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  1. That "other Soundtage" (SS 22) is smaller than SS 23. IMO, HHN houses have grown to the point where building two inside of SS 22 just isn't feasible anymore. However, they very-well could use one of the other larger Soundstages.
  2. The scarecrows from the '06 Scarezone Field of Screams gave off a very Jeepers Creepers type vibe. I thought they were really cool.
  3. I think that Universal may have some creative ideas up their collective sleeves for new house location(s).
  4. Top 10: 1. Scary Tales: Once Upon a Nightmare (2008) 2. Castle Vampyr (2004) 3. Friday the 13th: Camp Blood (2007) 4. Ghost Town (2004) 5. A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dreamwalkers (2007) 6. Screamhouse: Resurrection (2006) 7. Dracula: Legacy in Blood (2009) 8. Nigh+ingales: Blood Prey (2011) 9. Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past (2010) 10. The Fearhouse (2000) Honorable Mentions: Total Chaos (2000), All Nite Die-In: Take 2 (2006), The Thing: Assimilation (2007), PsychoScareapy: Home for the Holidays (2007), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Flesh Wounds (2007), Dead Exposure (2008), Body Collectors: Collections of the Past (2008), The Wolfman (2009), Frankenstein: Creation of the Damned (2009), The Forsaken (2011), The In-Between (2011) Just for fun, my bottom 5: 5. Creatures (2008) 4. The OrFanage: Ashes to Ashes (2010) 3. PsychoScareapy: Echoes of Shadybrook (2010) 2. Reflections of Fear (2008) 1. The Spawning (2009)
  5. Full resolution: http://i.imgur.com/duwwR.jpg
  6. I agree with these: Distant Cemetery (Winter's Night) Coffin Room (Winter's Night) Body Room (Nightingales) Machine Gun/Bungee Chord Nightingale (Nightingales) Presidents' Day (The Re-Election) (H.R. Bloodngutz) Ho Ho Homicide (H.R. Bloodngutz) Waterfall/Steam Hall (Saws'n'Steam) Flesh Aquarium (Saws'n'Steam) The Raven Hall (Nevermore) Masque of Red Death (Nevermore) Winged Demons (In-Between) Rave/Laser Room (In-Between) Chapel (Forsaken) Courtyard (Forsaken) Tilted Ship (Forsaken) Bungee Chord Finale (Forsaken) Personally, I might add: Facade/Sorrow Angel (Winter's Night) Crawling Zombie Distraction (Winter's Night) Throat Slice (The Thing) Inquisitor/Pit & Pendulum (Nevermore)
  7. I went through at various times throughout last weekend. I did have a good time overall. I even had one great run through Nevermore as stated above. The house just wasn't consistent or lit well enough for me to enjoy it as much as the other houses this year.
  8. Nightingales was my favorite house this year. Great sets, great audio, great actors, great energy, great scares. The perfect combination. My only complaint might be the consistency between the two casts. For me, one cast was greatly superior to the other. It was almost like going through two totally different houses when seeing the different casts. For the cast that was killing it, keep up the great work! For the other cast, just know that there is room for improvement. The other cast is proof of that. Use these comments as motivation to be the best. Be aggressive and keep your energy up because it really shows from the guests' viewpoint. Anyway, I will miss this house. The last house that left me longing to go back was Dracula in '09. Both houses had mostly female casts...coincidence? I don't know, but it does feel as a larger male that I was targeted a lot more in those two houses than in most. I always appreciate when an actor tries to scare me and especially when they go out of their way to do so. Those efforts really leave a great impression with me. So, to the Nightingales actors I say thank you.
  9. I had a good time walking through here over the last weekend. What really makes this zone a success is how well each Sins' minions use their ladies as distractions. Everyone in this zone, including the beautiful ladies, has incredible energy. Keep up the great work and try to drown out the sounds of Beautiful People as I know that must get super-repetitive and boring.
  10. Nevermore suffers from the exact opposite problem that Winter's Night does. Nevermore is way too dark. Looking at the pictures from the Unmasking tours show just how brilliantly this house was designed. Almost all of the details are missed in the darkness. Of the five times that I went through this house, I had one great walk-through. The other four times were extremely bland with almost no scares at all. I hope the house can improve, because I did see a lot of potential here. Nevermore ranked at the bottom of my house ranking, but I could easily see it jump up with some minor tweaks. I'm just upset that I won't be back again to see the house improve.
  11. I really wanted to like Winter's Night and I gave this house plenty of opportunities to make me like it. However, it just fell flat for me. The cold temperature really added to the atmosphere of the house, however the house is too brightly lit and that took me right out the atmosphere. The house is obviously amazing to look at, but it basically ends there. Don't get me wrong, I did witness a few high-quality scares. But, the consistency just wasn't there. I hope that as the event continues on that a lot of the actors will find their grooves as there is still a lot of potential in Winter's Night. I'd also suggest that the lighting be significantly dimmed.
  12. The In-Between was such a pleasant surprise for me. I had pretty low expectations for this house, but left very impressed. All of the effects used to disorient the guests work wonderfully and the actors use this fact to their advantage brilliantly. There are some really high-quality actors in here. For effort and for quality of scares, I need to recognize all 3 of the Winged Demons. They do not miss an opportunity to scare the crap out of you. I applaud Uni for trying something a little different with The In-Between and applaud the actors for making it a success.
  13. I will echo the disappointment in the quality of the masks for the bestial Lady Lucks. I do not expect that kind of sub-par quality at HHN. Other than that, this zone just doesn't deliver. It feels ultra-cramped with not all that much going on. When Luck's minions are present the zone is a little more enjoyable, but still lacking greatly. I really don't have any suggestions to improve the area. I guess boosting the volume of the soundtrack would make a slight improvement, but otherwise I really don't know what could be done. I actually feel bad for the actors working in this zone.
  14. First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed the performances of H.R. Bloodengutz in the videos and by the house actors. My favorite scenes in the house were Independence Day, Arbor Day, Dead Presidents and Christmas. For me, the comedy/scare balance needs to shift more towards the scare. The house was just too campy for my liking and didn't produce enough scares. I got/saw most of the scares coming from the Independence day scene and the Dead Presidents scene. The other scenes were very hit or miss. This house certainly isn't a complete failure, but I think there is a lot of room for improvement.
  15. For me, the house started off slowly but built to a great finale. The green eyes didn't ruin anything. In fact, the eyes really help with misdirection in the courtyard scene. The slanted ship walkway and rigged actor finale really bumps this house up from slightly below-average to one of the best at HHN this year. Those last two scenes really give the actors the chance to team up on the guests and they take full advantage of it. I will however agree with the sentiment that the house feels pretty short. Is this house a home-run? No, but it is a solid double with the runner heading for third. Any improvements to the first half or so of the house would really help, IMO.
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