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  1. The entrance is opposite from last years parade building entrance. No outside facade just light projecting onto the building.
  2. Here are HD pics from todays construction update Imgur album http://imgur.com/a/iF3T0#10
  3. You can see inside the run maze just ever so slightly from disaster queue. You exit out of a white door and inside from the looks of it is moldy concrete walls. It's hard to spot.
  4. By the way, I haven't seen any visible construction AT ALL in almost a month. C'mon universal give us something new to look at. Construction runs have been soooo uneventful lately! Can't wait for the August & September madness!
  5. Oh forgot to tell you guys but the other day doing a construction update saw they've started erecting the facade for sprung tent 1 (just saw a crane outside tent 1 lifting things). That's the only visible update and sadly I believe they will start scenic on sprung 2 facade when it's announced, this'll probably be true for all other outside facades. I'm excited to see how they turn out!
  6. Facade is up outside of sprung tent 2! In other news, spotted a crane outside of ss24. I'm guessing they're moving the trees inside for the fvsj house?
  7. current state of the sprung tent closest to Simpsons
  8. Spotted a ton of pine trees bundled up next to ss24. The door is open and you can see the construction- kind of cool. All this is viewed from the rip ride rocket btw. Edit- there is more scaffolding on the sprung closest to Simpsons. I'd expect facade work in a few weeks
  9. They are playing with us... http://i.imgur.com/b34wOUS.jpg
  10. The extended queue left of the enterance is always used but the overflow areas are what i was trying to talking about. I heard it could go around the right of diagon left of fear factor.
  11. Yea but i could see this happening at around hhn ~30. I think when they get some statistics that they'll never use the extended queue, i don't think they have used that part yet, we'll get a house there i hope.
  12. We better get a 3D house next year. They never disappoint me.
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