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Halloween Horror Nights 33 Speculation & Discussion


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With 32 (along with the recently discontinued Halloween Nightmare Fuel) now officially over, it’s that time again for us to chat about next year’s event. What IP’s you think are coming the most right now? What original concepts do you wanna see at the event. Will there ever be another icon to tie into the HHN like Dr. Oddfellow? Will they bring back Bill & Ted? 

So many questions to say our own thoughts and opinions. It’s not just part of the fan community, it’s culture!

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IPs I think we’re getting are Five Nights at Freddy’s and Creature from the Black Lagoon. I think we could see a non icon become an icon(so maybe Cindy or Eddie. Hell, maybe even the Voodoo Queen or Nathaniel Crow). For originals, I’m expecting another cryptid and a returning original. 

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Here are some of the things I’m thinking. 

Universal Monsters: Either Black Lagoon or an Epic Universe Preview/Prequel 


Five Nights At Freddy’s: That should be on the cards.


Netflix: It won’t be Stranger Things but something different that like Fear Street, The Fall of The House of Usher, or Wednesday


Silent Hill: Just in case there are no plans to bring back the Last of Us for Part II


The Weeknd: He technically made his return for the event at Singapore. Maybe he’ll loop back to the domestic parks. 

My honorable mentions. 

Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral will turn 30 next year, and what a masterpiece that album is. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: It’s my most favorite Slasher flick, and it’ll turn 50 next year, but anniversaries are never on Universal’s minds. We already had it a couple of years ago. However, if it comes back again, then it’ll happen unintentionally like the Exorcist.


The Gremlins: Chucky opened the door for this.


What I don’t want.


Another Blumhouse compilation.


The Originals


Poseidon’s Fury: If Dueling Dragons came back as a house, then this can as well. Plus we need more Greek Mythology houses in the vein of Hades


Youkai: We were close to get a Japanese themed house during this year’s speculation, and it’s gotta happen soon already. 

Krampus: An original concept house based on the folklore instead of the movie from 26 was rumored to become a house, then it was reduced as a rumored zone, then wiped off from the map and shelved. I could see it coming back as a Victorian or a Tooth Fairy type of house.

RUN: In case of no Slasher IP’s, why not bring back the original from 11? It’s gotta be what it was supposed to be similarly. Could be a good time for it.


Another Zone turned into a House: Regardless of what they pick, they could do it randomly. I hope they go with my house concept of Anarch-Cade cause there’s enough potential for it.


A Jungle-themed house: In case they can’t do Black Lagoon this year, then they should make one of my house concepts a reality. Doing a Jungle of Doom sequel with a vague setting would be narrow mistake creatively. 

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These are some confusing but really interesting permits. From what I’m hearing, a staggered operations are taking place at The Simpsons Ride (which will be on the chopping blocks soon) like what Back To The Future had before the closure and replacement. Looks like that attraction might be leaving sooner than what I’m expecting, since it had seen better days, but it’d crazy if they gut everything in there for an eleventh house even though that’s not very realistic. If that’s not the case, then they’re probably gonna install another parade building whether they could expand it or fill in for the sprung tents.



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A couple of weeks back, they filled a couple of permits to build a new warehouse/parade building as the newest house locations. From what I’ve heard, this could be the last year for the sprung tents at Orlando before they move to Hollywood, which I actually find this very interesting. If they do a sequel or two of the houses from previous years that were over there, then they could do a send off kind of moment cause why not?

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From what it turns out to be, the old tents are staying, but we’re getting newer ones that will be bigger to retain the house total of ten. However, the parade buildings are officially discontinued due to the need for more floats and storages to put in. As for the rumored IP’s, we’ve almost got Five Nights At Freddy’s, but it wasn’t able to get through the negotiations entirely, so we might get Ghostbusters and Nightmare On Elm Street coming back as an alternative instead, which I take if that’s true. We all know they’re still going beat-by-beat with the Monsters, but I hope the last and fourth IP is gonna be something I certainly want.

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