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  1. 1997: Enigma- Callas Went Away and Sadeness played in the Streets Goodbye (Demo Version) by Gravity Kills played in the Midway
  2. From “Freak Show” Zinzin by Hughes Le Bars Static (feat Tara Johnson) by Pocketbook Prophet Freak by LFO I Wonder where My Baby is, Pal-Yat-Chee by Spike Jones & His City Slickers Through the Window by James Horner Beat 4: Talking Sequences by Keller & Schönwälder
  3. Having finally seen the movie, I looked up walkthroughs of the HOTC houses in Orlando and Hollywood 2010/2011. What was up with Orlando’s presentation? First there’s the rather lame facade recreation of Captain Spaulding’s Museum with the pathetic sized skull head, you go into the gas station, then there’s this weird scene with masks and a screen playing… something, then out of nowhere you’re inside the Firefly house, a couple of decent rooms, then you enter another weird room with a screen playing… something, you make through the shed and into the tunnels into Dr. Satan’s lair, and then also out of nowhere you suddenly find yourself in front of the Murder ride, you go inside the Ride’s exterior… and then it just ends. Like how did you just suddenly just wander into the Firefly house and then just suddenly go back into Captain Spaulding’s Museum and it ends before you even go into the Murder ride itself. Hollywood’s take was better; but several rooms didn’t accurately recreate the movie which would have been fine if it didn’t look so boring, and too much time is spent on bland and boring wood hallways with skeletons. This take will try to bring together a more cohesive presentation, at least the first one. EDIT: So someone clarified that the Firefly house and Dr. Satan section WAS the murder ride itself as a sort of creative license. Cool but I’m still gonna write my own take.
  4. What I found PARADE Feel It (fear. Maya) It’s Over It’s Under (Brothers in Rhythms) by Dollstead Liquid Prayers (Starecase’s Aquabatic Mix) ILLUSION SHOW Mustache Day by David Arnold (Stargate) STREETS Until Next Time (Epilogue) by John Harrison
  5. From 1996: The Dogs Attack by Jerry Goldsmith, Leylet Hob by Judy Jihan Reda, and Osiris by Desert Wind played somewhere in the park. WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE SHOW The Mystic’s Dream by Loreena McKennitt
  6. V2 of the idea. Still not finished. Since the Dawn of time, love, peace, and tranquility coexisted with hatred, war, and fear. These manifested into two gods but for now let’s talk about the dark half. The “Dark God” represented the negative side of life and throughout the centuries has worked to maintain their hold throughout not only the world but the whole universe. The dark god enlisted agents throughout time to keep the balance of darkness within their grasp. One day or night, a brother and sister walked down a lonely road hand by hand, the people able to take care of them having been gone. The dark god approached them and invited them to stay in their realm, while suspicious the siblings felt they had no choice and agreed. While under the dark god’s tutelage, the brother and sister were taught about the ways of darkness, both becoming their apprentices. The brother studied the inner workings of the human mind, specifically those of negative thoughts like hatred, fear, and pain. With the dark god’s help, the brother gained multiple victims to test and study these dark thoughts. The sister meanwhile studied the workings of bodies, both their outside looks and the inner workings. She too received plenty of “participants”, but of the physical(ly violent) testings as opposed to the psychological. They eventually became true literal monsters. The brother Tabunsunce used the powers of the Sun which reflected his volatile and highly emotional state, while the sister Kosongmond used the powers of the Moon which reflected her aloof nature. (Tabansunce is a combo of Somali and Bosnian words, while Kosongmond is an combo of Malay and German words).
  7. Will provide a higher quality version later. Since the Dawn of time, love, peace, and tranquility coexisted with hatred, war, and fear. These manifested into two gods but for now let’s talk about the dark half. The “Dark God” represented the negative side of life and throughout the centuries has worked to maintain their hold throughout not only the world but the whole universe. For some reason, he took two apprentices, a brother and sister, to use for his dark and insidious plans. The brother studied deeply into the works of the human mind, specifically that of fear and terror. Through the brother, the dark god instructed him the means of how to inflict it on other living beings. The sister was mildly interested in strife and chaos and the Dark Lord amplified her enthusiasm for it. The sister throughout centuries incited several incidents where disarray and dementia ruled supreme.
  8. This is the mythologies that are going to be the center for Halloween Horror Nights: Mythological Mayhem! Primordial Terror (Jurassic Park), Djinns (Ancient Egypt), Hell (Uni Horror), Norse Frost Giants (Amity), Chinese Mythology or Hungry Ghosts(New York)
  9. This is an rather odd concept building some sort of mythology on Terra but with crossover characters from franchises not even associated with horror (and one just obscure). Franchises are A Nightmare on Elm Street, Dc Comics, X-Men, and Blood+. Alongside character ripped from Roman and Greek History and some of the original characters from 2005. (ROUGH DRAFT, STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION) The Beginning On the grounds of a battlefield, the fresh blood spilled from those who remained nurtured the roots growing underneath. Soon a macabre tree began to form, a tree of metal and iron. From this arose the age of the Terra Dieties. The Terra Queens who died every Season of the Queen were mere puppets to better harness the power of blood. Terra Cruentus Gaia- The first deity of this insidious world. When the roots were nurtured with the blood of war; a spirit either born or slumbering was growing with it. As the Gorewood rose to its completion, so did the spirit Gaia emerge. Gaia envisioned a new world where its civilization and lands thrived on human blood. 5 realms fell to the abyss, one splitting into two in the process, and from these came 6 other deities to rule over Terra Cruentus, with Gaia serving as the Allmother of the world. She devised the ritual of the Terra Throne and the entire Season of the Queen. Terra Gate Eelmouth- Not a deity nor one of the Black Guard, Eelmouth plays a special role in the Rituale de Blud. North Hollow Freddy Krueger- One of the spirits who either rose from or took over the North Hollow following the original lands destruction. Freddy Krueger is a loner amongst the deities (he doesn’t believe himself to be a deity anyway), only associating himself with Gaia’s group because it benefits him. He often keeps to his own vices though he still helps Gaia by providing the Pure of Heart and molding the Terra Queens. He resides deep within an epicenter of terror accessed through Maldaken Pass where he subjects unfortunate victims to visions of horror and fantasy. Very few survive and those who do become ”Pure of Heart” and are ripe for Gaia’s taking. The Scarecrow- Jonathan Crane, one of the Black Guard. The Scarecrow performs “fear research” in North Hollow. Dragon Forge Ares (DC)- The God of War and probably the only literal god here. With a helmet that masks his hideous visage and an battle axe, he makes an incredibly intimidating presence. Guderalle- One of the Black Guard. Guderalle is of Gnomerat Birth, the Gnomerats having existed here since before the realm fell. Because of this, Guderalle knows way more than she lets on, though she mostly keeps these to herself both because of her high status and of the punishment for dissenters. Still Guderalle would often plant seeds of doubt here and there, and seems to have a goal for her own. Gorewood Forest Mystique- When Gaia began to create Terra Cruentus, she birthed a daughter out her soul and Gorewood. Emerged came a red haired blue woman with yellow eyes and the ability to shapeshift. Mystique as the god of this realm oversees the unique process of Gorewood, which consists of taking used corpses, rendering their bones and flesh and burying them on blood soaked soil; from there they would become precious resources, such as the Gorewood Skulls which Mystique wears as a belt. Mystique’s ultimate desire is to transform all “ordinary” beings into super powered creatures like herself. The Midnight Man- One of the Black Guard serving under Mystique. Once an ordinary man, dabbling too deeply with the forces of dark magic have robbed him of his humanity. In order to satiate his own life force, he makes deals with others to grant their deepest desires… but at a price. South Hollow Diva- One of the two spirits who either resides within this land all this time, or merely came across it when it split into the South. Like the land itself, Diva is utterly demented and strange, and loves to sing in the grand amphitheater for all to see. Harnesses the power of the winds alongside great swordsmanship. Iron Bone Gorge Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus- Many assume this Caligula to be quite mad, but in truth he’s just a particularly murderous prankster and hedonist.
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