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  1. Doesn't live up to the hype that was done around it, but still a great house. Probably the most creative house this year, with at least 3 scares I have never seen before anywhere. Also is probably the most beautiful house, the sets and costumes in here are insane. That last mirror section gets me literally every run, it doesn't matter that I know exactly what's going to happen, it still spooks me. Great house, HotY contender for sure. #freethebarrel
  2. Fantastic film, fantastic house. I appreciate that they took creative liberties with this, it really feels like you're walking around the actual house from the movie. The puppets are insane, and there are SO many. The face melting scene was done exactly like how I wanted them to after I first watched the film weeks ago. The only problems I had with this one is that I got a not-so-great run and that there are quite a bit of black hallways near the end. I'll have to get some more runs until I can fairly judge it, but even on my bad run, this was great, possible HotY material.
  3. This house is GREAT. Soooo intense and creative, on my second run I literally fell to my knees and had to crawl through one double-scare hallway. The sets are also great, while minimal. The train, catacombs, monkey cages, and Paris house sets all look great when you have the chance to calm down and focus (which I'll admit, is almost never). Definitely the most intense house of the event, honestly I'm surprised that there aren't major in-your-face warnings for epileptic guests. I'm very confused as to what the last room is trying to be, is it an homage to the original DE? Who are the characters in the room, more infected or people in quarantine? I can't tell. All in all, this is a fantastic house, and yet another contender for HotY IMO.
  4. I think it’s a bit more complicated than that...but it’s meant to be a dark house so the costumes’ little details don’t matter as much.
  5. Great house, has incredible environments but doesn't let up on the scares. However, this one can give out some bad runs due to slow congas or lighting issues. I've personallly had one meh run and one fantastic run with basically just @sadbunny and me in the house alone. Costume design is great, and scares are both numerous and varied as hell, the evolution of camo scares has really come a long way to get to these furry teeth bellied fellows. Some great setpieces in this one as well, from the spores to the crashed plane. Not sure if this one is in contending for HotY, but is definitely a pretty great house.
  6. This house felt long but barren. I might have just got a casting change run, but I barely saw any SAs. I need a few more runs to take in the scenery more than I did on my first. It seems other people have been having empty runs as well, could it be a problem similar to The Fallen where the scares have too much downtime?
  7. For me, this really felt like the last minute house it was, with minimal sets and very one-note scares. I didn't get the best run, but I've heard the cast has gotten quite good so I'm interested in giving this one more tries, although with the massive waits this one pulls in, I could see that being difficult. It does keep to the film really well, but I would've liked a rooftop and schoolhouse scene, maybe even with a random blonde Michael in there for fun. I do applaud them for the costume store scare, that is really well designed and got me and @sadbunny really well. I'd say this is one of the weakest houses at this year's event, but is still pretty good.
  8. This house is both fantastically fun and fantastically beautiful. The cast is great, the sets are great, the scares are creative and effective. Just a fantastic house, with usual short waits due to its location. I think the wolf animatronic is a too far back to be effectively scary, but it still looks pretty cool. Personally, the thick fog really added to the atmosphere of the scenes, really fit the halloween mood and was SO disorienting in the quarry scene, I loved it. I want to try and count how many Sams there actually are in this house, I could see around 10. Cudos to the shovel principal, he would get @sadbunny literally every run we did. This is definitely in the running for HotY.
  9. Great house with so many varied scares and sets, some really good scares, and some hilarious rooms. More of a comedy house, but can still have its scares in the likes of Pumpkin Guts and Swamp Yeti, Barber Chop personally got me twice in one run. I love the design with the poster before each film that you can admire and listen to the announcer hype up the movie. HoB tried to do this last year, but it just felt boring. The announcer and the fact that these are full posters instead of just logos make this structure work really well IMO.
  10. Didn't get a great run on this one, but I thoroughly enjoyed HDD and thought the first room of TFP was kinda cool...the rest was terribly bland. I think they recreated the feeling of HDD's climactic kills that go straight into a serene room well. I had the exact same feeling in the house as I did while watching the film, where my brain would get confused as to whether I was supposed to be scared or not, and in the house having scares IN the rooms was great. They also got some really impressive sets in here: the opening tunnel and the parking garage felt more like SS or Parade house set material. Overall, probably my least favorite of the event, but isn't terrible. Will give it a few more runs just to give it a chance, we didn't get that many scares on out first run.
  11. Woo! I'm back y'all. I've gone 1 and 1/3 nights so far, and I'd say 8/10 houses are great to fantastic. I haven't been feeling the zones this year that much, I feel like the crowds we have don't lend well to actual scary zones. I do enjoy Vamp, but it's more for the atmosphere than the atmosFEAR. No? Anyone? @sadbunny and I managed to hit every house on 9/15 without express (and a Carnival repeat!), so it's not that it's impossibly crowded, but it was pretty damn crowded opening weekend. I'll be posting my house and zone thoughts in their respective threads, and might do an opening weekend review or just hold off until I've done my other 6 nights. Good to be back!
  12. Just to let y'all know, this is my bud that hit every damn house with me on Saturday with no Express. He's been my best friend for years, and is excited to join the HHN community, as we've been going together for a couple years. P.S. I'll be returning to these threads as soon as I've finished catching up with all of the IU posts I missed, but my opening weekend review should be up this week.
  13. Was laying awake in bed thinking last night, and I had a stark realization that these are my last few days on this thread. That's such a polarizing thought to me, as I've spent so much time and made so many friends on here, but the closure of this thread literally means I'm about to enjoy my favorite event of the entire year. As a first time speculator, I thank every user on here that has made this such an fun and interesting year of spec. As you might know, I'm going to be leaving he thread early (probably tomorrow) to avoid spoilers from TM previews, but I'll be back from the first weekend trip with a review hot off the press!
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