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  1. There’s also rumors flying around that it’s actually a Halloween kills house
  2. Their twitter post dumb things all the time so I wouldn’t look to far into it especially since the rights for F13 are a disaster rn. I’m wondering if it’s possibly a original house or a bigger IP
  3. We love a good loophole. Also as to if they should return, personally these are 2 of my favorite houses in years! I see absolutely no reason they should not return.
  4. From what I heard it’s probably the bride of Frankenstein and toothfairy. I know actors are scheduled for next Friday and sat but that could be training.
  5. Since it’s been pretty quiet on here for a while I just thought I would let y’all know universal has hired actors for a secondary position and it seems they will be opening 2 HHN houses for day time guests as a add on ticket!
  6. So the final spec map showed a 30 years 30 fears zone and a anniversary zone. Does this mean there would be a Icon zone and a icon house?
  7. If what I’m hearing is true the Billie house could be really incredible
  8. Is pumpkin king for sure a sequel to twisted traditions? Kinda weird a house based in Carey Ohio is next to a LT: Carey house
  9. There’s some rumor that bill and Ted could be back...
  10. I live outta state and last year I had to go for klowns
  11. I think if HHN ever goes completely original houses a lot of not local guest would not come. People travel to experience the shining, stranger things, hill house. If they wanted original haunts they could just look at local haunts around them
  12. So I was thinking the other day would fans truly care if they reused IPs as long as they kept new and mostly originals each year? Like let’s say universal wanted to do cabin in the woods again? It’s been almost 10 years would people really complain about seeing it again? Or a classic like the exorcist or poltergeist. It will always be a classic and I feel like people would love to see some of these houses again
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