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  1. The production design by Mark Worthington & set decoration by Ellen Brill for American Horror Story is beyond spectacular and for that reason this can be amazing. Super surprised Ryan Murphy let this though. Asylum would be incredible to walk through if it was represented completely & absolutely faithfully in set construction, but that season's design and theatricality are almost too good to ever touch again. Hopeful rooms: -Addie's Mirror Closet -Murder House Overgrown Facade w/ Young Addy -Staircase Foyer (Ben Hanging) -Home Invasion Den -Basement Strobe Lights w/ Tate & Infanata (Scaring Violet's Classmate) -(Tonight You Belong to Me & Nightmare Audio) -Freak Show Oversized Banners on Side Road -Banner Gauntlet & Hellmouth -Twisty's Bus Exterior (Expecting this to be pulled off pretty faithfully) -Under Big Top w/ Halloween Night Decorations & Edward Mordrake Green Mist -Tall Green Grass, String Lights, Tents, & Trailers Exterior Grounds Pathways -The Ferris Wheel would be incredible if they still have it possibly from World Expo 2007 and fits clearance in soundstage. -Cortez Front Desk w/ Liz -Far Side of Lobby Between Pillars & Wall -Upper Level Room Corridors with Open Doors to Show-Scenes (Sally's Open Window w/ Curtain Blowing in Wind -Hotel Green Tile Bathroom & Tub Shower -Room 64 with John Lowe's Detective Stringed Pin-Ups & March's Rubber Serial Killer Mask with Acid Bath -Neon IV Feeding Cages -Ten Commandments Glass Domes Display -Basement Mattress & Contractor Fire Burn Wondering: -How they'll present Freak Show's flow, as much the hellmouth facade and gauntlet would be amazing to see but hard to pull off with a HHN adaption. -How Liz Taylor, Countess, Dandy, & Elsa will be represented. -Which audio tracks will play, as Murphy's audio choices work wonders for specific atmospheres. -How the transitions will be done between the three seasons. (Title music/Final episode happenings represented/Stylized HHN Evil Dead-esque lettering spelling forthcoming season's subtitle in the show's iconic typography. -How the expanse & openess of the Hotel lobby will be done, if at all. -How exact the set construction will match Worthington's & Brill's (and costume designer Eyrich's) designs... Hopefully pretty well.
  2. Wishful Hopes: 6 Original, 2 Movie, 6 Scarezones, No Daytime Parade, Theme, New Icon
  3. I loved Purge. The facade was one of my favorite's too. It just seemed to work really well, it had really good proportions and everything.
  4. Did they remove the seats from the main theater room's floor or just use the queue spaces?
  5. Incredible, incredible photos Mark. Especially the Evil's Roots and Jack shots. !! ! !!!
  6. That has got to be one of the greatest facades for a Sprung house, let alone any of the locations. (Llorona and Nevermore were pretty amazing too though).
  7. Anyone know what houses are on the Unmasking the Horror Tour in the morning and which are in the afternoon?
  8. The hot air balloons posted in the concept art thread look fantastic! Definitely excited to see what the rest of the scenery will look like.
  9. Because I'm finally going this year since 21 and very excited (yet (very) letdown): 1. Body Collectors: Recollections 2. RUN: Blood, Sweat, and Fears 3. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem 4. Asylum in Wonderland 3D . . . . 12. Insidious 13. The Purge 14. Freddy Vs. Jason 15. The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead 16. An American Werewolf In London 1. Evil's Roots / 2. Scary Tales: Screampunk . . . . . . . . . . . . 24. All Nite Die-In / 27. Psychoscarepy / 36. Icons: HHN (They couldn't imagine a better name?)
  10. Who named the attractions this year and who did the graphic design? ?? ?

  11. I found the full article of Fede Alvarez, John Murdy, and Mike Aeillio talking about the Evil Dead house. As much as I've become pretty uninterested and tired of Horror Nights Orlando, this really has me imagining some amazing things for the event. It's a great article with tons of neat notes mentioned by all three guys. http://collider.com/evil-dead-universal-studios-fede-alvarez/#more-268946
  12. Good birthday. Got 8 hours worth of Disney behind the scenes/Imagineering DVDs. That'll keep me busy.

    1. Coast


      Happy Birthday, fellow haunter.

    2. The Director of Horror
  13. Also saw Cirque at Downtown Disney and got to take a really fascinating backstage tour

    1. MahB


      That sounds awesome! I've still never been to see that show (and I don't live too far away). lol But I've heard great stuff about it.

    2. The Director of Horror

      The Director of Horror

      Yeah, its a more "generic" Cirque, but it's fun nevertheless.

  14. Back from Orlando. Visited all Disney parks and met some imagineers!

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