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  1. Idk.... I feel like something will get announced. My bet is on the dates, but maybe they'll surprise us and announce Monsters or something.
  2. I could see KKFOS returning to Hollywood if it's an original take on the IP. Like some sort of original sequel. I say yes, bring it back to Orlando at least, and upgrade it to a Soundstage or Parade Building. The game also releases this year, so that makes it a little more likely in my book.
  3. This re-theme is rumored to open sometime next year. Permits have been filed for Fieval's Playland to be demoed, I think. I could see the walls being pushed back toward Storepants, but that's it. It wouldn't really make sense to put food booths there.
  4. I just saw pics of the construction walls and yeah, don't expect any food booths back there lol. A tent can be placed where the Chucky one was last year, but that's pretty much it for that entire area. The house entrance for B79 and exits for both B79 and B108 should come all the way out towards Central Park.
  5. The problem is that Netflix has its own Stranger Things experiences right now. They started in 2020 and will probably keep going for a few more years. I've heard that Netflix gets very greedy when it comes to merch, wanting a pretty good percentage of the profits made from merch at HHN. With them running their own experiences, they get every penny spent by guests. It's just not smart from a business standpoint for Netflix to share it's IP right now.
  6. The way I picture it is B79 being the only house entrance back there. Both B79 and B108 would exit through ET as well. It shouldn't be that bad if the queues start/end closer to SpongeBob Storepants. In fact, it wouldn't be as crowded if there was only one house entrance.
  7. I'm gonna die of laughter if Blumhouse 4 comes to fruition this year lol.
  8. Parisian, the KKFOS location, and Soundstage 29 are rumored to not be used this year as well. That leaves: TWD Attraction Curious George Tent 1 Curious George Tent 2 Mummy Queue 2 houses are supposed to be in Soundstages this year. They could also just bite the bullet and use the Jurassic World Extended Queue or even the Tram Garage area.
  9. My guess is that it's more like a hub, where the main area is like a giant scarezone and free to roam around. The upcharges will probably be the immersive experiences, and I think there will be 3 or 4 of them. The restaurants and shops would probably be accessible to all.
  10. Permits have been filed for B79, Sprung 1, Sprung 2. Looks the rumor was true. Construction will be starting even earlier this year.
  11. I will say, I think Sinister was treated poorly by Universal. Sinister should've been given its own house back when it was still popular. Maybe we'll see Sinister 3 in the near future.
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