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  1. No house announcements, but a lot of good stuff are dropped, including the dates, the single day tickets, Universal Express, The RIP tour, The Behind-The-Screams Tour, The “See You In Fog” tagline, newer merchandise, and a new hint that says “The Legend Is Real.” I actually think they’re referring to the next house that will be announced soon with the Monsters. Phantom is a legend in both literature and film.
  2. Not holding my breath on the MIB tent coming back as an eleventh house cause all the permits were already filled, but what I’m expecting over there is that they’re changing the queue lines and exits with the large portion of the Kidzone area now gone.
  3. Turns out the houses that are in development might be codenamed after IP’s. As an example we could have Killer Klownz again or an original concept with clowns that is codenamed after the movie and novel It. Demon Slayer could be either be a reference to Japanese Creatures or Evil Dead Rise whose main character of the franchise is known for slaying demons.
  4. It’s been talked about before, and Legacy mentioned it on Twitter.
  5. @Sinfear @DocNiktMarr @pumpkinbot343 Got my newest house idea done! It’s a sequel to The Jungle House: Perils of Terror called The Second Jungle House: Mowgli’s Asylum; a Scary Tales type of houses with a Hindu folklore spin inspired by the Jungle Book. I hope you guys enjoy reading this cause It took me a lot of good work for inspirations. I’ve always wanted to do a full on Asylum themed house, but I wanna do a different spin that made sense cause we’ve already had Jack, Chance, and the Alices in that type of situation before from previous years of HHN, so I’ve decided to do a Jungle sequel and made Mowgli wear a straitjacket who fits very well with this idea of mine. Let’s have something different in a nut-farm, shall we? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H0SGl_GKrauUn_ChsCCbrdGS_1nAgCFfoo625hCM9g4/edit
  6. At this rate, I’m hoping they’re working on a newer version for the Lagoon show while keeping the HHN version. They could be pulling out the damage from the hurricane or update it as some sort of opportunity. As for any new hints from Legacy.
  7. With their Nighttime show ending soon, what does it mean for this year’s HHN? Will we still get a Lagoon type of experience, something else, or just one only with Nightmare Fuel? https://www.insideuniversal.net/2023/03/universala-cinematic-celebration-officially-ends-at-universal-studios-florida-new-nighttime-show-planned/
  8. There’s been rumors floating around about some type of announcement for next week. I’m guessing that they’ll start showing the dates for us and sell the tickets like what Legacy said on Discord. As for when they will reveal the next house, I’m thinking May again with the Monsters like last year. But if they decide to do it sooner for this month, so we don’t have to wait for too long, then I’m gonna be pleasantly surprised.
  9. Honestly I want Nightingales at Hollywood to be its own thing era wise for some creative implementations they could do with the location that is rumored rather something similar to what Orlando had done before at 21 and 29.
  10. Recently checked out this year’s speculation map for Hollywood, and I totally find it interesting that there are slightly more original concepts than before with the inclusion of Japanese Creatures, Invasion, Nightingales, and Hollywood Harry. The Exorcist could come back again as an exclusive for the movie’s 50th anniversary, and It’s one of Murdy’s favorites too.
  11. Not surprised about an Invasion house being rumored. The Alien Scientist came back at 30 in the Lights, Camera & Hacktion zone, and at last year in the Hellblock House respectively. Plus we really do need more of the 50’s campiness like Bugs and Cleaver.
  12. Apparently, everyone is talking about an eleventh house again cause Mark is hinting about it on Discord. I’d would accept it if they improve the staff, which was a big issue last year, but that would mean more problems with the crowds.
  13. Bloodengutz is an interesting choice of yours as your most wanted to experience in person. I do find him as one of those characters to be adaptable with some potential, which is why I gave him a little bit of a build up.
  14. Looking back at the spec map with the guitar and lighting bolt, Mark posted a video of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” on Discord whose imagery was iconic for his lighting bolt face paint, was also a guitarist other than a singer-songwriter, and even had multiple space projects. Almost sounds like an original concept inspired by the Ziggy Stardust album, but it‘s starting to sound like he was making a reference to the Dead Space games. If it were to happen this year, then not only It would technically mean two video game IP’s, but also a backup to the Alien franchise.
  15. Some have speculated the guitar and lighting bolt is an original concept, but Metallica still might be possible cause their newest album is coming out on April this year and they’ll be back on the road again soon. If true, then it totally makes sense as a marketing move similar to last year with The Weeknd when he released Dawn FM. If not, then it’ll be four IP’s again with the Monsters, Chucky, The Last of Us, and Blumhouse, which will draw a lot of crowds. If there’s one thing I feel down about the newest speculation map the most, is both the Exorcist and the Hunchback have become the biggest omissions. It coulda happen for Its 50th anniversary and Its 100th anniversary respectively, but Universal’s anti-anniversary stance on the IP’s for the event kinda made it as a big missed marketing opportunity.
  16. @Sinfear @pumpkinbot343 @DocNiktMarr With ten houses and five zones done, I’ve made a full lineup page of my own event theme idea as a thank you for enjoying my ideas. It’s all about nostalgia with Cindy as an icon. I would like to see you guys rank them from the bottom to the top as your most wanted to experience in person if they were to happen in reality. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FzzmiYdi4h6jhALkmxgBEOPo1OISeDLniI5w4KRCRgg/edit
  17. And It also makes sense to continue the Scary Tales franchise in a way with spin-offs. They had done this before with Asylum In Wonderland at 25, Tooth Fairy at 30, and maybe the original concept Krampus for this year before It leads to whatever is next in the future.
  18. Looking At Krampus, I’m expecting the original version to have a Scary Tales treatment like Tooth Fairy at 30 that is also set during the Victorian era. I had honestly never thought they would do it again after 26 with the movie, but knowing the origins of it deeply than before, I’m happily now on board to this.
  19. There’s even an anchor on speculation map, does it mean Dead Man’s Pier will come back or is it some other sea-related theme house? I’d welcome Pier again with open arms cause It was such an amazing house and I still love it.
  20. Actually the music house that is rumored is Metallica with a reference to their second album Ride The Lightning. I’m hoping the Japanese themed house is true the most, so we can have Youkai from the myths and folktales.
  21. Finally got my newest scarezone idea done! It’s my take of doing an icon zone with Cindy with a Sweet 16 vide in a surreal and supernatural spin, the addition of the Caretaker, and even took some inspirations from the Port of Evil zone, and the Orfanage: Ashes To Ashes. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FxwaTdYEMAWmMmFPHeplmr76g-BPp_xHRHQGLVjarYs/edit
  22. Not sure if it’s possible, but if it means less crowds to hit through all the houses or at least give guests a chance for one night to attend, then I’m all for it. https://hhnunofficial.com/2023/02/15/rumor-hhn-to-run-every-night-in-october/?fbclid=IwAR3kV5cVIrCgzyqab3LE1RoE-aUum6KloLk7dOAuHC7ND15joNYKG95teFU&mibextid=q5o4bk
  23. Gonna give Dead Maddox’s Pier on Discord for this. It’ll be easier to unlock more clues later. A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7 H=8 I=9 J=10 K=11 L=12 M=13 N=14 O=15 P=16 Q=17 R=18 S=19 T=20 U=21 V=22 W=23 X=24 Y=25 Z=26
  24. So far in total, Legacy dropped three clues with the use of books as hints rather than a TV show. The first one is the Monsters with a Phantom and Dracula mash up, the second one is Blumhouse with Insidious and M3gan, and the third one is the already announced Chucky house. I’m guessing the Weeknd is next, and the fifth IP could be either the Exorcist or Evil Dead Rise. Mad props to the HHN community in Discord.
  25. Someone actually got one of the clues right on Discord. Credit goes to Skullhead525 and Chaotic_Neutral! From r/HHN by SkullHead525: “Just a note that might mean something: the countries turned to numbers alphabetically results in a 10 digit result for both clues: 1927850894 0340619155” inputting this into an isbn search engine and we got two books: The Last Vampire Phantom released in 1996 and Gemstones, Elves, and Other Insidious Magic released in 2018.
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