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  1. Tomorrow is the last day I could see them announcing originals. Friday people take off, Monday people have off, vacation weekend. That would put us awkwardly into September for FOUR houses.
  2. Hopefully you didn't have to experience this trash: http://halloweenhorrornights.wikia.com/wiki/Vampyr:_Blood_Bath
  3. Grime - hate Mastadon, but nice sig. Also, Murdy said he's talking about new properties for next year. Welp, HHN Orlando getting more IPs
  4. "But DOOOOOOOOOOOD trust Universal MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, go die in a fire pit for disagreeing mannnnnnnnnnn. Marketing and Corporate are GENIUS!!!! This is all goood trusssttttt usssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss"
  5. Left screen = work, right screen = Excel / refresh HNN every 5 mins.
  6. Yeah, this is now my least anticipated house. REPEAT, REPEAT (x2) and another IP. What a terrible year.
  7. Generally I am with you, but I was lost starting here on out. I could see your argument if it were specific to scare zones, eg, "Front-facing cameras are hugely popular for social media, thus are Marketing's gift, let's have more photo op zones and less scares to make sure we capture this." I never thought of this but that's a great argument. But house related, how does that technology pertain to why we see less creative houses?
  8. Zones 1) Invasion 2) Trick r Treat huge drop off 3) Alters of Horror huge drop off 4) Festival of the Deadliest huge drop off 5) The Purge Houses 1) Scarecrows 2) The Fallen 3) Hive 4) Ash v Evil Dead 5) The Shining 6) Saw 7) Dead Waters 8) Blumhouse 9) AHS
  9. Funny enough, I much prefer the attitude and style of Orlando's attraction. And I think they have so much damn potential but are handicapped by Corporate. Let Aiello's imagination and passion go crazy!
  10. I'll go but only give Universal the cost of one admission ticket. I have more money budgeted for other haunts near HHN.
  11. I forgot, Halloween II at Hollywood looked outstanding on video. Thanks for reminding me. Because they're trying to plan how close they can get up to the start of HHN without announcing shit
  12. Video never captures the quality accurately, it makes it look worse. So if I'm looking at a video of Hollywood's house (eg: Krampus, The Exorcist) and say it looks better than what I experienced what does that tell you? A notable YouTuber did both and said Hollywood's versions are better, too.
  13. Meaning an IP that was already released before they start planning another HHN.
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