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  1. There is at least one thing from every year of HHN (and of course the first year when it was known as Fright Nights). Can you spot them all?
  2. From the pictures, videos and a brief personal experience, seems that most of the prisoners are the same ones from 2012. I know one that is in the Icons street this year. How many are there?
  3. Can anyone make out the last word on the shirt with the Caretaker and Bloody Mary? I can see Horror All but not the last word.
  4. 2012. 2013 was all Walking Dead streets.
  5. The walker hoard was operated by a human. People in charge of how it was supposed to look decided it was better slow. As for American Horror Story, I remember reading something about all the seasons/stories being in the same "universe" like marvel and the upcoming remakes/reboots of the Universal classic monsters. Maybe they are waiting for the reveal about how they are all related to make the house and tie it all together with a best of all seasons house? Just a thought.
  6. TWD - 3 AVP - 5 FDTD - 2 Dracula - 3 Roanoak - 1 Dollhouse - 3 Halloween - 5 Giggles and Gore - 1 No shows.
  7. Two HHNs have come and gone since my last post so time for an update. I'm pulling a Troiandan and adding to the list, not replacing. First is also favorite with no particular order after it. Dead Exposure Psycho: Through The Mind of Norman Bates Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare Scary Tales: Once Upon a Nightmare American Werewolf in London Body Collectors: Collections of The Past Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past Cabin In The Woods Silver Screams La Llorona Psychoscareapy: Home For The Holidays Nevermore: The Madness of Poe House of Horrors Evil Dead Nightmare on Elm Street: Dreamwalkers Catacombs: Black Death Rising Penn & Teller Newked Las Vegas 10 Worst 10. Creatures 9. Interstellar Terror 8. Silent Hill 7. Walking Dead (2012) 6. Afterlife 5. Resident Evil 4. Reflections of Fear 3. Jack's Funhouse of Fear 2. Vampyre: Bloodbath 1. Spawning
  8. Final ranking: 1. Cabin in the Woods 2. American Werewolf in London 3. La Llorona 4. Evil Dead 5. Havoc 6. Walking Dead 7. Afterlife 8. Resident Evil
  9. While I would love an Urban Legends house franchise, having a bunch of them in one house is a bit much, IMO. Dedicate the house to a certain legend each year (or every other year) and see what A&D can do with it.
  10. Pre-Event 1. CITW 2. AWIL 3. Afterlife/La Llorona 4. Evil Dead 5. Havoc 6. Walking Dead 7. Resident Evil Current 1. CITW/AWIL 2. La Llorona 3. Evil Dead 4. Walking Dead 5. Havoc 6. Resident Evil/Afterlife
  11. Yesterday in American Werewolf in London - first set. To the first wolf on the left, you bumped me when you popped up. My first thought was "Ow, that hurt." My second thought was "I survived a werewolf attack! Awesome!" My third thought was how hard and heavy the wolf was and how incredibly difficult it must be to operate the puppets and not bump guests every time. Thank you for my favorite time through the house.
  12. Just have a few people in front of it telling people to get out of the way like when the Blues Brothers drive around the park before and after their shows.
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