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  1. The reviews are truly all over the place this year. Im seeing dead exposure at the bottom of lists while its at the top with yours. Same with carnival and Halloween. Huge swings both ways on some houses. CAN NOT WAIT to see for myself
  2. i was being sarcastic They oversell express by a mile, thats all
  3. totally pumped for the house. Seeing it in real life will be great. But the movie being a cult classic i just cant understand. Hardly got through it
  4. man, the reviews are all over the place. You loved carnival and other hated it. Seems to be one great cast and one bad one
  5. just watched this movie for the first time this weekend. Holy Awful. Probably scary for its time but wow. Cringe worthy and i love 80's movies more than anything. BTTF and ghostbusters are my fav movies of all time.
  6. 62 bucks seems great right! 6 hours of park for cheap. Well if you feel like waiting in lines for 4/5 of your 6 hours then yes 60 is a deal
  7. CNYHHN315

    JDW's Review

    did you say silver screams! hype!
  8. haha they will never sell out of express. They want everyone inside to buy one. Telling people they can sell out makes for panic to get one. Brilliant marketing
  9. you didnt find plants scary LOL nooo way
  10. cant believe its here again! (said for the last 15 years) Everyone enjoy and be safe. See yall here next year!
  11. so you dislike it but it could be house of the year?
  12. still early and the reviews have been all over the place, some love houses some dont. Every house is not for everyone. And the cast will grow as the event goes on like this reivew Rust to Pieces - Shocked me with set and the heavy scares. This is so good. Don't doubt it. Has buttons.
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