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  1. Tooth Fairy and Bride have never appeared at HHN (because HHN didn’t happen). If they return, they would not be “repeats.”
  2. Generally, IPs are agreed upon for one year. Agreeing to more up front is an exception to the rule. If Universal wants to reuse the IPs from this year again next year, the IP holders would have to agree to it.
  3. Entertainment, specifically Art and Design, creates HHN. Not Creative. They’re two different departments.
  4. Patrick worked in Art and Design, part of Entertainment. Not Creative.
  5. The only one of these things that is certain is that Beetlejuice is not in a soundstage. Eilish isn’t certain. TCM is only speculated as a “Best of.” There are no rumors of that. The idea of Terra Queen “hosting” an anniversary house is also speculation; not rumor.
  6. They have 9,000 rooms, including the unopened Dockside at Endless Summer. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Orlando
  7. Because they don’t intend to cancel it. Do they have a contingency? Probably. But they never intended to cancel. Construction on the houses never stopped. There will be adjustments to operations, and SIF and GATs will not be used. The event is still happening though.
  8. It’s entirely about a domestic abuser attempting to gaslight his romantic partner.
  9. This. There’s already only between 2-3 weeks between completing strike and starting construction between HHNs. Postponing is less an option than starting early is.
  10. House lineup hasn’t changed because of the pandemic. The changes on the spec map are due to changes with rumors. Signs point to a situation where Universal attempted to get another IP and could agree on terms.
  11. I have not made a list, and if I posted something that can be interpreted as a list, it’s not something I’ll say you can count on.
  12. I really hope you’re not legitimately expecting a lot of your list. If you are, you’re going to sorely disappointed.
  13. I never heard that date. I’m just assuming that date. It feels like a good date, logically.
  14. A panel with HHN design leads from Orlando, Hollywood, Singapore, and Japan. People assumed an announcement would happen there, but there was nothing actually rumored or guaranteed for that to occur.
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