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  1. I just read about it about an hour ago. I knew he had some health complications and the recent film had to be re-wrote a few times to accommodate that. I didn't realize he was 80!
  2. Idk why but I always read your name "Its a bee" XD My wife's favorite was Us, and she saw the movie - hated it - and loved the house. I never saw Us, but just thought the house was "okay". I changed my mind and my favorite was hands down Ghostbusters (was Yeti). The scares weren't overall super over the top, but as a HUGE nerd for that movie it was AMAZING walking through all the sets. I couldn't stop looking around! The headquarters scene with Janine and the part with Louis and Dana... BEST PARTS EVER! I loved the full size Slimer suits and the Gozer dog puppets! Best scares was definitely Yeti and a very close second for favorite house. I love the House shirt that we got , but can't help wondering why Ghostbusters isn't on it? Anyone know why?
  3. YES! We went that day and it was soooo nice! I posted that I was worried about not doing FP since it was too expensive for us... it was so worth it to do the Stay and Scream add on since my wife and I aren't UOAPs anymore. Longest we waited was about 45 min for Stranger Things and that was including the time in the S&S corral. Overall, times were great Yeti 20 min Us 20 min 1000 C's 30 min Uni Monsters 15min Graveyard Games 15min Killer Klowns 5!!! Min. So much fun! My favorite was definitely Yeti, although it was closed when the event first opened (we went through ST and Us first and then it opened) looked like some of the Yeti's took too long in makeup? Hey Bee! The stilt walker in Ghostbusters was there on Saturday!
  4. Longggggggggg time, no see everyone! Guess what? We get to go this year! Grandma's in town to watch the kiddos and the wife and I are heading up Saturday. I know I haven't been super active in a long time, but I was hoping to get some help on here. It's been so long since we have gone, since we can never get a baby sitter and are a couple hours away. I bought the S&S addon to the tickets this weekend. Is ST in the front by Minions where the big house usually goes? So is that the Hello Kitty S&S area or Finnegans? ANY POINTERS? God, it's been so long and we can't fork out for FP... we want to get as much done and I feel liek going straight to ST first would help with waits the rest of the night. Love all you guys, my horror family. It's been a while but I hope everyone has been doing good. <3
  5. Wh-wha-whaaaaat?? What the heck happened?! He always added great stuff to the discussion on here.
  6. Legacy probably misses the days of being just another spectator
  7. I actually just stumbled on the IU thread from our thread here after trying to look back 5-6 pages to see if I missed anything. I've never been on that site before. Glad everyone has gotten along well. Where's my friend, @criticalanalysis , at?? What's this Ifrit thing about? Insider leaking riddles? @Legacy still going strong as always, glad to see some familiar faces around!
  8. What is up all my fellow HNN friends! Once again, I enjoyed my off season nap and am back on the forums. What have I missed so far? Hopefully no drama with year XD
  9. Yeah I've been seeing the social media team struggling as of recently. I got in on this Soul Collector nonsense but maybe that will turn itseld around in the coming months. A Bayou of Blood house?! Sweet! Granted, that the current speculation is true. What the hell is Conjuring with Vamps? lol! And I take it Ash vs Evil Dead is our comedy house this year? HOPEFULLY NOT 3D. I could also see Saw (haha Seesaw) going for a crappy 3D house too.
  10. I'M BACK Critical give me an update on what's been going down. I'm so far out of the loop.
  11. Tim Tracker talked about this the other day. Now it's all not for sure until Uni posts it, but word is that it's a 90 min experience. 30 minutes though take up learning how to use the system. Edit: This would also make sense because it's obviously interactive: "while working together in teams of four to uncover a paranormal mystery told through the use of the cutting-edge technology"
  12. I'm in the same boat! Asylum was my second favorite behind Murder House! I never got into Hotel, but maybe Freak Show can be good... They have plenty of props from last year they can reuse for the house that's for sure! lol
  13. Merlin


    Remember a few years ago when they had the huge La Llorona face eating the scareactor? I'm thinking more like that.
  14. My wife was the same way! Our first year going together was 2 years ago, and she was a trooper. We did almost all the houses and by the end of the night she really enjoyed herself. She hid her eyes through most of it, but she had fun. Last she did even better and looked the entire time. I was so proud of her. Two things that she says helps: Alcohol (although last year she couldn't have any since she was pregnant lol and she still did great) and having a tall guy to hide behind! lol Almost forgot: I pledge to get fastpasses again this year. Because it's bonkers to go without when you can only go one night!
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