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  1. My coworkers insist that I go to "Disney" every year, despite me explaining several times what HHN is, and that it's at Universal. They also think that Harry Potter is at "Disney" BTW.
  2. Almost. From what I heard, it was going to be part of a new set of theme houses (like Scary Tales), called Bedtime Stories.
  3. That's going to be an awful lot of work getting that park finished in a year's time...
  4. Gingerbread smoke is definitely in the series. They didn't water Bing's character down as much as I thought they would. I would get so many chills if mid-house, you walked across the shorter way and it opened into the Christmasland gates. Kind of like how they did the mid-way Haddonfield Hospital a few years ago.
  5. I loved the book too. I'm six episodes in, and I'm actually enjoying all of the changes their making to the narrative. It makes sense for a TV show. Wait until you get a glimpse of Christmasland (pretty sure that was in episode 5). The gates were made to be an HHN facade.
  6. I honestly thought that they were going to implement passes that were only good for one (or possibly two) weeks at a time instead of the entire season. That would definitely thin out the crowds.
  7. Next week will probably be full ticket options. BOGO ends on June 5th.
  8. I feel the new Potter coaster pretty much finished up for now. They did the previews of all the creatures, and revealed Hagrid. Not much else to announce until the opening.
  9. Possibly the best scarezone they’ve done in my opinion
  10. As someone in marketing myself, thank you for making that point. It's often that we're just though of as "number people", where it actually takes both sides of the brain.
  11. Between whatever ending they have planned for the end of the epic Avengers storyline, and most of my favorites probably dying in the Battle of Winterfell on Sunday, it's going to be a very emotional weekend. Good think I found some bottles of Ommegang's For the Throne beer to help me make it through Sunday's episode.
  12. Sounds like he/she's working off of the same list as I've heard about. Not that I support Ifrit, but I can confirm that these seem a bit more legitimate than last year's.
  13. That's the only option available right now. But, you get a night free. So, two nights for $82. (Non-consecutive, no Saturdays) Forgot those restrictions.
  14. Tickets are available. The full selection of passes (FF, RoF, etc) typically go up in June.
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