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  1. Wait, we already have potential IP information about next year? That’s interesting
  2. I would love a Shaun of the Dead house but yeah, not too sure if that would come next year.
  3. I’m kinda surprised we have HHN 32 speculation already. The IPs I expect at next year’s event are Creature From The Black Lagoon, Blumhouse’s Exorcist Reboot, The Thing, Scream, and Chucky. I would’ve loved to have seen them do another Resident Evil game house but because the Netflix show was awful, I feel that diminishes the chances. If we get another music artist, I’d love to see Ice Nine Kills or Slipknot but not super sure of the likeliness of those.
  4. I’m very curious to how the runs of the houses, scarezones, and shows will go for me when I attend the two nights next month. I’ve been avoiding any sort of photos and videos of the event and just reading people’s personal thoughts on their runs. This year sounds solid and I bet a lot could potentially change in the next month, making some houses rise and drop in people’s rankings and reviews. Getting more and more excited to return to the fog.
  5. The team member preview tidbits are interesting to read. Some houses I definitely expected to be praised heavily and others that look like they most likely will improve later in the season.
  6. My party typically does two nights so last year, night one in Springfield and night 2 New York. This year, one of our two nights is R.I.P Tour for the first time so I guess whatever our favourite house is this year, night two will be that specific area lol
  7. That makes a lot more sense now. I wonder if they’ll potentially open up a lot of the food booths for stay and scream or if they’ll open them when the event officially kicks off.
  8. Interesting. Whichever location has Dead Man’s Pier i exactly where I’ll be lol.
  9. 100% agreed. Those three houses look like they’re gonna be fan favs and listening to Universal’s podcast about the originals has me thinking those three may make my top three this year.
  10. Here’s my guess on the average wait times: Legends Collide- 100+ minutes Halloween- 120+ minutes Blumhouse- 70+ minutes Weeknd- 120+ minutes Bugs- 60+ minutes Descendants- 75+ minutes Coven- 90+ minutes Dead Man’s Pier- 90+ minutes Chupacabras- 80+ minutes Hellblock- 70+ minutes
  11. Hmmm. Definitely won’t be as busy as 28 and 29 but definitely busier than last year. We’ll definitely be seeing crowds but I don’t think any wait times will be over 120 minutes but nothing under 50 minutes either.
  12. Yes!!! Scares at 100% again. Glad to have the confirmation
  13. Not surprised The Weeknd isn’t on any of the tours. Usually one IP isn’t. My party is doing 3 house tour and while I am excited to do Halloween, Coven, and Chupacabras, I am sad that I don’t get to see Dead Man’s Pier on the 3 house.
  14. The food looks really good this year. I’m most excited to try the candy corn ice cream cookie sandwich, pepperoni pizza skulls, and that haunted horseshoe burger thing. And I think we’re exactly one week from opening night.
  15. Oh, nice! That’s always great to hear the event running as late as possible, especially for us HHN addicts lol. RIP Tour Podcast on their twitter released some pics they took at the park today of the food stands and their menus. A lot of the dishes sound tasty and I am so so happy that Leave It To Cleaver has a food booth going on.
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