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  1. All Night Die-In: Take 2 was Scream, The Ring (), Hellraiser, and Silence of the Lambs. The first and last scenes also included the Director.
  2. Show direction tells us to come out every 4-6 seconds.
  3. A large number of the scares in T R T are blind scares. We were supposed to go out every 4-6 seconds regardless if there was anyone in our scene or not. So, generally, if you got a great scare it was by sheer accident. Another difficult thing about the sheet scare was that the lollypop frequently got caught in the sheets, causing them to look strange and ruining the moment. The Vampire kid in Cast B was played by a female. The only males in Cast B were the 3 Kreeg's, both Wilkins and the occasional Firecrew/ABU. I think that Cast A had no Vampire Wilkins in October, and they had a male Vampire kid.
  4. In case everyone forgot....Chucky has already had a house with demented toys. It wasn't super popular or well liked. I don't know why they would try another one.
  5. I don't know if it is know by many yet, but they are adding a 7 AM - 7 PM (I think) Stranger Things house for this coming Tuesday. I don't know if it is just for UO Pass Holders or open to the public, but I know it is going to be a thing. I am assuming it is a test to see if UO Orlando could/would want to support a year round haunted house/area/experience.
  6. Mask does not = good vision Just keep that in mind
  7. That's cute.... Wait until guests show up on the 30th....anyone who has been more than once will see what adding extra days a week or so before will look like.
  8. I haven't. It is still very much a possibility.
  9. Why it may be true that the event has an added night, it would be more wise to go another night. When dates are added this late in the run, it is hard for workers/SA's to rework their schedule around a night that wasn't previously scheduled. The event will still be fun, but may not be as good as it would be going on an already scheduled night. If this is the only night you can go, then go for it, but it would be my recommendation to pick another night if at all possible.
  10. Additionally, Seeds and T 'R T die off around the end of the night and become walk-on if you wanted to be there until the park closes.
  11. Now I know what happened to the bar scene from "Creatures". I really liked this house and all of the Easter eggs that it possessed. It wasn't necessarily scary to me, but I really appreciated the scenery and scares it contained.
  12. I have a question: What is the draw to film/photograph scareactors walking to and from set? We are (for the most part....at least in Trick 'R Treat) in black robes with our costumes and faces covered. There really isn't anything cool to see, so why would you film or photograph that. It really baffles me....
  13. SOE is an added house and I am not sure they could make the queues work to have everyone utilize Barney area. You would have 2 normal lines + 2 Express lines all utilizing that one area. I wish they could work all of that out.....but I am not sure it would happen easily.
  14. You should try this walk at the end of the night...it is extra long when you are tired and just want to go home!
  15. I was under the impression that they had also rented at least one house for the event. I think it was the Stranger Things house, but I am only like 60% confident in that guess.
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