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  1. This is just my idea or speculation, so take this with a grain of salt, but here they are. Haunted Mazes Hazbin Hotel (Curious George Tent 1) : Charlie Magne, the princess of Hell, sets about fulfilling her seemingly impossible dream of opening up a hotel called the "Happy Hotel", now called Hazbin Hotel, which aims to rehabilitate sinners. However, the demons of the second Hazbin Hotel, here at Universal Studios, have other ideas, and they're coming for you, wanting to steal your soul! An American Werewolf in London (Curious George Tent 2) : Cult-favorite An American Werewolf in London is one of the greatest horror films to feature special effects without the aid of CGI, and now, it's coming to life as an all-new, effects-packed maze.There is something evil lurking on the English Moors...an ancient, cursed creature with overpowering strength that prowls the countryside at night, searching for unsuspecting prey. A Four-footed Hound from Hell. Legend has it that those who have been attacked by a werewolf and survive become a werewolf themselves. Now, you must escape the monster's fatal fury or you'll be next! Beware the moon, stay on the road, keep clear of the Moors...and God help you! Universal Monsters: Dracula's Bloodbath (Parisian Courtyard) : Welcome to Castle Dracula on the night of “The Calling.” Vlad Dracula bids you welcome – be you one of the chosen men and/or women who has been called or merely a mortal man. Those who have been chosen must decide whether to join the Dark Prince in everlasting life as his sire or brides, or reject his offer and suffer for all eternity. The blood must be renewed. Alien vs. Predator (Waterworld Queue) : In a lab that has turned into an alien burrow you encounter a nightmare sight. A predator who is ferocious and devoured by aliens who are cruel and outrageous. The fierce battle between the strongest monsters will eventually transform into a “hunting” aiming at your life thoroughly! ! Experience the despair of the real thing in the grotesque world that has been recreated with amazing quality and scale. The Exorcist (Soundstage 29) : The film that fueled your worst nightmares has returned to Halloween Horror Nights. Enter the most haunting scenes from the film as 12-year-old Regan is possessed by a demon, possibly the devil himself. It’s a battle of the wills between good and evil. Clowns 3D: Music by Slash (Mummy Queue) : Legendary guitarist and horror aficionado, Slash, has teamed up with Halloween Horror Nights to bring a frightening new sound to this original 3D maze. Welcome to Clowns 3D: Music by Slash, where you will experience a mind-blowing, sensory overload of your darkest fears. A dilapidated roadside attraction that was once a thriving ice cream factory awaits you. Once you step through the funhouse doors, you quickly realize this establishment is run by psychotic clowns who have murderous designs on their unsuspecting patrons. This place is really a hellish torture chamber and the key ingredient in their twisted desserts...is you! Scarezones Helluva Boss: The Awakening (Front Gate) Dark Angels (New York Street) Terror of London (French Street) Zombie Invasion (Metro Lot Tunnel) Holidayz in Hell (Metro Lot) Jurassic World: Extinction (Lower Lot)
  2. Does anyone here have at least one footage of Dark Torment and Universal Classic Monster Mania haunted houses?
  3. Oh yeah, but there is no known photographs or footages of it. I just want to see an actual experience from any possible photos and footages to get even more ideas from that maze.
  4. Ok, maybe if the series is more well known in the future and if it is popular enough to be made as a haunted house, then this could happen.
  5. That sounded cool! Sadly there are no known photographs or footages I could find about this house, so if anyone here has photos and/or footages for this Buffy and Angel haunted house, please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated. ^^
  6. What about a Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss haunted house or scarezone? Sure not many people know about these animated series, but these are adults animations with violence and horror content in them, so they may work for Halloween Horror Nights.
  7. I have not been into any, but I came here to look stuff up out of curiosity.
  8. I know that Hazbin Hotel isn't so popular right now, but what if there was such haunted house? It would be cool if there was a Hazbin Hotel and/or Helluva Boss haunted house or scarezone in Halloween Horror Nights, based on Vivziepop's Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. This could work for a Halloween Horror Nights event, since they are both adults web series and has some terrifying moments, characters, and gorey scenes. It could happen since Ghostbusters, despite being mostly comedy, has been added in 2019's Halloween Horror Nights as a haunted house. Sure, Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss may be both animated series, but if they could pull off Ghostbusters, they could succeed in their Hazbin Hotel and/or Helluva Boss haunted house/scarezone. It's just my speculation and wishful thinking. Here is an idea made by Victor Boo's (now named Wacky Ball): https://halloweenhorrornights.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Wacky_Ball/Hazbin_Hotel_(Haunted_House_Orlando) If you can't access the link or don't want to, I'm copying this here. Queue and Facade The queue entered from the outside of the entrance for A Day in the Park with Barney. You would walk through the pre-show area for Barney and exit out the back. You would then go along a road that wraps around the pavilion that contains some parade floats. You then go around the back of the pavilion which leads you to the front of the Second Parade Warehouse. Painted on the wall of the Second Parade Warehouse was a giant painting that showed the logo of the house, with Charlotte Magne painted on the right. In the queue, five different songs from the show could be heard playing. Guests would then go around to the door and into the house. Experience Entering the house, guests would see the Happy Hotel. Entering inside the Happy Hotel where you see Charlotte Magne the Demon Princess, she would welcome you into the hotel, then guide you to the hotel rooms, by pointing right. After making a right turn, and entering a hallway with hotel room doors on each side. Alastor the Radio Demon would open a hotel door in front of guests, then making two right turns, on the right side Vaggie would pop and scare guests by holding a spear, to protect for those who impact the hotel. then straight forward, Angel Dust would pop out and scare guests, before making a left turn, and leaving the hotel. Conclusion What are your thoughts about this idea? Leave a comment below if you want to!
  9. Hi, my name is Dylan Hooton, and I'm new here.
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