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  1. 'm not sure but it was mentioned on IU so I decided to bring the attention of that Easter egg to here.
  2. Also the Vines in the Glowing Mother scene of Graveyard Games form out to make a "7"
  3. Apparently there is a 13 Ghosts, Arachnophobia, and Candyman VHS in the Hopper's Cabin attacked by the Mind Flayer scene of Stranger Things. On the bookcase where it divides the room. Chucky is also in the UV Children Scene of Graveyard Games. On the upper level to the left.
  4. Are you going with or without express? Going on a Saturday for HHN Hollywood this year is Suicide. Lol.
  5. When are you going to Hollywood? Curious to see your comparison between Orlando and Hollywood this year.
  6. I want back to whole 1984 connection. And how Murdy said my connection is deep and that the Van Halen connection is right. So Terror in the Aisles released in 1984 and Van Halen released 1984 in 1984. There is a Song by David Bowie called 1984 off the Album Diamond Dogs. One song off the Album is called "Sweet Thing (Reprise)". Sweet Thing is the codename and the lyrics reveal the theme of the Maze. "If you want it, boys, get it here thing 'Cause hope, boys, is a cheap thing, cheap thing Is it nice in your snow storm Freezing your brain? Do you think that your face looks the same? Then let it be It's all I ever wanted It's a street with a deal And a taste It's got claws It's got me It's got you" Sweet Thing = The Thing
  7. I don't think the connection has to do with the Novel of IT but the movie. And again I seriously don't believe that 1984 is IT. Usually Codenames are not what every one says at first or what people are trying to force it to be. Not saying that you are forcing it you aren't but I just don't buy IT being 1984. And for the whole the Thing is a allegory for the Cold war. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ifuckinglovemovies.wordpress.com/2015/09/17/fear-cold-war-paranoia-and-aliens-in-john-carpenters-the-thing/amp/#ampshare=https://ifuckinglovemovies.wordpress.com/2015/09/17/fear-cold-war-paranoia-and-aliens-in-john-carpenters-the-thing/ This connection with The Thing seriously sounds like something Murdy would come up with. The Codename reveals of the theme of the Maze. The theme of 1984 is not connected with 2017 IT movie as far as I am aware. I just don't think IT is 1984.
  8. NOES has been confirned to not be coning to Hollywood and actually the codename seems to have been solved. The hint of "Terror in the Aisles" was that it was released in 1984. The only two hints seem to be Red herrings. Since there were no songs released by Johnny Cash in 1984 and the only film released in 1984 that has someone who was a Creative force that passed away within in the past 5 years was NOES with Wes Craven but that doesn't reveal a Codename plus Murdy denyed NOES. The Band Van Halen was formed in 1972 which Daniel Murdy went to school 1976 - 1980 which gives them time. Plus this is the only band that had time to go around and perform, they formed in Pasadena California and only one band formed in Socal that had a Best Selling Album in 1984 but they formed in 1980. They released a Best Selling Album in 1984 called 1984. The Codename is 1984 which itself is supposed to reveal the theme of the maze. Well the Book "1984"s main theme is Anti Government or how the Government is a serious danger to society. Well The Thing's Paranoia it deals with is a allegory for the Cold War. Or it's the that the main theme of the book is Paranoia with the Government and that the main theme of The Thing is Paranoia. Either way 1984 = The Thing.
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