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  1. First taste of merch is out! https://shop.universalorlando.com/ProductList.aspx?q=horror+nights
  2. Looks like a great year for Rob Zombie fans. I like some of his music and that's about it. His stuff is just too derivative and not clever enough to feel like a homage to the time period Mr. Zombie clearly wishes he was living in. I mean, he actually seems like an ok guy and a total geek, so I can't "hate" him, but I love 70's horror and just can't get into his vanity projects. I think the Corpses house could be good though. Seems like it will make a much better haunted house than film for me. Just not excited at all about the Zone though. Being gross and unpleasant isn't scary or interesting enough. I envision it being like the Bone zone from 2017. The rest of the Zones could be good or awful. Will just have to see where the creative direction flows. Hoping Anarch-ade is video game related. Pretty excited about all the houses this year.
  3. Tough to choose. I am very excited for Ghostbusters and am intrigued by how they will do it. After Poltergeist last year, I'm pretty sure they can make it a fun house. Universal Monsters is tied for first and I'm also super interested to see what the underwater house will be like.
  4. I'm weirdly obsessed with the idea of a house spilling out into the streets as a zone. I thought the Invasion idea would have worked for that. Maybe have an interstellar zoo gone wrong type house and accompanying zone. Maybe that would impact the overall variety of the event though and it would have to be a can't miss idea to pull off successfully, but I think it's possible. Could work for Klowns.
  5. Yeah, it was awesome. I liked it as much as the icon zone
  6. I hope at least one of them is as fun as the Chucky zone from last year. That might be my favorite since the icon zone at 25.
  7. Maybe they will be Children Of The Corn type kids.
  8. Sorry. Watchin' Endgame. Yup. That's what I was talking about. And how I'd describe it. And imploded, not exploded. Could be re-inflated. Also, I don't think anyone chose Creepshow as the announcement, so no Butterbeer was won. I picked Classic Monsters and wasn't correct. Shocker. I'm wrong a lot.
  9. We need a Thrones house and a Westworld house and a Deadwood house and an Oz house and a Barry house
  10. Oh, my nickname for this year is Doctors Without Borders. Dr.'s Stantz, Venkman, and Spengler, Dr. Satan, Tooth Fairies, Nightingales, Dr. Paul Reiser Edit- Mustn't forget Frankenstein
  11. Ok, fine. Final Fantasy house confirmed. Yeah, yeah, it's Biblical, yeah, yeah
  12. Ifrit's clue 2 is about Hellraiser, I think. Leviathan is a dark god in that mythology.
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