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  2. This will be the future location of this years event music thread! As the event comes closer, I will continue to update it! Check back soon and Happy Haunting Season!
  3. What about a Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss haunted house or scarezone? Sure not many people know about these animated series, but these are adults animations with violence and horror content in them, so they may work for Halloween Horror Nights.
  4. Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I found a new song for the playlist, and for the HHN 19 playlist - This instrumental version of the song played in the deli scene in Scarey, and also the original version of the scene from 2009. Honestly surprised it hadn't been identified before!
  5. 1997: Enigma- Callas Went Away and Sadeness played in the Streets Goodbye (Demo Version) by Gravity Kills played in the Midway
  6. If they do this, then I’m looking forward to see how much they could reach on the Billboard charts, and how much streams they could get daily.
  7. What I found PARADE Feel It (fear. Maya) It’s Over It’s Under (Brothers in Rhythms) by Dollstead Liquid Prayers (Starecase’s Aquabatic Mix) ILLUSION SHOW Mustache Day by David Arnold (Stargate) STREETS Until Next Time (Epilogue) by John Harrison
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