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    Middle aged Accounting semi-professional; Cinephile. I would say Cineaste, but Google tells me I have to make films to be one, so fine, be that way.

    I'm a transplanted Hoosier, born in Indianapolis, raised in Central Indiana, and then lived in Indy again for several years. I moved to Orlando in 1997. I have a Bachelor's in English, concentration in Film Studies, from IU(PUI), and I got to Junior year in Accounting at UCF before hitting the ceiling. I tend to keep to myself more than I would like, but my joys are film, including horror, swing music (BBVD FTW!), and theme parks. I'm not a Harry Potter fan, but I do heart Butterbeer. And I'm not a cat lady, but I do have a cat, and he thinks I'm the bomb.

    I fell in love w/HHN when I moved here in 1997, and it's become that one period out of my year where I can immerse myself in an interactive, intense, fantasy environment where I can put the mundane on the back burner for a bit. I love me some Paolo.

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  1. Agreed with Jeramy, I have much higher anticipation for this year's house than in previous years.
  2. On the very quick shoutout side - I was very pleased with the run through with the closing cast on Friday night. It was... highly interactive. Very energetic crew they have in here. And I do love doing the hand jive. Very impressed with what I'm seeing here so far, and I REALLY have to try out the phone (thus far I've only seen it in the videos).
  3. Haven't done this in previous years but... wth. The Walking Dead - 3 La Llorona - 2 Afterlife - 3 Havoc - 2 Evil Dead - 3 American Werewolf - 3 Resident Evil - 3 Cabin in the Woods - 2
  4. To bring a happy end to this tale - Zombie Carl has been returned to his home with me. THANK YOU to Grimp0nd for helping to spread the word, and to Doctor Cogstein for providing exactly the right information to be able to locate him. Once I was able to talk to a high enough coordinator in the KidsZone area, they got on their radios, passed the right information along, and another coordinator hand delivered him to me in about 15 minutes. Honestly, the Universal family, even the ones I haven't met, are just amazing and fantastic people. To bring the tale even more allure - it turns out Carl was found in La Llorona. I'm thinking, since La Llorona steals children, that she grabbed him from my waist belt as I was going through, in order to drown the poor child. Unfortunately, with Zombie Carl being ALREADY dead, her efforts were for naught, so she angrily tossed him to one side, where he was stumbled upon by a confused Team Member. And THAT'S why you need to stay in the house during the Zombie Apocalypse, kids!!
  5. Scare of the night - a walker in Atlanta was chasing this poor old woman down the street who was rolling her wheelchair just as fast as she could up to the sidewalk. The crowds were laughing and enthralled by the sight - would have been great to get on video! Damn shame most of them didn't realize she was wheeling so fast to grab a Captain and Diet at Finnegan's...
  6. Yes, I will be leaving shortly for Universal and will talk to Lost and found again and also to Team Members in Kids Zone if appropriate. THANK YOU!!!! This is all Lori's fault. Whoops - I guess in this case I'm Lori...
  7. I have no idea where to post this, so moderators PLEASE move to another location if appropriate. Zombie Carl is now paying for not staying in the house, and has become lost at Halloween Horror Nights. He's a little homemade doll that I started bringing to Horror Nights last year, and I had him tucked in my "belt" during my first run through The Walking Dead house during AP preview last night. He came loose and is now gone. He either fell out in the house, or in the Kids Zone area immediately following. I noticed him missing shortly after that. It's a real longshot, but I figured I'd appeal to my fellow Nightmares: if anyone sees that critter in their visits to the event, could you grab him and PM me here? It's just a silly little doll, but we've been through alot together I don't have a milk carton, but here's a shot of him (he's in between Cat N Comb and Bulldog of War). http://www.flickr.com/photos/54791832@N08/9854960054/ Thanks dudes and dudettes!!
  8. Totally agreeing with Grimp0nd. I saw a TON of Nightmares t-shirts last night - including in the mirror - so there will be lots of potentially friendly faces to meet with.
  9. Oh my - I need rest and another visit tonight, and to digest everything. Loving all the houses and streets - there is a huge amount of interaction, especially so early in the run! Special love to the guys and gals in the last few rooms in Havoc (a vicious snarling attack followed by a blown kiss will make a girl's night); a TON of fantastic interaction with the closing cast in the last few rooms of Walking Dead. And the stunningly impressive Bicycle Girl. It's amazing what they can do with CGI these days Oh - and if I can't move into the bedroom in Forsaken or next to the guillotine in AC, then I am totally moving into Atlanta. Just bringing two buckets and a carton of Febreze. I will chuckle if my sweetheart house this year ends up being a street.
  10. Intentional Scareactor Bait. Poorly executed comedy relief. And yet another of us who is all like, "don't mess with my scareactor boils and ghouls or I will totally go Mama Kat on your ass." And thoroughly immersed in love for the event and all those who contribute. Total fangirl on wheels.
  11. Looks like I'll be spending a whole lotta time in Atlanta for awhile...

  12. Please add on for me EP (9/18), 9/28 and 10/5. With a shirt. Coz otherwise would be inappropriate
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