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  1. I posted a dream lineup in the other House Ideas thread and I really wanted to do a write up for The Strangers house. This house would be based on 1&2, with a majority of the house focusing on 2. The Strangers: Angels of Death Location: Shrek Theater 2 Scene List: 0/Facade: James’ Summer House Scene 1: Normal Living Room Transition: House Hallway Scene 2: Living Room During Invasion Transition: House Hallway with Mike’s Corpse Scene 3: Garage Scene 4: Destroyed Living Room Transition: Destroyed Drive Way Scene 5/Facade 2: Gaitlan Lake Getaway Transition: Trailer Park Scene 6: Family Trailer/Bathroom Kill Scene 7: Uncle & Aunt’s Death Transition: General Store Facade Scene 8: General Store Scene 9: Pool Transition: Burned Truck Scene 10/Finale: Forest Escape
  2. My dream lineup if I ever ran the event for a year(and rights issues didn’t exist), in Orlando, would be this: Icon: The Storyteller Theme: There are no Happy Endings Icon Houses: Dungeon of Terror: Reopened & Scary Tales: Hell Freezes Over IP Houses: The Conjuring: The Cases of Ed & Lorraine Warren - SS22 This house would encompass both Conjuring 1&2. I know the house that was supposed to come in 27 was to be in Tent 2, but I think the maze would be better suited in a SS since the environments in both movies are pretty large. Especially the house in Conjuring 1 IT - SS24A Based solely on Chapter 1. Pretty self explanatory; facade would be the Neibolt House and finale would be in the Sewers. Scream - SS24B This house would be based on Scream 1-4. The emphasis would be placed mostly on 1 and would begin in Casey’s house and end in the Barn from Scream 4. The Strangers: Angels of Death - Shrek Theater 2 This house would start off in the house from the first movie, but a large emphasis of the maze(about %60-%70 of the maze) would take place in the Trailer Park from 2. Soundtrack would be filled with 80s songs A Nightmare on Elm Street - Sprung Tent 2 Based solely off the first movie. Would be reminiscent of Halloween(24) in terms of retelling the original movie of a franchise in great detail with Easter eggs to other movies. Original Houses: Paradise City - SS21 An original based on 1984, We Happy Few, & Bioshock. A dystopian city that has dark secrets, an expansion of Saws n Steam except more grandiose and focusing expanding the lore. This would not be the mega house, but would be in SS21 solely because of large the sets would be, similar to Resident Evil except a bit longer. Vamp ‘94: The College Years - Sprung Tent 1 The vamps invade a fraternity at Carey University during a back to school party. Grunge vampires, New jack vampires, and tons of early-mid 90s music. Dungeon of Terror: Reopened - MiB Tent The roadside haunt known as the Dungeon of Terror is reopened to the public, but all is not well as The Storyteller and her minions have overtaken the haunt. Would be semi-reboot of DoT Retold, except this would be a cheesy roadside haunt/gift shop and would feature more gore. Also would ditch the weird pig masks and hillbilly aspect Scary Tales: Hell Freezes Over - B108N The Snow Queen has taken over the land of fairy tales, and has enslaved all of the heroes and villains of children’s stories. Stories would include Frozen, Jack and the Beanstalk, Miss Muffet, Pinocchio, Tarzan, Jungle Book, Aladdin, Beauty & The Beast, among others. Children of the Evil - Parade Building Deep in the cornfields of Nebraska lies a church, where a cult of children has turned to an ancient evil for survival. Should you enter the church, there is only one way out: Being sacrificed. This house would draw inspiration from Children of the Corn and would be set up as a 70s B movie. House would start off in the church, work it’s way through, enter the sacrificial barn, and then end in a Scarecrow style Cornfield. Scarezones: Ripped from the Silver Screen - Producion Central The IP photo op zone. Think Altars of Horror or The Harvest Freak Show of the Bizarre - Central Park: Similar to Cirque du Freak from 19. Body Collectors: Silence of the Night - New York The Body Collectors have crossed over into 1920’s New York to find new victims. The Fog - South Street/San Francisco This zone would cover both South Street & San Francisco and would be based off the 1980 movie. Universal’s Classic Monsters - Hollywood Would take place during a 1950s film festival based on the Classic Monsters, coincidentally they would also rise and kill everything there.
  3. Guessing Toy Factory or Cornstalkers is biting the dust. Toy Factory was amazing last year and the only house where I got legit scared, felt like something at HHN. Constalkers is fun but was severely understaffed all last year, same with Zombie High(but that’s always a dud IMO except for the Prom and Bungee scene). Is the new house an Orphanage or School or something like that? I really hope it’ll be the Scary Tales zone from last year So basically the house lineup is: - Chaos House - Madame Marie’s Massacre Manor - Backwoods(AWFUL maze last year; never got a good run through and was really corny but the set design was amazing) - Roadkill Roadhouse - New Maze - Zombie High - Cornstalkers or Toy Factory - Wax Museum * ik it sounds like I hated last year but it’s always a ton of fun, just wish they had more staff.
  4. I wonder that if 2017 IT comes whether or not they might borrow a few characters from the book. Probably not, but considering they own the rights to Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Creature.
  5. Ohhhh sorry I didn’t get that; I thought u meant a constant reader of HNN.
  6. Since Ifrits a constant reader I wonder if he can confirm or deny the speculated IP’s; and Scream could definitely happen in future years now that Weinstein isn’t in control
  7. Sorry, last year people would get annoyed if you sourced it
  8. Word has it from Legacy and the Orlando United forums that Universal locked they’re IP’s very early for 2018, like they booked some in August. The following are IP’s that are most likely coming to HHN 28 so read if you want, and * will indicate if the property has already been leaked as a locked property : - The Conjuring - Nightmare On Elm Street* - Stranger Things* - Halloween - American Horror Story: Cult - IT Once again, these aren’t confirmed but just be aware that these definitely have a strong chance of coming to the event
  9. Someone on IU said that there are two confirmed locked properties for next year.... *SPOILER** Nightmare on Elm Street and Stranger Things
  10. Has he liked the tweet yet? It could be a requel house if it comes into fruition
  11. Did y’all see Ifrit’s latest tweet? It seems to be referencing either John Carpenter’s The Thing or a possible Nightengales sequel set in the winter.
  12. Hopefully it’s just an Orlando exclusive...but isn’t it too soon for ToT to be back at both coasts? They just did them in 2016 and 2015
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