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  1. I long for the days of awesome icons, i long for the days that the website would open up piece by piece to slowly reveal something more menacing! I love the event don't get me wrong but they need to go back to basics. Take a look at all the original Icons (Jack, Caretaker, Director, Story Teller, Usher) and see what made them what they were! EFFORT! Effort is the word, they put so much time to build these characters and design them from background story to the clothing they wore. They need to show us that they still have this creativity back in them. The websites and getting more and more bland as are the commercials and it hurts. I'm not gonna sit here and claim to have been to HHN every year, my first year was 19 i then attended 20 and 21 the last 3 years of icons. 19 was my favorite year of all! the commercial, the website updates ooh how they fascinated me. This will be my first year back since 21 and idk what to expect but i just hope we can expect a back to basics planning for next year of the event.
  2. I'm all set to do the timewarp and sing science fiction double feature
  3. Who can make me a a clockwork orange signature? signature please be of this pic http://www.hdwallsource.com/clockwork-orange-12327.html
  4. Too excited for the moonshine cabin!!! Middle fingers up people!!
  5. The Light Shineth' in the darkness and the darkness comprehend it not

  6. I look forward to doing the time warp while walking through it
  7. My Parents don't understand, when they come to HHN with me its my way or the highway! i will be there guide through darkness! their light in the tunnel if you will

  8. I want a Phantom of The Paradise tribute show............we had a Rocky Horror tribute give the Phantom a chance!
  9. The voices in my head disagree with you!

  10. The voices in my head disagree with you!

  11. ^ that would be awesome!!! plus they should stream it online via youtube for those of us who arent able to go
  12. ah i figured as much lol but yea i can see how they would be a perfect spot for a walking dead house
  13. Sorry if this has been discussed...but did anyone else notice that the beams are positioned in a way that resemble a barn?? idk one of the pics looked to me like it had an arch and a small window bellow it
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