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  1. So I hope they bring back the greatest house ever this year since they have 10 houses.. The Spawning!
  2. Okay... am I missing something? I absolutely hated the movie and only watched like half of it because I was so bored so I don't understand the hype that this house is getting. Maybe I need to give it a second chance..
  3. This house will be freaking amazing.. I'm calling it now.. If it isn't.. I will cry. Real tears. Not fake ones. I'm looking forward to this house the most although the house I look forward to the most is usually my least favorite.. I need to brush up on my Halloween movies before I head to Florida though.. it has been awhile!
  4. I absolutely love Jack. I wouldn't mind him coming back year after year in some capacity.
  5. I would definitely love to see a sequel to Catacombs (of course!!!) , Leave it to Cleaver, and hades. Oh yeah! Spawning too! (kidding)
  6. I saw a couple people dealing with heat exhaustion/dehydration at HHN when I was there last weekend.. I believe that is a common theme for theme parks for employees & guests..(especially with alcohol involved) many forget to drink enough water and believe they are fine. I drink tons of H2O while at the event to the point I'm probably a tad annoying to the people with me.. haha
  7. The voodoo priest is definitely good with it.. I will admit that one!
  8. Is the winner based on the cast? Like Cast A is one and Cast B is the other? Every single time I went through this house Jason was the winner.. Holy crap.. How did they find so many guys to fill the Jason role that were so ginormous?
  9. I wanted to love this house.. I wanted this house to be amazing and prove everyone wrong. I LOVE TWD, but I didn't love this house. I felt this house lacked energy, but I don't know how much energy zombies can really give. (Although one ran at the line and that kind of threw me off.. a lot..)
  10. This house is AMAZING. This is my absolute favorite house! Every run through I had was incredible! The Santa with a chainsaw got me so bad every single time I went through this house.. as did the Jacks. This house was amazing not just because of the scares but because of the scenes.. although I do agree it needed a catacombs scene! Catacombs was one of the best houses I've ever gone though so I don't understand why they didn't show it some love!
  11. My thoughts of this house maybe a little one sided since I absolutely LOVE the Body Collectors but this house was amazing. I thought it was so pretty and just had a great feel all though the house! Also..Body Collectors wearing robes? love it..
  12. This house was probably my least favorite. I hated how half the lights were strobe lights because it messed it with me for awhile. I feel the scaractors did great with what they had but I think the house itself was meh. This house could have been so much more if it wasn't 3D and didn't use strobes so much.
  13. Before the event.. I fully expected this house to bomb. After I have attended the event I will admit I was wrong! I felt the house was pretty intense and people would pop out from the most random places.. in fact one came popping out of a place that I don't believe was intended for a boohole and ran straight into me full force.. (I think I was closer than expected).....Great house! I didn't see the scream similarities though.
  14. I went through this house 3 times, and eh. I didn't really understand the house tbh. I get the premise of it but I didn't really see it in the house I guess... I wanted to like this house, but it was just okay. I felt there weren't enough people in this house, but maybe it was just my timing?
  15. This house was intense! I went through quite a few times and thought it was incredible every single run through. I actually didn't have high expectations for this house so was glad it was a lot better especially since I loved the movies!
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