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  1. Does anyone know if there’s a page in the Necronomicon that explains how to summon a house announcement?
  2. I agree. FNAF is a big IP so they’d probably want to save that for a solo house
  3. Do we have to sacrifice a kidney to get a house announcement at this point? I might be down
  4. I’ve always disliked the minions… those damn banana addicted fiends.
  5. That sounds about right. Hopefully tomorrow or Thursday afternoon is our next house announcement. I’m guessing the rumored Phantom of the Opera house.
  6. Chucky was the first announced house. I think second house announcement will be next Tuesday, either The Last of Us or Phantom of the Opera
  7. I’m hoping he ends up being the event Icon for this year. I’m always up for a clown Icon and from what we know about his backstory with Jack, there’s a lot they can add on.
  8. I’d be happy to see the Icons getting their own houses again. Even though I started going to the event in 27, I personally would rather see the event go back to Icons being the focus rather than IPs. Obviously that won’t happen, as the IPs bring in the big bucks, but at least there’s a possibility of the Icons sort of coming back.
  9. Spec map v2 is out for Orlando now. I think I lile v1 more bit there are some interesting bits in v2’s map. I am intrigued with the original houses, Universal Monsters and The Last Of Us I do like seeing on there again, especially it being based on the game. I am indifferent to The Exorcist and Demon Slayer though. Exorcist is an IP I don’t care too much about, I do enjoy the original movie but I wouldn’t call it one of my favourites and I don’t like anime, so I’d probably put Demon Slayer in last if I had to make a hype list.
  10. I’m torn on the Exorcist coming this year. I understand it’s the 50 year anniversary for the movie this year, but this isn’t an IP I’m particularly excited for. I guess we’ll have to wait and see
  11. Supposedly, there is a rumored original music-based house. HHN 365 and Legacy have mentioned it and I really hope this happens and has voodoo/mardi gras themes
  12. If the Last Of Us comes to HHN this year, I could see them announcing it like next week as the season finale is Sunday night. But we’ll see I guess.
  13. Even though I don’t go to Hollywood, I envy them if they are getting Nightingales: Blood Prey. That’s a house from Orlando I wish I got to do.
  14. And supposedly Invasion! could return as a house too. I’m curious to how this will be with crowds this year.
  15. Hey, any way they continue Scary Tales, whether direct sequels or spin offs are fine with me. I love this series at HHN.
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