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  1. This is weekend is probably the time for the house announcement. It didn’t happen what I’m expecting cause of Memorial Day.
  2. Just made a new zone idea inspired by the modern Australian hoax and folklore called the Bear Drops or Drop Bears (either way you wanna call it) for the New York Waterfront as a location for a bit of a beach vibe. Was thinking of doing a total of five zones for my Jungles of Fear event theme, but I’m pumping it to six, so I can represent Australia in some form. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LUCkcPTndGeoV-wlzare3cd9iTMYVzg9x2BM2-vxy4g/edit
  3. I don’t think we need another Blumhouse compilation this year. If the Exorcist is rumored to come back in some form regardless if it’s based on the 1973 original classic, Believer, or both, then why represent it on a smaller scale when it’s too big for that?
  4. Got my newest scarezone idea done that is an original concept with original characters, revolving around the carnivorous plants in a surreal jungle with some desert elements inspired by Seeds of Extinction! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LCbB4qjyOiKSG-J18uO9I1F3sNPxrQg4aHzFuOI2mdk/edit
  5. With Minionland officially announced as a complete (well almost) replacement of Production Central, It looks like we’re gonna have to wait longer for the next announcement.
  6. Here are some writing translations. “Uncover The Truth” “The Signs Are Everywhere” “Hiding In Plain Sight” “Join The Quest For The Truth” ”If You Dare” “See You In The Fog” They’re all just teasers, but Universal’s HHN pages on all the Twitters and Facebooks are letting us know that another house announcement is coming real soon.
  7. @Sinfear Finally got it done! This is my take of doing a house inspired by the Amazonian creatures that takes place at the Amazon jungle in Brazil, and also one fan who I met on the official HHN Discord channel that is from there. Y’all are gonna have your jaws dropped and eyes widen in shock. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17kKaVFuCvbUOH6hWpRMAtccciW0TTcO543PefnQd6MQ/edit
  8. Legends Collide was announced on May 17th last year. If next week, then it’ll be the 19th on Friday, but I doubt it’d take a little longer than that.
  9. I’m totally seeing it as a teaser for the next house announcement. If the current spec map were a hundred percent true, then the Monsters are obviously first as usual. As for the “My Harvest is inescapable” translation, the word “Harvest” means to gather, so that could be a reference to Dr. Oddfellow and that he’s gathering (harvesting) something inescapable. I know that sounds like a stretch, but I know that it’s just a tease to get ready for what they’re about to drop before the event kicks in.
  10. Based on what’s speculating right now, this sure it means a lot. There’s been talks about Dr. Oddfellow being a possible icon too. https://twitter.com/fearandbeerpod/status/1655233687569539073?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1655233687569539073|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=
  11. Finally got my newest house idea done inspired by Yeti at 29 that mostly takes place in a Newari mansion at the Jungles of Nepal (yes there are rainforests over there). I don’t see it as a one and done thing cause it does have some potential to make a return in some form if you go by different settings. It’s basically a traditional haunted house that crosses over between Terror of The Yokon and Expedition Everest. Thought you’d like this, @Sinfear cause you’re a sucker for Snow-related themes. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10us08JlQaySsCYGWsaGQrABlzGE-xT-uK7GXFIiiJJ0/edit
  12. What If Hollywood brings back Jack to give him a reintroduction over there? They hadn’t used any of the icons in years, and with Horror Unleashed coming at Vegas, they might wanna promote to cement him and the others further as mascots. He’s marketable enough to sale tickets and merch, but they could do a house mash up with him and Harry if Murdy sees some potential between the two.
  13. There’s been some talks about Jack coming back (again) sooner that what we’re expecting to cement him further as a mascot other than being marketable and promoting Horror Unleashed at Vegas. If it were to happen, then it could mean the Icons are getting their own house series like the Monsters, and they don’t have to be icons again for the event, so the IP’s can be first and foremost in the market cause we know they are. I call that a double win for the fans and the masses. So many potential that you could with them; I have always want a Jack origins house to show his backstory, and speaking of that, Chance needs that cause that’s what she lacks. I wanna know how she became who she is, and how she first met Jack.
  14. Some thoughts on what’s rumored so far. Demon Slayer: Animation in general is a very challenging medium to translate into a haunted house. But if it turns out to true whether if it works by execution or not, It’d still be massive and crowd-pleasing for newer attendees (See the Weeknd). The Last of Us: I’m guessing they’re having trouble getting the rights of the TV series, and going with the games instead as a back up. I think that’d be more incredible and (no pun intended) infected. Universal Monsters In Paris: I’m hoping it’s only the Phantom of The Opera and the Hunchback of The Notre Dome as a mash up. At this rate, Dracula is the most overrepresented in recent years, and it’d be too force to bring him back. Medieval House: This is interesting cause it sounds a lot like it coulda happened years ago but surprisingly didn’t. There’s a lot of things you could do with that. The Devil Emoji: This one is rumored to be a music themed house inspired by Blues legend Robert Johnson who is on the 27 Club list and the urban legend story about him selling his soul to the devil. The Exorcist: See my previous post. Circus tent with smoke: Clowns spreading out with laughing gas? The town with a church: I’m hoping for a proper witch house unlike last year. Top Secret: I’m hoping for something that is genuinely exciting and interesting rather another Blumhouse compilation.
  15. Finally got my take of a Tarzan themed house idea done that revolves around a sorta lesser known character named La. For those who don’t know who she is and never read the books from the series, she’s a high priestess and queen of a lost city in the jungles of Africa that surviving colony of ancient Atlantis called Opar. There’s also a Disney version of La from the TV series. I hope guys enjoy this. Thought it’d be tricky, but I’ve managed to pull this one off. *Cues the iconic yell from the movies* https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L8jpEan3ASjyrmtJKJQcbtcPulI4yRuGG5eOsfvPcow/edit
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