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2011 Scareactor Appreciation Thread


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Okay, I'll start this off since my husband (who shares this ID) is at the employee preview as we speak. Don't know who it was, but props to whoever scared the hell out of him in the Raven room! He was on the RIP tour for the tweet-up winners. He got another good scare in another room, but doesn't remember which one it was. It's only preview night, and the Poe scareactors are already rocking HHN.

Edited to add, he says Lincoln got him good in Bloodengutz.

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Okay, so last year on opening night I went into catacombs, and there were two plague doctors on either side in front of me. And ill be honest, I did not want to go through there! I was wearing glasses and hnn shirt, so hope someone speaks up. Eventually I ad to run through in between both pairs of outstretched arms. Anyways, good intimidation and scare! Really appreciate all of you making my octobers the scariest month of the year, keep it up!

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Employee Preview, Winter's Night: Haunting of Hawthorn Cemetery... First of all, this house is just exquisite. Secondly, the scares are intense. To the Weeping Angel at the very beginning of the house (and at about 12:50AM), you sent a chill down my spine. Not a single person is going to legitimately know whether or not you are real, which makes you seriously terrifying in my book. A big shout out to the girl in the hallway that had a miniature 3D landscape model visibly behind the crypt wall (also around 12:50AM). You got me really good. I was the first one in my group, and I stopped to peer through a hole in the bricks once we got into your hallway. I literally said, "Oh, WOW, look at that. A miniatur," and then you came up from below and popped your head in front of the break. I screamed and jumped back. lol Great, great scare! : )

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Just wanna give a shout out to H.R. Bloodengutz in the opening room at about 7pm, don't know which cast. We walked in when the monsoon began he walks beside me:

H.R. "Do you like holiday movies?"

Me: "I like my fair share."

H.R.: "Happy ones?"

Me: "oh no sir."

H.R. "Good, because we don't have any!" Wink and a mischievous laugh

Made this house for me tonight. Also, actor holding Poe's head when the Passholder line opened: you got me good

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Yay, I get to over use this thread again! Tonight:


5:20 middle room full of fake dummys with glowing eyes.

5:40/11:23 Sideways room first actor to the right.


9:50 "VAULT, VAULT" Oh, also. Thanks for letting me know I have pretty skin.


10:52 Finale, great shout out and scare, if I recall correctly.


11:00 You guys were all crazy.


11:06 Tons of you guys got in my face. Also, one of you tried to whisper me something but I had no idea what you said.


11:55 St. Patrick room and president room.

Thanks for the fun night guys!

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Hurray for the "Nice shirt" at the beginning of Forsaken. I think that the same scareactor pointed at me during my second run through of the night. Awesome job to the finale scareactor for The In Between...holy crap, you got me good! Thanks to the female at the end of Winter's Night who pointed at my shirt too :).

All in all, the scareactors were trying their damndest tonight, and I got several nice scares, I just seemed to hit bad patches of people for each house I went through. Either I was in a stop and go conga line, so I got to see a scare...and then stare awkwardly at the scareactor as the line stopped, and then moved slowly to the next room....or I was stuck behind some jackasses who would point out every scare and randomly stop and totally kill the flow of the line. So I didn't have the greatest night, but the scareactors definitely did a great job when they did get me. They were obviously trying, and I know that when I go again if I get in a good spot in the line it'll be outstanding.

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H.R Bloodngutz(himself)- very fun and interactive unlike Sam Meetz always a great time talking to him

The Arbor Day Girl-Crazy and insane, perfect for this house as she's not only in character but she can scare me, an honorable notice

If you got the redhead, that's our lovely cheerleader from 20 years of fear last year. I was surprised and excited to see her in Bloodengutz, I thought that she was going to be a Nightingale.

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Scareactors were on POINT last night!

Many thanks for all the love on my old school Vault shirt :-)

Shoutouts include:

Forsaken: crooked hallway, actor to the right (around 6:30ish)

Saws n Steam: actor right before the waterfall (around


HR Bloodengutz: HR in the first scene, you were great(10pm)

Even had some Ops people giving shout outs to the shirt.

Scares of the night: MILD SPOILER WARNING

Nevermore: first actor to the right in the Pit (8pm-ish)

Canyon (9pm): ground actors with the big faces were all up in our business, many thanks

HR Bloodengutz (10pm): The "tree" got my little brother good; Abe Lincoln scared the bejeezuz out of my wife, and Washington came out of nowhere and got me too

Nightingales (10:30): the entire cast was rockin it but standout scares include the patient on the bunk bed (got my wife really good) and the tag-team scare in the narrow section of bunker.

Nightmaze (11:15): you guys surprised me and delivered some really great scares.

All in all, an incredible (and wet) night. Can't wait to do it again tonight!

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I can't think of the last time this happened but last night I got 3 or 4 GOOD scares. Like where I jumped. Hasn't happened in years. I loved it! So shout outs are in order.

Winter's Night, don't know cast or person but you looked like a corpse just sitting down. BUT ALAS you jumped up and scared the shit out of me. These effects are hard to even scare me with and IT WORKED. Holy hell. Was great.

The Thing. Got a great scare in here from one of the transforming humans.

H.R. Bloodengutz. Got a great scare from Abraham Lincoln and you said my name. Not sure who you are but kudos. Was great!

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some from yesterday:

*The Dracula-esque guy in HR Bloodengutz, who noticed my signature mickey hat and asked "are you sure you're at the right park?"

*One of the scareactors in Nightmaze who called out my username ("figment!")

*One of the stilt scareactors in the garden scarezone who pointed out my Duffy bear (who made his debut as a scareactor target assistant yesterday).

*The soldier in Nightingales who "shot" at Duffy, Pal Mickey, and me with the mounted machine gun

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Ok last night 9-23. dont really remember what time it was.... you where in the scarezone your luck has run out. you where lady luck on the stairs...We auditioned together and I thought I was cast but turns out I was cut. If it was you last night you sort of pointed at me when I went through twice and i pointed back..well you were GREAT

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A few that I remember from last night:

Nevermore: The actor playing the Red Death (at around 6:30 PM) who followed and scared me from the second I stepped into his room to the moment I stepped out was amazing. Thanks for the scares!

Holidays of Horror: Props to the Bloodengutz in the first room (at around 11 PM), who asked me if the weather had ruined our night, and then said if it did, it was the corpse sitting next to him's fault. :lol: Also props to Abe Lincoln who got up in my face and scared the crap out of me when I was looking for the button. One of the best scares of the night.

Nightingales: Basically everyone in the cast that closed last night. I made it through three times and everyone was always on top of their game. Massive props to everyone in this house.

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Have I got some shout outs to give! You all were great. All from 9/23

Forsaken - 11ish trip was stellar. Forsaken who blocked the door then gave us a thumbs up and a little dance rocked. Bungee jump and final forsaken got us on both our trips. Cathedral forsaken and slanted room guys were all terrifying.

In between - entire cast during the downpour and at 1130. You guys make the house with your freakish movements and great use of your costuming. Guys in the zigzag hallway and the green guys in the dorm at the end were wonderful, and the guys with the wings. Love the ops guy at the very end who got into the act and playfully beckoned us to get out quick, followed by a double team from the actors.

Poe - you guys are our #1. All Poes, the ravens (hallway and end), masque of red death and the dancers, just... Incredible. Everyone in here was on target. Congratulations, keep scaring us for #1 status. (during downpour and at 1150)

Saws - the pair with the steamers halfway who double teamed and blocked the door, the fake saw, and surprise real chainsaw - great scares.

Bloodngutz - Lincoln (gatoralex, I believe?) and Washington, the native American and the pilgrim, and the leprechauns. All nailed us - keep up the great work.

Nightingales - most of the house is on target. Was overjoyed to see the return of show scenes. The soldiers and nightingales in those spots were awesome, as was the bungee. Loving this house.

Thing - not the best run, but I did get destroyed by some of the female THINGs as well as the "torn apart" male thing. Can't wait to try this again!

Winter's Night - the miniature scare. Oh my god, probably the best scare ive ever received at hhn. To that actress, well done. All of the spirits were doing work, you're all very

creepy. The coffin scene spirit nailed us!

7 - EVERYONE. I'm not exaggerating. Every, single,

goddamn, scare actor went after us and got us. Around 715 we were the couple with the visor sunglasses. Went

through again at 1115 and got an even better run. Ladies, you're all lovely, men, you are terrifying. Props to you all, I

bashed this zone and it's now my #1.

Grown Evil - nightmare shirt and the visor around 715... The ground raven nailed me. Everyone uses their wings

beautifully and creepily... The owls and bats are very intimidating. Love this zone.

Acid Assault - lady in the shopping cart and a melting face

nailed us. Girl standing in the acid rain was creepy as hell!

Nightmaze - none yet :(

Luck - pretty luck's were indeed pretty. Demon lucks were trying... One demon got us, but man, your masks do suck.

Minions at front of park - one of you followed us towards Hollywood around 715 and snarled in our faces... Freaked out my gf who's never been. Thanks :)

Canyon - didn't hit your zone, but after midnight as you guys were exiting one left the procession and charged at us and snarled. Fantastic unexpected final scare... Was in a nightmare shirt. Thanks! Will be seeing your zone tonight!

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I thought everyone was fantastic last night (9/23) and all the actors were on their games. Most years I almost never get scares in the streets, but had 3 or 4 memorable ones last night. Here's everything I can remember.

- Grown Evil: I'm sure right as it opened we had been at the passholder houses and went through this with no one else in the zone. Almost all of the actors were in our faces. And the ones with wings really know how to use them.

- Winter's Night (6:40ish): In the third or fourth room there is a little effect where you look into a tomb at the floor and it looks like the tomb goes down into the floor with a skeleton in there. Well I was looking down and trying to point it out to the others in my group and as soon as I looked up there was a bride (maybe, it looked like a wedding dress) that was totally in my face making me jump. Great timing.

- Holidays of Horror (8:00): The conga line stopped in the Christmas room for about 3 full minutes for some reason, but the elf in there behind Mrs. Claus just kept up scaring. He kept going back and forth getting in people's faces. I watched him the whole time so he never actually scared me, but got a few people around pretty good so that was great to watch.

- Saws n' Steam (8:45): The whole cast was awesome, great energy, but the guy standing right outside at the end was awesome for a last scare and intimidating everyone as they left.

- Canyon (Multiple times I know I saw both casts): Everyone in there helped to make the whole thing claustrophobic. They make great use of the area. A couple of times the big guys came up from behind me and whispered or growled in my ear, which scared me pretty good the first time it happened.

- Acid Assault (9:15): These guys blend into the people really well from behind and one girl near the Twister side of the zone looked like she was a guest walking away from us before turning around and scaring my whole group. On the other side near the Mummy I was sitting waiting for my brother to film the building falling down and I watched another girl getting a few good scares by following groups of people into the zone and scaring them as they turned around. She was awesome to watch working.

- Your Luck Has Run Out (9:30): There was so much fog in this area that it was almost impossible to see. Probably the third Lady Luck from the Mummy side of the zone was hiding in the fog and popped out at a perfect time to scare me. I actually jumped backwards from her, so that was awesome.

- In-Between (11:30): This was my second time through the house and it was late in the night, so I didn't expect any real scares, but the demon in the finale room got me bad. The Ops guy at the end was calling me toward the exit and he just pounced and scared the hell out of me. That was awesome.

These were just the ones that were memorable to me, but like I said everyone was on their game last night and made it an awesome time. I really appreciate the actors' hard work.

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I MUST give a shout-out to the winged demon towards the beginning in The In-Between. I don't get scared very often and I went through this house 3 times and you scared the shit out of me every time. Friday went through at about 6 and same time last night.

Kudos also to the tag team scare in nightingales. My god you got me good. Also, the finale in The Thing wasn't expecting one more scare.

Great job everyone!

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