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  1. The way I see it is like this, I'll call it the Michael Bay effect. How much hate does he get? how many people hate and attack those movies? Tranformers and Bay are pretty hated by a lot of people, Yet how much each movie makes? so for someone that gets so much public hate Bay does pretty well financially. His movies are not even good, whether you like Transformers or not the movies are not the best. Yet look at all that money it makes. I Am sure Universal listens. But when the park sells out because of Walking Dead it must be hard to decide for them since the last two years did so well ticket wise. Im sure if Walking Dead comes back they will probably make just as much. The WD fans are pretty loyal
  2. seems like this is not something the regular hhn goer wouldnt be able to do, this could never work in a conga line situation so it would have to be done in small v.i.p groups but i they are going to spend money on doing something like this, I would rather just have universal make an "alone" type house where they do all that but just for you or your grpup. one big house where you pay 30 bucks to see instead of all the houses being like that but costing a fortune
  3. Killer Klowns has always been my dream house. I used to wonder so much how a RE and Silent Hill houses would be like, but after being disappointed, the only dream house for me is Killer Klowns. it's the only one that I dream about now. I don't even care if they even make it a good house, Just as long as they make the costumes look like the movie would be a dream come true for me. Nightingales is a must. that and Catacombs. I don't care what IPs they bring this time around just as long as we get one of those two this year. Like, even if the IPs suck or whatever, If we get to see a sequel to one of those two, that would be most excellent.
  4. I had a dream about HHN yesterday and I dreamed next year there were no scarezones........ Anyways, Another thing my dream made me think about is, What if they did a "Haunted Halloween store" house. It's like you would have this really big store full of halloween props (Like Spirit) and then the props would come to life. So they could literally put Anything in the house and it would just be halloween decorations or props coming to life. I would like to see something like that. Maybe a warehouse or something.
  5. Every year I keep hoping for a two park or Islands HHN year, every year I keep getting sad. I honestly thought with the amount of people Walking Dead brough, plus the Potter construction I thought maybe 2013 would be a 2 park HHN. I mean, it would have made sense I though. I still keep hope that I will be able to see HHN at Islands.... Still keep hope alive.
  6. how did Curse of Chucky do as far as sales? For Orlando I could totally see it come back depending on how well it did.
  7. I guess they would have enough to work with from season 3... I know how everyone is saying no more walking dead and how no one thinks they have anything to work with from Season 4 from walking dead. but I could see how they could have another house for next year. (I am not trying to be sarcastic about AHS I just saw the last episode) We never got a forest in either house. We never got trees or anything, The forest scarezone doesn't count. I'm talking about rooms designed as forest parts from the show. if they wanted to make a whole new house for next year they could make it a forest house, Have the camp set up, Bring the tank from the scarezone Inside the house. Bring the deer eater. Instead of the prison just have a forest part of the room with fences falling on you like in this season. Maybe have a bunch of fake bodies breaking the fence. have the sick zombies with blood on their face. I mean, I thought we would get a woods room this year, but we didn't. And Hollywood last year had forest and camp parts in their house. So it can be done. Im not saying I want this, Im not saying I hope for it to come back. But if they do they could totally do this. And a forest zombie house is something I wanted since 2012 when we found out about WD. they have not done that yet, so it would techincally be new. no walls, no buildings, just make a woods/forest house full of zombies.
  8. well American Horror Story 3 has been pretty lame. Not a lot they could work with besides the I mean, They can do Way more with the other two seasons, Or if they do a best of. I just don't see that much with season 3. it has been lacking. (Unless they do a witches/voodo generic house) another wishful thinking idea I had that I Know is impossible now would have been to have Marvel Zombies as a zone or house. I know, I know it would not happen in a million years. But I was trying to imagine a zone or house with zombie versions of the super heroes, that would be amazing to me. Just thinking about the costumes and the music... oh well.
  9. How come we didn't get a Horse in Atlanta? they were able to get a Deer and the zombie eating it, but not a horse? what gives?
  10. Since it seems Jeepers Creepers is getting a third movie made soon, I wonder how likely it would be to have a Jeepers Creepers house. Gothic showed us that we can have a night sky room with flying Gargoyle. That could definitely work for a JC house.
  11. Catacombs was disqualified? wtf? oh god.... this is going to drive me nuts now... not knowing why. I hope that doesn't mean we wont get a sequel or something
  12. I guess the only realistic way would be to get sequels to houses. So I guess I wish they made a lot more sequels to older houses. Thinking about this, I could already see people whinning about houses being repeated Even if they never saw the originals. I still don't really understand why Havoc got a sequel when they could have made sequels to better houses. I kind of also wish we got some scarezones back as well. I would love to see Esqueleto Muerte appear again.
  13. One thing I do wish, that is never going to happen but I still wish it did, Is that I wish they repeated houses. Specially from before 2006. I wish they would just bring some of the best houses from the past back, the same way they were. I mean, It's going to be almost a decade from when people saw these houses. I can't even remember houses I did 4 years ago. I'm just saying this because I know someone can say "We don't want any repeats that stupid we want all New Sutff!!!" But, how bad would it be if they brought back houses from the time HHN was done over at Islands. But done in the other park. I know we get sequels sometimes, but I just wish they could bring some houses back every year. the best ones from the past.
  14. I can 100 Percent understand they don't want any kind of scarezone or anything near it. I get that. I get that they won't let Harry Potter be scary at all. what I couldn't understand from this is if WB says no to let it be open. This area could work for people that want to relax and not be scared. And it would greatly help crowds to have this open. I know if it is open I would probably spend most of the time here IF we get crappy scarezones again and if the lines are 1 hour. I would probably hang out around the Potter Area.
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