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  1. I’m honestly sad about the tents leaving. The sprung tents are my favourite house location and I’ve enjoyed every house I’ve experienced in those two.
  2. IPs I think we’re getting are Five Nights at Freddy’s and Creature from the Black Lagoon. I think we could see a non icon become an icon(so maybe Cindy or Eddie. Hell, maybe even the Voodoo Queen or Nathaniel Crow). For originals, I’m expecting another cryptid and a returning original.
  3. Here’s my overall list: HOUSES- 10. Chucky 9. Stranger Things 4 8. Exorcist Believer 7. Last of Us 6. Dueling Dragons 5. Monsters Unmasked 4. Yeti 3. Darkest Deal 2. Dr. Oddfellow’s 1. Blood Moon SCAREZONES- 5. Oddfellow’s Collection 4. Vamp ‘69 3. Shipyard 32 2. Jungle of Doom 1. Dark Zodiac
  4. This house concept is crazy good. The Spellbound prison section just imagining it and reading your concept creeps me out.
  5. As someone who took a class on this type of stuff, this is a great house concept. Just imagining the set design while reading through is awesome
  6. I too believe Dueling Dragons will probably win the house of the year title. I’m going to go with Vamp 69 for scarezone of the year
  7. After a day of taking everything in from all the houses and scarezones announced, I have finally put together my personal hype list for HHN 32. Houses- 10 The Exorcist: Believer 9 Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate 8 Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count 7 Blood Moon: Dark Offerings 6 The Last of Us 5 The Darkest Deal 4 Yeti: Campground Kills 3 Stranger Things 4 2 Dr. Oddfellow’s Twisted Origins 1 Universal Monsters: Unmasked Scarezones- 5 Shipyard 32: Horrors Unhinged 4 Dr. Oddfellow’s Collection of Horror 3 Dark Zodiac 2 Vamp ‘69: Summer of Blood 1 Jungle of Doom: Expedition Horror
  8. This looks like a phenomenal year. Gonna have to make my hype list soon.
  9. HOLY SHIT. I am so excited for Universal Monsters: Unmasked. I love the characters that will be featured and I’m so happy it’ll be set in Paris. This is my number one hyped house this year.
  10. Exorcist Believer has been officially announced… and I’m honestly not super excited for this one. I’ve never been the biggest fan of The Exorcist and trailer for the new one looks boring.
  11. Apparently the 3.5 map of speculation has released. I’m sad to see Krampus go… but those originals are looking very good.
  12. Interesting. I may camp out in Diagon Alley one of the nights I go just to chill with the Death Eaters lol.
  13. This year really is looking like 28… but better. I have high expectations as 28 is my favourite year of the five I’ve done.
  14. Stranger Things season 4 official. I’m super excited and also relieved that it’s not a mashup house.
  15. That makes sense. I’m excited for what the trailer for this could show, probably Vecna turning one of the characters from the last trailer into a pretzel.
  16. That’s it. I’m declaring war against those banana addicted bastards. I hope this rumor isn’t true because I’ve just about had it with those little fuckers.
  17. Cool, with Stranger Things very likely to come this year to Orlando, I am even more happy that I’m doing RIP both nights I’m attending. The lines are gonna be crazy this year.
  18. As long as Stranger Things is season 4 only and not a mash up, I’ll be happy. But I honestly disliked the 29 house. 28’s was incredible though.
  19. This is the most I’ve ever been excited for an IP since Trick r Treat. The Last of Us is one of my favourite games so I’m super excited to see how this translates.
  20. LETS GOOOOOO. The Last of Us got announced and it’s based on the game too. Super hyped for this house
  21. What if the creatives from HHN are looking at this forum for some inspiration? If the jungle zone happens and it’s eerily similar to your concept, you should try to get them to write you a check
  22. If these zones were to stay, I’d guess Last of Us in New York, Dark Christmas in Hollywood, Blumhouse in Plaza, Jungle in Central Park, and Vamp in SanFran
  23. YES TO THE DARK CHRISTMAS ONE. Sorry, I just love when christmas and horror collide and I really want to experience something like that at HHN.
  24. Does anyone know if there’s a page in the Necronomicon that explains how to summon a house announcement?
  25. I agree. FNAF is a big IP so they’d probably want to save that for a solo house
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