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  1. That "other Soundtage" (SS 22) is smaller than SS 23. IMO, HHN houses have grown to the point where building two inside of SS 22 just isn't feasible anymore. However, they very-well could use one of the other larger Soundstages.
  2. The scarecrows from the '06 Scarezone Field of Screams gave off a very Jeepers Creepers type vibe. I thought they were really cool.
  3. I think that Universal may have some creative ideas up their collective sleeves for new house location(s).
  4. Top 10: 1. Scary Tales: Once Upon a Nightmare (2008) 2. Castle Vampyr (2004) 3. Friday the 13th: Camp Blood (2007) 4. Ghost Town (2004) 5. A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dreamwalkers (2007) 6. Screamhouse: Resurrection (2006) 7. Dracula: Legacy in Blood (2009) 8. Nigh+ingales: Blood Prey (2011) 9. Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past (2010) 10. The Fearhouse (2000) Honorable Mentions: Total Chaos (2000), All Nite Die-In: Take 2 (2006), The Thing: Assimilation (2007), PsychoScareapy: Home for the Holidays (2007), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Flesh Wounds (2007), Dead Exposure (2008), Body Collectors: Collections of the Past (2008), The Wolfman (2009), Frankenstein: Creation of the Damned (2009), The Forsaken (2011), The In-Between (2011) Just for fun, my bottom 5: 5. Creatures (2008) 4. The OrFanage: Ashes to Ashes (2010) 3. PsychoScareapy: Echoes of Shadybrook (2010) 2. Reflections of Fear (2008) 1. The Spawning (2009)
  5. Full resolution: http://i.imgur.com/duwwR.jpg
  6. I agree with these: Distant Cemetery (Winter's Night) Coffin Room (Winter's Night) Body Room (Nightingales) Machine Gun/Bungee Chord Nightingale (Nightingales) Presidents' Day (The Re-Election) (H.R. Bloodngutz) Ho Ho Homicide (H.R. Bloodngutz) Waterfall/Steam Hall (Saws'n'Steam) Flesh Aquarium (Saws'n'Steam) The Raven Hall (Nevermore) Masque of Red Death (Nevermore) Winged Demons (In-Between) Rave/Laser Room (In-Between) Chapel (Forsaken) Courtyard (Forsaken) Tilted Ship (Forsaken) Bungee Chord Finale (Forsaken) Personally, I might add: Facade/Sorrow Angel (Winter's Night) Crawling Zombie Distraction (Winter's Night) Throat Slice (The Thing) Inquisitor/Pit & Pendulum (Nevermore)
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