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  1. There were songs being in Vamp 55 that were released later than 1955. I think they'll just go for what gives an 80s feel, regardless of being 100% true to the date.
  2. Curious what others taking the tours have found with regards to which houses they are doing then. I really want to do it to see Dead Waters, but don't want to take the full tour so hoping there is some insight on which houses they are doing what type of day. I see that someone posted they did Dead Waters on the afternoon tour. Anyone else?
  3. Considering doing this with my son this year. He's a bit of a picky eater though and I'd like to check the menu before booking. Has anyone seen what is on this year's menu?
  4. I did the tour a few years ago, the year The Wolfman house was included, and we were not allowed to take pics in that one house because the movie had not yet been released at the time. But to abolish all pics on the tour in all IP houses is seriously screwed up. As said, Walking Dead has been included and accessible for pics the last few years, so why not now? I was on the fence about booking this year but I definitely won't do it now.
  5. We had some fun in this scarezone last weekend. Artifice member convinced my son and his friend to follow her to Mother and pledge allegiance. She tried to get me too but I resisted. Something going on with that Mother...I don't think she's to be trusted! I get the similarities between this and Acid Assault, but I prefer this one over AA.
  6. Zone looks and feels similar to zones set here in past years, but still an enjoyable zone.
  7. This zone looks pretty cool at night. Love the atmosphere.
  8. LOVED this zone. May not be the scariest zone, but I have spent a couple hours here already just watching from the sidelines and interacting with the scareactors here and it has been so much fun.
  9. For a Walking Dead house, it was alright. Definitely better than a couple of them. But just enough already. Please?
  10. Neko


    I liked the movie, and I thought some of the sets were good, but this house was a bit of a disappointment to me. Probably because it was the one I was looking forward to the most and it just didn't deliver. I hope it improves over the run, because I really want to like it more than I did. I also saw a video from Hollywood's version today, and comparing the two at this point, I think theirs was better.
  11. Absolutely gorgeous house, but not a lot of scares. Hoping those will come in future visits. But just an amazing looking house.
  12. My first few runs through this house weren't very good, and I just didn't really care for it too much. Felt repetitive and had some boring/empty sections. I'll give it another try in a couple weeks though.
  13. First trip through this house was during the day and I could not see much of anything because my eyes couldn't adjust quickly enough. Second trip at night was MUCH better, able to take in the details and I am looking forward to revisiting this one a lot. Only complaint would be there was way too much hanging stuff in this house, got a bit annoying.
  14. Great sets in this house and got some good scares in here. Love the exit area. Looking forward to going again in a couple weeks.
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