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    • WATERY GRAVE: Davy Jones' Locker   When a wicked soul is lost at sea, they are dragged to Davy Jones' Locker to be kept for all eternity. Centuries of men lost at sea, of course, gave Captain Jones a vast collection of the damned. What does he do with these souls? Enter the water, and find out...   This house was supposed to be a pirate house. Kinda went to an odd side of things.   ROOMS: The queue is lined with canvases showing documentaries of ships that were lost at sea, pirates, stuff like that. The actual facade is a seaside house being destroyed by a storm. From the stormed house to a spinning tunnel, made up to look like a swirling vortex. Said Vortex drops guests off at the entrance to Davy Jones' Locker. Jones stands above the giant chest, floating from the chest to a pair of pillars of rock, like the Green Witch at the end of Origins. Guests then enter a trench filled with shipwrecked skeletons, from various eras of sailing. One of the corpses, wearing an overgrown diving suit, lunges at guests with a rusty harpoon. Guests then enter a ship graveyard, filled with ships as varied as the corpses from the previous room. From a large hole in a trashed cruise ship, a shark lunges at guests. Guests then board a viking ship through a hole in the hull. The rowers still row, despite being skeletons. Zombie vikings will attack. After guests leave the viking ship, a British Naval ship hangs above them. Despite the holes and barnacles on the ship, a sailor is keelhauled, slowly being dragged under the ship. Then guests enter a submarine. Decayed soldiers roam the inside, threatening guests with muskets. One appears in a tear in the hull, banging the metal wall with a hammer. Then guests enter the... Titanic? The floor is slightly tilted, and the rooms above guests flood with water. (Blood elevator from The Shining.) In the background, Nearer My God To Thee can be heard. Guests then walk between the wrecks of a pirate ship and navy ship. The crews of both insult guests, and the cannons fire at each other. The next ship is a Grecian Trireme. Amid the skeletal crew, a giant cyclops wanders the ship, ranting about how "Nobody has blinded him" and taking swings at guests. Then guests board the ruins of a pirate ship. By lantern light, the shadows of two dueling pirates, one getting his head cut off, is projected onto the wall. Guests then pass by the decapitated pirate, who lunges at guests, head in hand. Then guests enter the captain's quarters. And the captain is a giant skeleton. Cyclops could be a guy on stilts, this bastard's an outright puppet who threatens guests with words and a giant hook hand. Guests then make their way to the top of the ship, which is on fire. Burning skeletons attack. As guests exit the maze, Davy Jones laughs and taunts guests. And to back him up, the tentacles of THE KRAKEN emerge from the blackness behind him.
    • I've seen those plaques in multiple years.  Might be a tease; I doubt we will make it through 30 without an appearance by at least Jack.
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