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  1. I had stayed in the first room for a bit and noticed the first two songs that played were Midnight Syndicate songs Twilight - Midnight Syndicate - Vampyre: Symphonies of The Crypt album Dark Tower - Midnight Syndicate - Monsters of Legend album in the Pay Up! room, a Chuck Berry song "You Can Never Tell" and The Hell Raisers by Syd Dale is played on the jukebox. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Charles Mingus plays in the Boris Shuster room Eyes of The Ripper Room features Mozart Requiem - Bisul Music
  2. Full Song List for the show Posh - Gjokaj Valley of Violence - Zomboy Ready for Combat - Icon For Hire Pandora - 2WEI & Edda Hayes Bodies - Drowning Pool Bad Guy - Conquer Divide Get Loud For Me - Gizzle Hysteria - Muse Paint It Black - Sebastian Bohm Unholy (Nova Twins Remix) - Sam Smith & Kim Petras Ready or Not (Feat. Esthero) - Mischa "Book" Chillak Blow (Feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills) - Eva Under Fire Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
  3. Yeah I'm not sure, it seems like these are the only songs that play on repeat, I'll keep checking periodically if I can throughout the night but that seems like the set list also some others found these but here are some of the main gate music Fight Your Fears (a) - Fumitake Igarashi Purgatory - Steve Quimette Trick or Treat - Nathalie McLachlan Barnhill Hammerhead - Marc Andre Dall'Anese Virus - Alex Benson Sanctuary Lost - Morgan Sansous & Luigi Marletta Killing Floor - Inside Tracks The Asylum - Perfect Time Master Trap - Frederic Le Quere G.M. Dethier: Herbei, O Ih... - Johannes Geffert Psychodelic - Morgan Sansous & Luigi Marletta Strange Bed - Michael Raphael Destructive Urge - Carmen Daye Master Trap - Frederic Le Quere Tribute Store --------------- The Man Who Was Death - Ry Cooder - Tales From The Crypt Soundtrack - Pay Up! Comic Book Room Universal Monsters: Unmasked --------------------------------- Vampire Action - Gregor F. Narholz & Sonoton Film Orchestra (Quasimodo's last room and the Three way scare scene before exiting)
  4. Vamp 69 (Updated) Aquarius - Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures) - The 5th Dimension Crimson and Clover - Tommy James & The Shondells Touch Me - The Doors Down On The Corner - Creedence Clearwater Revival I Can’t Get Next To You - The Temptations Sugar, Sugar - The Archies Come Together - The Beatles A Hard Days Night - The Beatles Get Back - The Beatles Last Train to Clarksville - The Monkees Black Magic Woman (Santana Cover) - Fleetwood Mac Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond It's Your Thing - Isley Brothers Peacock Halloween Bar Inner City - Oliver Kilpatrick
  5. I'm not sure anyone pointed it out but entering into beginning of the house Spore from the Alien Isolation film plays, same track that played in the beginning of Seeds of Extinction.
  6. Compiled the tracks that were used in the show. Two tracks in the show were odd, there was a remix/techno version of the Mission Impossible track in the beginning of the show with Ethan Hunt coming down and a parody of the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air with Will Smith coming out wearing his Independence Day outfit, all in all the rest of these were from the show and in order. Mission Impossible Theme - Danny Elfman The Power of Love - Huey Lewis & The News - Partial The X-Files Theme - Partial Two Heads Are Better Than One Take Me - KISS - Partial when the Wyld Stallions air guitar Mission Impossible (Techno/Remix) - Unknown I'm Your Boogieman (KC & The Sunshine Band Cover) - White Zombie Terminator 2 Main Title The One - White Zombie Bad to the Bone - George Thorgood Super Charger Heaven - White Zombie The Canal Chase - Brad Fidel - Terminator 2: Judgment Day Fresh Prince of Bell-Air Parody The Asteroid Field - John Williams - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Original Score Zoom B - Danny Elfman - Mission Impossible Original Score Rock This Town - The Stray Cats Canada Nation Anthem-Partial I'll Tumble 4 Ya - Culture Club Old Time Rock & Roll - Bob Seeger Rock N Roll All Nite - KISS
  7. Don't remember much of Usher's but Mary's was usually shown on the buildings, one of the vivid ones I remember was the building by where Transformers is now, she was seen sometimes on there. Just images that would fade in and out of her eyes or closeups.
  8. Indeed, lets just hope things stay the course, everyone be patient and stay safe, the road to HHN 30 is here and now.
  9. HHN 2020 Icons Drawstring Backpack HHN 2020 Icons Hoodie The Universal Monsters are the first theme featured in the Horror Ink Booth
  10. Beetlejuice Adult T-Shirt Halloween Horror Nights BEETLEJUICE™ Knee High Socks HHN 2020 Jack The Clown Collage Poster Artist Signature Series with Certificate Of Authenticity HHN 2020 Beetlejuice Blacklight Snapback Cap HHN 30 Years, 30 Fears Icon Poster & HHN 2020 Scarezone Comic Book Poster Midnight Syndicate Music Of Halloween Horror Nights Limited Edition (Red) Vinyl Fright Nights 1991 Pin [Corrected Year]
  11. Retro “Fright Nights 1990” Monsters Shotglass [Rare] Retro “Halloween Horror Nights 1992” Pumpkin Shotglass Retro “Halloween Horror Nights IX 1999” Mummy Shotglass Retro “Halloween Horror Nights X 2000” Jack Shotglass Retro “Fright Nights 1990” Monsters Socks [Rare] [Misprint] Retro “Halloween Horror Nights 1992” Pumpkin Socks Retro “Halloween Horror Nights IX 1999” Mummy Socks Retro “Halloween Horror Nights X 2000” Jack Socks Retro “Fright Nights 1990” Monsters [Rare] [Misprint] & 30 Years 30 Fears Pin Set Retro “Halloween Horror Nights 1992” Pumpkin Pin Retro Halloween Horror Nights IX 1999 Mummy Pin Retro “Halloween Horror Nights X 2000” Jack Pin Retro “Fright Nights 1990” Monsters [Rare] [Misprint] Poster Retro “Halloween Horror Nights 1992” Pumpkin Poster Retro “Halloween Horror Nights IX 1999” Mummy Poster Retro “Halloween Horror Nights X 2000” Jack poster Retro “Fright Nights 1990” Monsters Shirt with 30 Years, 30 Fears logo Retro “Halloween Horror Nights 1992” Pumpkin Shirt with 30 Years, 30 Fears logo " Retro"HHN IX Mummy T-Shirt with 30 Years, 30 Fears logo "Retro" HHN X Jack The Clown T-Shirt with 30 Years, 30 Fears logo Retro “Fright Nights 1991” Monsters Shotglass [Correct year] HHN 30 Scarezone T-Shirt HHN 30 “30 Years 30 Fears” UOAP shirt featuring Jack The Clown, Eddie, The Storyteller & The Director HHN 30 "30 Years, 30 Fears" Icons magnet HHN 30 Pumpkin Magnet HHN 30 "30 Years, 30 Fears" Jack The Clown [Chaser] Limited Edition Pin #1 HHN 30 "30 Years, 30 Fears" The Usher Limited Edition Pin #2 [HHN 30 "30 Years, 30 Fears" The Storyteller Limited Edition Pin #3 HHN 30 "30 Years, 30 Fears" Eddie Schidmt Limited Edition Pin #4 HHN 30 "30 Years, 30 Fears" The Caretaker Limited Edition Pin #5 HHN 30 "30 Years, 30 Fears" Fear Limited Edition Pin #6 HHN 30 "30 Years, 30 Fears" The Director Limited Edition Pin #7 HHN 30 Years, 30 Fears Icons T-Shirt HHN 30 Years 30 Fears Icons Face Mask HHN 30 Jack Face Mask Retro "Fright Nights 1991" Monsters Magnet Retro "Halloween Horror Nights 1992" Pumpkin Magnet Retro "Halloween Horror Nights IX 1999" Mummy Magnet Retro "Halloween Horror Nights X 2000" Jack Magnet HHN 30 Pumpkin Keychain HHN 2020 TM Scream Members Icons Shirt HHN 2020 Face Masks HHN 30 Years 30 Fears Icon Socks Jack the Clown HHN 2020 Icon Glass The Caretaker HHN 2020 Icon Glass The Director HHN 2020 Icon Glass [Name Error] The Storyteller HHN 2020 Icon Glass HHN 2020 Beetlejuice Face Mask Front & Back of both the Jack HHN 2020 Artist Signature Series Shirt Front & Back of both the Jack HHN 2020 Artist Signature Series Hoodie The Frankenstein Monster King of the Silver Screen Universal Monster shirt HHN 2020 Beetlejuice socks HHN 2020 Beetlejuice Keychain HHN 2020 Beetlejuice Pin HHN Beetlejuice 2020 Lanyard
  12. I mean give props to Hollywood for sticking out for so long and trying to figure what directions they were trying to go this year but idk, our event looks like its really taking shape and that facade for the store is awesome and definitely looks like a homage to the Frankensteins' castle aftermath, maybe for the new Monsters house this year? Lets hope we get more insight later on.
  13. I'm very intrigued on how they go full swing when the parks reopen, I wonder if we will still see the big crowd but divided in a way or something, the capacity I could see not being more but less on some nights. As long as everyone is safe and calm and follow orders this year, which some people will probably be a hard time I'm sure, I could see this year being decent. I'd love for them to do the pulse lines that would alright and make the experiences better as well.
  14. If the scenes for some of the houses call for them, I'm sure they are necessary to use but that's what is going to be interesting in the houses is how they will perform social distancing between the guests and actors and hopefully no one pulls a dumb move and try to mess around with the actors.
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