHN event concept. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PV047FGinpxP3LJcCZv2NYVnbam9Rk13ymz9L4Jj_so/edit
  15. @Sinfear Just gave one of my house concepts a vast update for more details, additions, and better quality of writing. This is also the comedy house for my HHN themed event, Jungles of Fear that revolves around the Kremlings from the Donkey Kong Country series. Next, I’ll make one more house to complete the total, then update a couple of more houses, and finally complete the event concept. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kquh6GKLEIsPbWprZxEH8QISvAPCOnnGI4mVPzyQ-sc/edit
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