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  1. As soon as Vamp got announced I thought it was a guarantee that we would get a vampire Michael Jackson show. Throw in some other classic 80's stars and you got a show.
  2. If you really wanna counteract that stare at your phone on max brightness. Works every time.
  3. Speak for yourself the walks were still killer but I think the quality of the houses made it just a little less bad.
  4. People are probably avoiding spoilers I know @happy bunny rabbit didn't come on here for a few months before we went.
  5. I still do feel like they could have varied the costumes a bit more unless you really get in and look at them it's just a whole bunch of bushmen and even then there are only like three or four different masks
  6. Can we just appreciate that you can get a shirt made with your favorite poster from this house like mad props to the person who thought of that.
  7. If you time everything right and work the crowd you will be fine I got every house and did some twice with no express opening weekend.
  8. I would enjoy it but I feel like that would be such a dramatic shift between the traditional horror movie formula. It would be like if they just decided to start throwing in horror games which I would have no problem with but I just don't see it happening.
  9. Seeds was weird. I went on it twice and the first one was really not great but the second time it turned into one of the scariest houses I've been in. How many times did you go on it?
  10. I didn't see any of these opening weekend. Was it a full on moving hay bale or a guy covered in hay?
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