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  1. I did my first run of this house last week. I liked it. Maybe it's because I had zero expectations. I had been reading about lots of people saying the final scenes with the green hallways were barren. They weren't when we went through. They got us good at one point. I don't know what we were seeing but something popped out of a wall completely unexpected. Never even figured there was a hidden door. I didn't recognize the creature, either. Maybe it's from the next movie? But it caught us by surprise.
  2. After multiple runs now, this house just isn't doing it for me. Probably because The Shining is my all time fave horror movie. I didn't have high hopes going in. But one aspect of the movie is the music and soundtrack. I feel they barely used it. Maybe there are some licensing issues for that. The opening intro which plays in the start of the maze entrance isn't the same as the movie's. If you listen to it closely, it's slightly off. It has a sound to it where they had to change a few notes to get around the copyright. Most probably wouldn't notice. And I feel like more of the movie's high pitched sounds during tense moments were skipped entirely. The 237 old lady laughing was the only sound that was right out of the movie. At least to me, anyway. The Gold Room is phenomenal and I do love that entire scene. I still have fun going through this house but it's not resonating like I thought it might.
  3. I'm battling back and forth between this house and Hive being my favorites so far. The scares in this house are non-stop and in your face! That being said, I am really reaching my limit with the staff inside the houses. Last week when I went through this house, there was a staff member in the crow barn area standing there with a flash light rushing people into the next crow attack room. In addition to that just taking you out of the moment, he then was holding the flaps open and shining his light into that next room so the effect was totally ruined. Not sure if someone tripped which then made that necessary. Last night there wasn't a staff right there but they've added a small flashlight that illuminates the scene transition doorway. Fortunately, it's aimed downward so you see the entryway but it's not lighting up the attack room as it did last week. Though it has added some light. Can't recall the last time where my favorites are both tent houses. And I don't mean that along the lines of the tents don't have good houses, because they do. It's just this year I love both of them. I keep hoping they'll add an outside scare as they've done with these houses in the past. A hive vampire on the exit ramp between the tents popping out would be cool.
  4. Pandry


    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm loving this house! It seems to keep getting better each run through. Had the best last night. The costumes and makeup are so well done. Damn, that one vampire that comes out from behind a wall with the blue face and glowing yellow eyes - who gets right in your face - damn! Salem's Lot type stuff. There was one actor who was along the left side wall in the room where the one vampire is feeding on the two corpses hanging from the ceiling. I don't know how he did it, but he was leaning against the wall upside down and creeping forward while doing it. Hadn't seen that in previous runs. Really freaky look to it.
  5. You can always ask, right? The only reason I could think of for a reason they wouldn't allow it is to prevent a log jam of everyone trying to get a picture there - if they see someone else doing it. Inevitably, someone would try for a selfie.
  6. Let's do it! Whichever way is easiest is fine by me.
  7. What day of the week are you going to attend? I have a FFP so I went opening weekend, last Thursday and then this past Sunday. It's still crowded but I don't feel like it is as crowded last year at the same period. It seems to be a trend the past couple years that Friday and, especially Saturday, have shorter waits than the non-peak nights. AHS and Shining tend to have the higher wait times as they're primarily the first two houses people pass. I've seen their wait times post 60-70 minutes but they're probably less than that. Everything else hovers 30-45, tops. Sunday night, at around 8pm, Hive and Scarecrow each had 20 minute waits posted. Not sure on S&S as I don't have a Universal pass. I'm probably not the best to give a route to use. But, we always go down Hollywood Blvd and work counter clockwise. But sometimes we start with the soundstages. It's just that with S&S, those already have waits as gates open for the GP. Dead Waters has such amazing scenery that it warrants multiple views. The houses are so strong this year that they're all worth multiple trips. The soundstages, to me, all seem to follow previous year queue exits. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. But Ash vs. Evil Dead in the parade building is a trek with their queue. Probably feels longer as you walk down the back road and can see just how far you have to walk - in a straight line. Then it exits and has you backtrack the entire route again. Whereas in previous years it exited over towards Tent 1 and wasn't nearly as long. Again, I'm sure others can be more specific. Have fun!!
  8. I have only seen the ED movies and never watched the show. But it didn't prevent me from enjoying this house. Loved the sets and there are plenty of hidden scares! My only gripe: this has got to be the new queue of death. The way they rerouted it makes it seem longer than any other queue I can recall, and I've waited in them all. Went in last night around 7pm, 5 minute wait posted. That 5 minute wait felt like it was solely for the length of time to make the walk. What's worse is, unlike past years when exiting the Parade Building, they route you back the way you came. So you walk the full queue twice! Say what you want about HHN, but you are always guaranteed a cardio workout.
  9. I didn't have the remote last year and got decent shots. But it was only at the latter half of HHN last year that I had purchased the speedlite. Used on eBay for like $80. Oddly enough, I never had any issue with shooting while it was mounted on my camera. I got the remote system for $15 on Amazon right before the start of this year's. And here I already got a complaint. I was there last night and tempered the photo taking. I'd prefer to get shots of the scareactors when they're not looking. I always feel like I'm invading their space if they stop to pose. And now I'm weary of the remote flash method. But I was trying this method, this year, based on the suggestion of other photographers doing it, and I've seen endless images from them. So who knows. I think you can position yourself in decent light in all the zones except Festival. Hollywood Blvd is so dark. It feels much darker than Vamp was last year.
  10. I've been 3 times so far. The only house we've yet to do is Blumhouse. The lineup is so strong this year. Each year houses are usually a mix of awesome and shit. This year feels like amazing, awesome and decent. With the 8 we've been through, I look forward to continue going through them again and again. By now, there'd usually be at least 1-2 houses that I'd cease to go in again. Not this year!! Though we'll see with Blumhouse. But I think I'll be okay with that one, too.
  11. Loved this house! I don't know if I'm the best person to gauge houses seeing as, with all the runs I did last year, I was never a fan of Tomb. But this house is badass! Everything works. It's tight as everyone has mentioned. That really helps to conceal scares with the conga line. The scenery is great. The progression of the scarecrows as you go deeper into the house is so well done. Love the crow room! I'm one of those that never gets scared in the houses or zones. But I can see how it would be for plenty of people going through this house. What I am really getting severely annoyed by, and this goes for all houses, is the staff inside. They've always been annoying and rushing people, shining their flashlights, etc. But it just seems to get worse each year. Sure, I understand the need to keep the lines moving. But there's got to be a better method. They completely take you out of the element and are a buzz kill. You lose all sense of immersion. I don't know why they can't wear hooded cloaks like they do in Hollywood. At least with that, you can tell they're staff, but they don't kill the mood.
  12. This zone is just beautiful! Just an old school HHN pumpkins look. If there was a gripe, at least for these early stages of HHN, the cast in this zone are a bit more subdued than the other zones. The scareactors tend to hang in one spot - as far as their own spot (not all just in one area). Not all of them, mind you, but it just has a different feel to it. I don't think they've found their groove yet. But for me, I have no issues as the scenery is amazing and it's what I've wanted for a while now. It stands on its own.
  13. Thanks man, I really appreciate it! Flickr is a little strange when reading the camera data. So here's the "missing ingredient" which makes those settings work - at least for all save the Lady Liberty image, which did have enough ambient light: I'm utilizing an external flash. I think why it's not showing on the settings readout is because I'm firing it remotely. I have a receiver on it. So I'm holding my camera in my right hand and then I have the flash in my left hand. I keep the flash down low so it shoots upward, giving that sort of flashlight-under-your-chin look when telling ghost stories. You can really notice it on the final image as it was a stilt walker so the upshot of light is particularly noticeable. I keep the flash settings at -1/128 of power so it does it's best to fill the subject but keep the ambient light. And hopefully not blind the scareactors. The Grady Twins, being so short, did NOT like it and actually ratted me out to the coordinator, who simply requested I not use the flash with them. I tried to capture them in a decently lit spot within that tiny zone, but in general, they didn't want their picture taken. As soon as they'd see me, they'd turn the other way. As they did with others trying to get their picture. These were from this past Thursday. As I had previously mentioned, I had my camera on opening night and had crap, all shots. I prefer still images. I haven't shot actual subjects since HHN 26, nor used my flash. Given they're constantly moving, the lighting is ever changing and it's hand held, it's such a unique environment for photography that's also very challenging. For each decent shot I got there are quite a few worthless shots that will never see the light of day.
  14. What time was the outage? I was there last night. But we hit some houses close to when gates opened.
  15. Halloween Horror Nights 27 | Universal Studios Orlando by Mike Buchawiecki, on Flickr Halloween Horror Nights 27 | Universal Studios Orlando by Mike Buchawiecki, on Flickr Halloween Horror Nights 27 | Universal Studios Orlando by Mike Buchawiecki, on Flickr Halloween Horror Nights 27 | Universal Studios Orlando by Mike Buchawiecki, on Flickr Halloween Horror Nights 27 | Universal Studios Orlando by Mike Buchawiecki, on Flickr Halloween Horror Nights 27 | Universal Studios Orlando by Mike Buchawiecki, on Flickr Halloween Horror Nights 27 | Universal Studios Orlando by Mike Buchawiecki, on Flickr
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