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  1. be nice this fanart took me 2 hours
  2. I knew those LT gargoyles behind the fence by Insidious couldn't have been there just to mess with us.. Hype!
  3. I got the booklet for Annual Passholder appreciation month today in the mail, and it shows what the HHN25 AP pin looks like. Just thought it was worth mentioning, and it looks awesome! Edit: Just realized JDW beat me to it.... story of my life T_T
  4. It's interesting that we didn't really get any info about the hordes... It's not even mentioned on the website.
  5. lol true... ^ Excuse that, I'm really tired right now.
  6. We have only one hour of waiting left, guys...
  7. I honestly love what they're doing on twitter right now. It's really been a fun day tweeting back and forth with the "maniacs" and the occasional pictures they're posting are awesome. Agree or disagree with me, but I'm hyped. I can't wait for the full reveal.
  8. 1. Blizzard 2. RUN 3. Freddy Vs Jason 4. Anniversary 5. Alice 3D 6. Insidious 7. AWIL 8. The Purge 9. The Walking Dead
  9. I honestly would've preferred FTWD more, because at least it's a change in setting, since it's in a city and not the woods again... And from the trailer, it looks more like a horror compared to TWD which has basically become a drama.
  10. Did this thread just lead to an HHN26 discussion??
  11. All we can really do is wait, because we won't know what went down until the announcement comes. It's a shame something like this had to happen a month before the event starts... It's all really confusing but I trust Mike and I think this will all be resolved well, whether Scream was dropped or not.
  12. But wait. If it really did get scrapped, did it get replaced by something else? Otherwise, they advertised 9 houses for nothing. This just doesn't really make sense.
  13. Everyone is saying the arm belongs to Jack or Chance, but I'm wondering if it's one of Jack's Maniacs...?
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