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  1. I've done this several times over the years but the last time I can remember doing it was in Havoc in 2010....what's bad about that is it was probably my 20th or 30th run thru but I was all by myself so no conga line to follow. You'd think I would have learned the layout by then! I also remember doing this in 2005 with my dad....I cannot remember which house. I only remember it being 2005 because that's the only year I went with just my dad. I just remember there was a themed wooden door right in front of us, and a 90degree turn to the right of that which was too dark to see. So to us the only option appeared to be the door. We made it a few steps backstage till the actor finally redirected us while staying totally in character.
  2. Sorry for the late post....I had to work directly after closing night . And on that same note, I apologize ahead of time for the people I forget. My job is very soul sucking and I'm sure I forgot a few of the many awesome experiences last night. Anyhow, thank you to all of the scareactors for making the event what it is. Yet again you all took what you were given and ran with it making the event into an amazing experience. I tried to give a little note with a picture of my stuffed cat to all of my favorite scareactors, though some of them only printed the picture, and on top of that I ran out so I wasn't able to give one out to every single awesome scareactor that deserved one....but please know that if you got the picture without a note, it's basically saying that you made a lasting impression on me and that your'e one of my favorites. Face Off: You guys are all simply amazing! <3 to the cloaked scareactors at the end opposite of Mel's, <3 to everyone working for the witch with the umbrella....especially to my favorite pig-head-girl, but the one with the rat and the one with the....idk what it was lol....were also very very awesome. It was fun having the cloaked guys "kiss" my cat with their skulls, and it was awesome seeing pig-head-girl with a piece of some prop in her mouth for most of the night. <3 to the gypsies, especially Stacia (I think I spelled it right that time!) aka the tambourine girl, <3 to all of the bag heads ( I really wish I could see your faces, I feel like I know you guys but I have no clue who any of you are!), <3 to the pirates especially the one that had the Johnny Depp walk DOWN, much <3 to Pirate Travis who hated me so much haha, <3 to the blonde female pirate that I'm pretty sure I recognize from a previous year for always getitng in my face, and <3 to the people in suits especially the redhead with the bucket. You guys seriously made your zone amazing given that your only real appeal in the first place was the costumes. Thank you guys so much. My favorite part about closing night was that several of you had your makeup done so you were progressively "aging" as the night went on. I loved hearing "Hurry back! I'm aging so fast...." and seeing my favorite redhead scareactor with a gray beard really was interesting and quite awesome. It made me remember the 7 zone where the characters changed throughout the night. You guys were fantastic, and are my #1 Scarezone. I feel like if you all were given more to work with, you'd have won out over Purge. Masquerade: You guys also are quite awesome. You all went from creepy but fun to watch to quite aggressive and intense. <3 to the meowers, and the ones that pet my cat. <3 to the one male who was dancing on a guest....not ballroomy type dancing mind you, but some kind of weird modern dance haha. That was one of the funniest things I've seen. Much <3 to all of you, especially the ones that got a jump out of me. Bayou: You guys are quite awesome too, though definitely lacking in resources for scares. If you all had better props and opportunities for scares, I feel like this zone could've been a whole lot better. Much <3 to the girl who always "fed" my cat with the mouse, I'm sorry I wasn't able to get you one of my pictures! <3 to the stiltwalkers for being quite awesome. Of course <3 to the Voodoo queen, who actually did bring back the sacrifice for that night with an awesomely hilarious improv sacrifice routine where she recited the script from the original show (at least as much as I can remember) and "slit" the throat of an actor who did a perfect roll right onto his back. <3 to the one dude with the wood book that got a decent scare out of my friend and I. Purge: HO-LEE-SHIT. You guys rocked last night. For most of the event I was hardly ever targeted in this zone, except for a few awesome chance encounters. However, last night I got a LOT of attention. Now, to be fair, I did have my friend with me who's a very short girl that looks easy to scare, so maybe that's what made the difference. Anyhow, much <3 to the blonde chainsaw chick that sought me out, MUCH <3 to the chainsaw dude with the green mask that started walking side by side with me, carried on a casual conversation, and the proceded to scaring again....THAT was amazing. <3 to Armando, <3 to the announcer chick for talking with us, <3 to the various knife wielders and other chainsaw people that came at me....I remember one of the fox-masks actually getting a jump out of me. Chainsaws always make me jump, and that was my first street chainsaw scare for the entire event.....and last but certainly not least <3 to Damien for being freaking amazing as usual. I'm almost 100% certain that I've forgotten someone from last night. Now, houses FDTD: I'm going to miss that barker at the front! MUCH <3 to the bat-person that stole George and popped him out the other boo-hole! I had no idea I knew one of you guys in this house....that was unexpected and awesome. <3 to Pigtails for hanging out in the open. And of course <3 to the ones that I'm forgetting! TWD: All of the walkers behind the curtains for being super aggressive. That's a fantastic part of the house, and I love it. <3 to the strobe walkers in the forest area, especially "The Jock" who took George for one last time. All of the actors were great this year in this house, and they all went above and beyond what I expected of them. Drac: <3 to the guys that always stab George, and <3 to the finale Drac that seems to always get me. Giggles: <3 to the entire crew for being particularly awesome on the final night, and hell for the entire run. <3 to the opening clown and his girl yet again.....you guys are just simply awesome. <3 to April for being completely off the chain last night! Going pretty much nuts...it was hilarious. One last George-Stab. <3 to the mirror clowns that pet George, and gave one last wave. <3 to the super tall tophat clown that pet George for one last time. <3 to all of the discarded, especially the one that was leaning over the barrier to the hallway, all of the ones that pet the cat, <3 to Michaelz who gave me another one of the best moments of the nice by reciting word for word in the EXACT voice the line from The Mummy 'Are you insane? Get out of here! The curse is real! This whole place is a trap!" <3 to the shocker clowns as usual, and especially to the girl that shocked George....I've had the clown sitting on that spot shock my cat before, but I don't know if it's the same one....either way, you guys are freaking awesome. Last but not least, to the chainsaw clown simply for having "Free Hugs" written on your chest. Roanoke: I went through this house earlier in the night, and managed to go through with nobody in front of or behind me other than my friend that was accompanying me. I have to say, the house was actually quite decent. It definitely is understaffed, I noticed MANY areas where there could've been scareactors that were just empty. When you're in a conga line it's harder to notice, but when you're by yourself and hypervigilant you notice all of the little spaces. It would've been a great house overall and would've gotten far better reviews had it had more staff in it. <3 to the guy who was eating the cloth from the ceiling, that was hilarious....<3 to the guys that were cooking for being particularly on point. <3 to the very aggressive boarded hallway scareactors, and <3 to the ever aggressive Wendigos. Halloween: I've always liked this house, but never really got a whole lot of scares other than in the trick or treat section, till Halloween night and then last night. MUCH <3 to the Michael in the second room that did the normal e-prompt scare, then came out and began stabbing at my cat and sliced his throat. THAT was awesome and a pretty decent scare, simply because I was not expecting a scare outside of the e-prompt. Also <3 to the Michael close to the end that had a staring contest with me all the way out. You guys were great. And lastly, Dollhouse: My favorite house, easily my #1. <3 to the entire cast last night, it felt like almost everybody pointed at me, pet my cat, gave me some sort of gesture....you guys are all fantastic, and that was probably one of my best runs through the house. There were people pointing at me or petting George that I didn't even know I knew! That was an amazing run through. Lots and lots of <3 to my favorite bear, the mummies, the chick that plays doctor, the camoflaged stuffed animal dude, the man babies and the giant baby, and the ballerinas, especially the one with the slit throat. I didn't go through AVP on the last night. So, that's it. Thank you everyone for an amazing year! I'm sorry for the ones that I forgot to mention. I had a blast this year, and had a great final night. I'm really looking forward to next year, and I hope that we give more power to our scareactors (less e-prompts, more opportunity for scareactor interaction), I hope that we can get more scareactors in the houses in general, and I hope that we can get rid of the dead space in the parks. Other than those things, the event was fantastic.
  3. I'm definitely going to miss a few things. Whew, what a night. So, much <3 to the Face Off crew. The sandbag head guy, whoever you are, the cloaked guys at the beginning of the zone, the redhead with the bucket, the drunk pirate, Travis the Pirate, Estacia, Karloff the Cruel, the witches and pig-head-girl (though pig-head-girl wasn't there tonight ), and pretty much everyone. Face-Off went from a very boring zone to a very interesting one. <3 to my masquerade peeps, especially the one guy who chased a gaggle of girls while screaming at the top of your lungs. You were great. <3 to the Bayou peeps, especially the girl that always "feeds" George. <3 to the Purgewrs, and good ol' King for really catching me off guard after I Got out of the Legendary Truth experience. Houses.... Drac: <3 to the ones who stabbed at me and/or the cat. FDTD: "RAMBLERS, LET'S GET RAMBLIN'!" best thing I've heard in my life in a house. Yes, I know it's a direct quote from the movie, but it cracked me up nonetheless. I also have to say that you guys really upped the ante, and are a hell of a lot more energetic than day 1. Giggles: HO-LEE-SHIT. You guys seriously turned it up to 11 tonight. FAR more energy than usual, and way more aggressive. First off, <3 to the clown at the beginning for pulling up your victim and making her do things for the line. You were freaking amazing. Seriously, your interaction is some of the best I've encountered in a house, at least once we've initiated it. <3 to April, thank you so much for the gift...I'll treat it as a toy for George haha. <3 to my glasses-clown who I finally learned the identity of! <3 to the mirror clown, your interaction is always fun too. <3 to all of the discarded for actually becoming scary for once! The hallway discarded was especially fun for reaching across the barrier at me. Halloween: <3 to the Michael that reached for my cat. Dollhouse: You guys are awesome. <3 to my favorite bear, and the priceless reaction he gave when I gave him a picture of George. It totally made my night when I actually got to meet the bear in plain clothes on the way out of the park! Dollhouse is definitely toward the top of my list. <3 to the man-baby....MAMA! <3 to the "doctor" girl that always likes to get in my face. Well that's all I could remember for now. I am very sleep deprived, and am supposed to leave for work in about 2 hours haha....so I'm sorry for those of you that I forgot. It was a hell of a year! I'm considering calling out of work just to get one more night, but if I don't well then it was a great final night, and a good end to another great year.
  4. This past Friday night....<3 to my favorite Face Off peeps, the guy in Giggles that stole George, everyone in Dollhouse for being exceedingly awesome but especially the Bears, the totally awesome purgers, the chick in the bayou that "fed " my cat a fake mouse (you made my night!)and <3 to the ones I've forgotten about! This year turned out pretty good. Here's to making the last few nights awesome!
  5. Wow, what an awesome night last night! Face Off continues to go up on my list. <3 to the Gypsy Girl, Pig-Head-Girl, the bald-cat-girl, the red-beard-dude with the bucket, the pirate dudes, and the sandbag-head-dudes. Other than you guys seriously needing stage names, I'm in love with this zone now. Also, much <3 to the guys at the beginning of Face Off (the side farthest from Mel's/ Bayou) for tag teaming me. The one girl who stared at me and made eye contact, as the other snuck up behind me and made that creepy as all hell inhuman noise. I may or may not have shoved my shoulder into your chin, whoever you are...so sorry about that if I did! You guys were great, that was a pretty damn good scare. <3 to my favorite wheelchair scareactor in Purge. You targetted me multiple times, and seriously had me thinking you were going to plow right over me! <3 to the other Purge people that actually got a scare out of me. <3 to the chick in Bayou who loves playing with the cat. Houses.... FINALLY I ran into "The Jock" in TWD, toward the last of the house. You were awesome! Also, <3 to your co-person for shouting "The Vault Is Dead." I love it when zombies speak to me lol. I'm glad that you were there on the final runthrough of the house, totally made the night for me. <3 to the statue scareactor in Dracula that stole my cat then threw him back at me. I would've let you keep him if I thought you could get him back to me (Some scareactors love to take it backstage then make it "appear" in another room). I definitely wasn't expecting that...now I need to do Dracula more often! <3 to the rest of the Drac crew for seriously making the house rock. Feels like the fog was upped a good bit too. Also, <3 to the vampire that was either trying to make eating motions at my shirt or my cat....either way, it was creepy, effective, and awesome. <3 to the Giggles crew! You guys are freaking amazing! <3 to the doctor at the beginning for trying to give the cat to who I'm thinking was the same girl that tried getting him last week, but then just giving a simple "Oh well!" <3 to the mirror scareactor for making it look like you hung yourself. That was pretty epic, I was almost scared for real for a second there. <3 to the guy hiding behind the barrels that shook your head "no" at me and gave me a "vault is dead" callout. Similarly, much love to the "discarded" clown that continuously pointed at my shirt. I feel like there's more to add with this house, but I've already forgotten. Sleep deprivation will do that to a person! Halloween crew....<3 for being awesome as usual. <3 to Roanoke crew for making the house seriously much better than it was opening night. You guys have come a very long way. And finally, <3 to the Dollhouse crew, and to my new favorite Teddy Bear that "wants my stuffed cat on his wall" haha. You are awesome, as well as your fireplace counterpart. I think close to the final night I might just bring some duct tape for my cat to temporarily be on the wall! I think that this house provided a lot of missed opportunity for another stuffed animal fad. Oh well, I like being one of the few that comes with a stuffed animal. Also <3 to the amputating doctor who came out around and targeted me/the cat. I'm 100% certain that I missed a few people, so my apologies. Hopefully my memory is better for these final nights!
  6. Had a great night last night, lots more interaction than usual. Special kudos to Face Off for going from the most boring to the most interesting in one night. Much love to the tambourine girl who gave my cat a surname (now instead of just George it's "George Satan" lmao). You were highly entertaining. Even went as far as to try and feed my cat to the wolfman, though he was "too serious" lmao. Also much love to the scareactresses that stole my cat and chased each other around with it making cat and dog noises....that was epic....especially the one later on in the night that actually took the cat and scared guests with it and stated "There! Now your cat is officially a scareactor!" You, ma'am, totally made my night. I almost didn't come last night too, and I'm very happy that I did. Also love to the other Face Off scareactors that messed with me after that and/or stole the cat. <3 to the Bayou people for the interaction and scares. <3 to the chick in the seat at the beginning of Giggles reaching for me and/or my cat...next time I'll get closer lol. <3 to the Masquerade crew for seriously upping the ante and rocking a great zone. Several great scares I saw and even experienced...keep it up! Purgers....you all were great but it was too crowded for much to really happen lol. Sorry if I missed anyone, I'm typing this on the fly with only 2 hours of sleep and I have to get back to work lol. Looking forward to next time!
  7. Haha, yeah I was taking a friend to the event for her first time....usually George is in my right hand, so she totally threw me off that night by putting a death grip on my right arm. You definitely gave us both a jump lol. I knew I recognized your face in there! And every time I come across the impaled walker scene I think of you lol.
  8. In Dollhouse: Bear dude pointing at my stuffed cat and comparing it to a stuffed animal on the wall....and in the process setting me up for a great non-e-prompt scare from the bear in the fireplace. TWD: Jail walker snatching my stuffed cat, or at least trying Bayou: scareactress interacting with my cat...petting him and saying something and running off (sorry memory is foggy!) Vaulter sign from the lady eating the guy in Roanoke Purge chainsaw dude with the white mask toward the beginning if the night...<3 for getting right in my face lom Drac: Vampire dude stabbing at George Giggles: April stabbing George and being overall awesome, and mad kudos to the clown at the beginning for being hilarious and creepy all at once. Halloween: Michael myers after end of the house...the last few times doing the house I never saw him hiding in the bushes. Mad props for giving me the best scare of the night.
  9. Tonight was quite decent...highlights include: Girl in purge petting George (the stuffed cat) Masquerade people, lady who followed then got me right at the end of the zone Face off,the one guy at tge beginning grabbing george, totally awesome bag head dude actually getting a scare out of me right as I was walking out of the zone FDTD: the guy in the suit close to the end shouting "keep it moving keep it moving THE VAULT IS DEAD keep it moving!"
  10. I'm liking this year...well, when I'm actually somewhere where there are scareactors. Jeesh, the dead space is as bad as it usually is. Anyhow, mad props to Maskerade for their performance tonight. On opening night, it seemed like you all were just prancing about. I enjoyed it, and loved the ambience to it, but there really weren't many scares. THEN tonight, my whole perspective of that zone changed. I especially love the girl who meowed at me (I still carry around my stuffed cat from Cats n' Combs) and the dude who literally just stopped and would look at me, then the cat, and then back again. Made my night. Several actors actually got me in this zone. Bayou...The one guy at the entrance of the walkway, closer to the cabin, you got me really good. Pretending to pose for a picture with some other random people, and them BOOM. Probably best street scare of the night. Face Off....Thumbs up to the scarecrow guy who kept singling me out, and used his sickle on my cat. Off of the top of my sleep-deprived head, I cannot think of any more street shoutouts. As for the houses...I'll definitely forget to mention a few great moments. In Dracula, the "I miss the Vault!" guy made my night. Only verbal recognition of my shirt so far this year...I used to get a lot of "The Vault is dead" but not even that much anymore . Roanoke really upped the ante. I think I got a shirt point from the lady eating a corpse, but I couldn't be too certain. Kudos for Roanoke for actually adding more energy to the house and making it more enjoyable. Opening night it was very bland. Giggles....thanks to our own April for distracting me while I got a scare that made me throw myself into a wall! Dollhouse....oh Dollhouse. Fantastically creepy house, very reminiscent of Nightshade toy factory at HoS which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Kudos to the entire cast. Well, that's everything off the top of my head. Looking forward to next time! Now to get a whole 3.5 hours of sleep for my 16 hour shift!
  11. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it about 2-3 years until they finally opened up Rockit during HHN?
  12. That kinda reminds me, I forgot to mention the other guys in your team. You were most definitely the most memorable (probably because of my shirt haha) and the "worm" zombie, plus the various zombies that focused on my stuffed cat, but the other guy that comes to mind is the HUGE tall guy that called everyone "psycho." He was awesome. Never got a scare out of me, but it was a blast watching him at work. And of course, the old-school Chainsaw dude driving the truck.....when I saw the truck for the first time, the first thing I noticed was him. The lighting setup for that was simply fantastic. Seeing HIM of all people driving that truck made it all the more scary, and actually sent chills down my spine.
  13. Awesome! Yeah, that was a fantastic setup...my girlfriend didn't notice you at all, so I tapped on her shoulder and mentioned you as I thought that you were walking away....then BAM, right behind me! I don't get scared like that too often anymore. It's great to really feel a scare again. Anyhow, time for my final post of the year This always comes too soon! Thank you all scareactors for being amazing, yet again! Such a fantastic final night. I wish I could've shown up earlier to go through all of the houses 1 last time, but alas, work had me busy . Anyhow.....<3 to the street actors. You guys are the true face of the event. You all proved me wrong when I said that the streets would be horrible this year. The survivors MORE than made up for the lack of interaction....then the zombies began interacting around halfway through the event. It was fantastic. <3 to the Campsite walkers for forming a conga line, and circling the campsite....and the amazing scareactress that would always steal and run away with my cat. I cracked up laughing when you took the cat and handed my gf your prop foot instead....that was totally awesome, especially because I didn't even notice the switch at first. You guys are one of the best scarezones imo this year, so many thanks for keeping it awesome. <3 to the Clear and Barn walkers for being awesome. No particular indivudal scares I can think of off the top of my head, but you guys were on fire last night. <3 to the Atlanta scareactors, especially Maggot since we finally found him! And <3 to the survivor that commented on my Vault shirt. "The Vault has been dead for years now, and you've survived all of this time! OH MY GOD! You're the answer to the plague! We need to take you in and get blood samples immediately! You'll save us all!" <3 to the zombies that all joined in Maggot with trying to steal the cat from my girlfriend....even though it involved her spraining her toe, it was epic, and very worth it. Plus I got to make her "meals on wheels" afterward! <3 to the Disaster Zombies, and plus our new favorite blonde survivor who again stole George and used him as a scaring prop. We're gonna miss you! We've always noticed you during the event, and loved your energy, we're just very disappointed that we never stopped to interact until a few days ago. <3 to the guys in the front of the park again too for being really on top of things. <3 to the walker bomb guys. HOLY SHIT! You guys are just fully amazing. <3 to King_K again as usual, especially for the totally unexpected shoutout after the park had closed. And MUCH MUCH <3 to the zombie that was on the ground doing the worm or some kind of weird dance making all kinds of noise, while I was trying to get a picture of my gf with King_K....that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen at the event. Kudos. Houses....<3 to the TWD cast for being on fire last night, and of course, to Merle for really nabbing me. The fence scareactors were also quite great. <3 to the La Llarona cast. I wish I could've done this house more! It started off meh, but last night my gf and I got to go through with a nice HUGE gap in between us and the guys in front of us, so we managed to get every scare....and wow. it felt exactly how a house should feel. I was thoroughly impressed. <3 to the Evil Dead cast, especially with the hyperverbal chick underneath the trap door. <3 to the electric knife chick again. If you read here, please tell me where you've been before....you're totally awesome and I just can't quite remember where I've seen you before! <3 to the AWIL cast for just being all around awesome. <3 to the RE cast for keeping that house together. Especially <3 to the zombies at the very beginning of the house, particularly the police zombie. You guys were amazing, FULL of energy. The finale guys were and have been fantastic as well. Unfortunately we didn't get to hit up CITW, Havoc, or AL on the final night, but you all have been great this year. I really regret not getting able to hit at least Havoc or CITW....I seriously loved both of those houses. The female at the end of Havoc shouting "I AM YOUR NIGHTMARE" has made my night more than once. As always, there's probably more, but I'm forgetful...especially considering all of the sleep I've lost in the past month! <3 to all of you, I'm really looking forward to next year.
  14. Ok, the rest from last night. <3 again to the blonde survivor in front of Disaster for borrowing George and using him to scare people. MUCH <3 to Merle in TWD for getting a legitimate scare from me. The house has always been kinda in the middle for me, so I'm really shocked that one of the few legitimate scares I've gotten this year (I say that because I'm a hard scare) was from this house. Kudos. RE cast....<3 to the chick that was hiding around the doorway leading to the final scene.You scared the piss outta me and my gf....and my gf is very sorry that she stabbed you in the face with her finger! <3 to my favorite goatee-clad walker-bomb-truck guard. You FINALLY got a great scare out of me! My gf had me distracted, and of course as soon as I turn my head, BAM, there you are. <3 to the walker-bomb-truck zombie that continued to run up to us and pet and meow at my stuffed cat. Last night was a blast, so I'm almost definitely missing some great scares. Here's to tonight being a fantastic finale!
  15. I'm in park now, trying to get out all of the shoutouts that I can before I forget them. Last night....finally I got to see Maggot! Lots of <3 to you and your crew for the epic cat stealing mayhem. <3 to the blonde survivor in front of disaster that interacted with us that "read about" my cat. You put yourself in my top 10 scareactors in just one night. Also, even though I doubt that you guys read the boards, much <3 to the b&t cast last night, specifically ted and george lucas for hanging out with us during the show in the bleachers. Now, tonight. So far it has been great. I'll probably be making another post haha. <3 to ALL of the zombies for beinn totally on fire tonight. <3 to the electric knife chiick in ED for stealing George again. You are one of the most entertaining scareactors, I hope you post on here. Atlanta survivor....you're awesome for asking for beer. <3 to the chick at the end of AL for stealing George again. Annnnd this is to be continued lol. B&t just started.
  16. Awesome! I've been scared by you several times in the past (at least I assume it's you, either that or your counterpart). Especially when I push that big red button. So when you revealed that you're "one of us" it made me very happy lol.
  17. Last night, <3 to the Evil Dead chick with the electric knife that stole my cat. And <3 to the Vaulter in the control room in CITW that also stole my cat. <3 to the various street actors that scared the crap out of me. And, even though he's not a scareactor, <3 to Ted for sitting next to me and asking what happened to the Vault! I always wonder if he posts here haha.
  18. For tonight (10-25-13). Havoc....you guys are amazing! You were our first and last house tonight. <3 to the guy that poked my cat with his rifle....and MUCH <3 to the chick at the end of the house that screamed at me for bringing a cat in a dog house! That made my night. AWIL.....Nazi in the hospital.....you finally got me. Walking Dead....you guys were fantastic! Lots of energy on your cast. <3 to the zombies that would get me from below. LL....you guys seem to have improved a lot compared to the first weeks. This house quickly went up several ranks for me. CITW......Oh my God. You guys rock .You guys are tied very closely with AWIL in my personal list. The scareactor in the cabin that stole my cat, and then offered a severed head in return.....that also made my night. That was the best thing ever....especially considering that I almost grabbed the severed head before realizing what had happened haha. <3 to the hallway axe holder, the doctors, and the guy that comes out when I push the button. On to the streets....wow you guys were on fire tonight! Walker Bomb.....the guy with the goatee (I'm assuming is King_K?) Thanks for brightening up my gf! She gets moody sometimes. Also, <3 to the walkers that meowed at my cat and "ate" it. Really love the interaction. Clear....One particular scareactor really made me laugh. Said scareactor approached a guest with a giant stuffed Duff can, and the guest casually put the can over the scareactor's head, and tilted it....and the scareactor played along and acted like she was drinking it! Awesome. Also <3 to the guys who got some scares from me, and the one who "ate" my face several times. Barn...WOW you guys have really amped up. HUGE kudos to the one walker that scared the ever living shit out of me, and scared my gf so bad that she dropped her lollipop (which then shattered). That's my first fully surprised scare in a while.....I'm very impressed. Chainsaws...<3 the megaphone barker for commenting on my gf's bandana. That was cute. I'm disappointed that the guys wweren't doing their creepy laughs tonight (or at least not where I could hear), but whatever. They were still on fire, and even got a few jumps from me. Atlanta....you guys rock still too. To the one scareactor in ACUs that pointed at my shirt a few weeks ago.....you really tore into me and my gf, but we just totally ignored you. Sorry! We were in a hurry. That actually was quite awesome.I felt so guilty afterward haha. Up front: <3 the survivor with the baseball bat that got "Chased" through the chairs in front of the coffee shop, and then held up against the station wagon....and then "beat" the ever living shit out of the zombie following you! That was incredible. Very entertaining. I'm sure I've missed mentioning several people. Tonight was fantastic. Lots of fun. Now time to get my 1.5 hours of sleep before work!
  19. This is for the past week or two. Haven't had a chance to post. Kudos to the Atlanta and Campsite scareactors, but specifically to the chick at the campsite that continues to steal my cat and "eat" it. It's totally awesome, and makes my night every time.....hell the entire campsite group has been making my night. You guys are on fire! <3 the walker bomb truck, as always. I need to get noticed by the guards again, it's been a while. I guess it's King_K that's been pointing us out? Awesome. Shoutout to the barn walkers too.....looked like one of you just needed a hug one night, and just came over and started cuddling with my cat. <3 the havoc crew still. THE VAULT IS DEAD! Haha. It feels like wearing this shirt induces more rage than the nightmares shirt would. You guys are great. Oh, and MUCH MUCH love to the chainsaw crew. I never took the time to actually watch you guys till Wednesday night. <3 the megaphone lady for the vault shoutout (though you need to turn your megaphone up! I can hardly hear you) and the entire crew. A particular black scareactor really made my night when he sat behind us on a bench, just kinda hanging out.....as one of his buddies snuck up from behind. That and the various "Charge" scares, and those maniacal laughs.....you guys are great. There needs to be more of you this year.....they need to nix some zombies and send them your way....either that or give some chainsaws to the zombies or something like that. Yeah I know, it'll never happen, but it'd be quite entertaining.
  20. Another great night. Much love to the Atlanta street crew! You guys seriously changed my opinion about the streets this year. About 5 minutes before park closing, one zombie started shouting "Hey! HEY! HEY!" (of course in a zombie-esque voice) to my girlfriend....she stopped, and he came up to her, sniffed her, appeared to check her out and then pretty much went "mmmmm!!" That was totally epic. The rest of Atlanta....the distraction scares, the survivors loving up on my stuffed cat (especially my favorite "cheerleader" from years past). Then the rest of the zombies for team tagging me, and my girlfriend and cousin....it was totally great. <3 to the zombies that "ate" my stuffed cat. <3 to the walker-truck zombie that "ate" my cat. I wasn't expecting to get any attention from the zombies at that point, so I was very pleased. And to the walker-truck guard that always points at me and/or singles me out. You're great. The rest of the streets were pretty great too. Lots of fantastic scares when I was distracted. Quite a few chased my cousin around, who's a 6'2'' baby....it was fantastic. The best was when one of you guys would scare my gf, and hold her up....and then get me after I turn around from looking behind me. As for the houses....as always the Sound Stage houses are totally rocking this year. Even RE did pretty decent for me tonight. <3 to the Havoc cast. I was the last group to come through the house tonight, and man you guys were on fire. <3 to my "vault is dead" favorite at the beginning of the house. That scare will always get me. The rest of you, as always, had so much energy. I'm really happy that you all have the energy that you did in the past, even right at park closing.
  21. Tonight....Walker Bomb truck guy...you are awesome! No, I wasn't following you, you just seemed to be in my path everywhere I went haha. The scareactress right before the tunnel at the end of Afterlife.....you're so awesome for stealing my cat. I knew you eyeballed me my last run through. Actually, shout out to the entire afterlife cast. I got to run through with my gf with nobody ahead or behind us. It was fantastic. Especially the triple scare toward the beginning. I got lost at least twice in the mirror room and around it. It was great having the OPS chick come and tell me where to go, and immediately have a scareactor pop out as soon as I was going the right way. I love how most of you knew that I was disoriented and I was checking my corners staying vigilant (very difficult for me not to) and you would keep hiding....and waiting....until just when I thought it was clear,you'd come out from behind a fake wall and get me. Truly awesome. Much <3 to the street crew in Atlanta that totally surrounded me and my gf around 12:30 AM. The streets were so empty because apparently everyone thought that the park was closed, so you guys had free reign. I was on my cell phone trying to figure out the Legendary Truth badge path, and I had one walker give me a jump scare....then all of a sudden every single one of you guys turned and saw us and started approaching, just like in the TV show. It was fantastic. I wish I could've stopped and played along a bit, but I was in a hurry to get that badge! Which unfortunately I missed by about 5 minutes anyhow. Havoc guys....always top notch. <3 to all of you. CITW guys....also always top notch. I'm amazed that I can constantly get scared from every angle in this house, and I STILL haven't found all of the easter eggs! Another great night. Again, I'm happy that the street scareactors are good enough to make up for the lack of originality and opportunities to interact like you did in the past.
  22. The actors are fantastic, but the actual streets are just total garbage imo. Don't get me wrong, the sets are quite awesome, but it feels like we've been getting more and more dead space every year, and this year it increased exponentially. And to add on to that.....they got rid of the fun interactive scareactors. I used to LOVE interacting with scareactors on the streets....the Morphans last year are a prime example. Before that, Acid Assault.....before that, pretty much every scarezone, especially 20 years of fear (that zone was outstanding). Now it's just freaking zombies. Not a whole lot of interaction there. None can even talk. Some scareactors may try, but there is very little that they can actually do. The only exception to this would be the guards for the bomb truck, and while they're awesome, they still aren't really as fun as other street scareactors have been in the past. Maybe I can be proven wrong.....I certainly hope so. I will give the bomb truck scareactors another chance, but I still find it an issue that they're the only scareactors that can really interact regularly throughout the entire night.
  23. This is for Thursday the 3rd and Friday the 27th. I love all of the "The Vault is Dead!" shouts I've been getting this year. Shoutout to the walker truck escort dude who shouted it, the dog of war at the beginning of havoc that "breaks" free of the metal holder thingy, one of the doctors in CITW, and I think someone in AWIL as well (don't remember who haha, sorry I'm quite exhausted.) Also, much love to the person toward the beginning of CITW that 'stole' my stuffed cat. And the lady that comes out of the wall toward the end of Afterlife....you did your scare, went back into your boohole, then popped back out to either check my shirt or my cat out. That was pretty cool. Mad props to the street scareactors for making do with the extraordinary lack of originality this year in the streets. I've gotten a few jumps here and there in the streets, which is saying something considering zombies don't really scare me a whole lot anymore. I'm pretty much desensitized to them at this point. I just wish you guys would come through the "dead" areas like central park, and random walkways, and even the stores again. So much for "nowhere is safe." Last year the scares found me....now I have to find the scares. Edit: I feel like I should add....extreme mad props to the casts of AWIL and CITW. HOLY SHIT! In CITW it felt like every scare was coming at me from multiple angles. And AWIL....those puppets....wow. Half the time I knew where the scare was going to come from....the boo holes are quite obvious....but I STILL would get freaked the hell out. And Havoc, you guys rocked too. Definitely the same energy as the old house, but not the same feel....still quite fantastic.
  24. Your location can easily be spoofed. While I've never done it on a PC, it's quite simple using a cell phone. Just download one of the many GPS spoofing apps.....though be warned, don't call 911 when the app is running without telling them your address.....some confused first responders would end up wandering around Universal. Edit: I stand corrected. Apparently since it's through the browser only (seriously guys?! You had an app last year, why not this year?) spoofing doesn't work.....and on top of that, it's quite cumbersome to even get to the page. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it didn't work at all in the park. Edit II: Nevermind. Crappy Android 2.1 browser messed it up. Downloaded Firefox and now I have wait times. So it's confirmed that it does work at least. I just wish they'd either give us an app, or the SMS based service. Feels like every year they take something else away from us. Remember when we used to have SMS games? Now we don't even have SMS wait times...
  25. I have way too many, and I have no idea where to start. I'm definitely going to forget some things. Love to the HoH crew for turning what could've been a crappy house to an amazing one. The charging Frank (whom is afraid of my stuffed cat), all of the guys in the last room, the wolfmen, the Dracula....and all of the others too...amazing. Love to the Warriors for camping in the queues....holy crap, I thought it was just one, until several more came out and gave me a truly great scare. Fantastic. You guys were definitely on point the final night. Cooper Cooper Cooper. Showman=awesome, of course. Jock=awesome. The last night he tries to steal our stuffed cat from us, except this time he whispers in my ear "Trust me!" So I let him steal 'George' for the first time, and he goes through a door...aroudn the corner, he reaches under the "dead" jock standing on the pedestal and hands me back my cat. Holy crap, I was not expecting that! I wish I would've let him steal my cat sooner.That was fantastic. You've been one of the most memorable house scareactors (if not THE most memorable house scareactor) I've ever experienced. I only wish I could've thanked you better than a thumbs up. Penn&Teller, you guys are fantastic as well. <3 to Elvis, Sigfried, pretty much everyone else. The two headed man after the bedroom scene is one of my personal favorites. Gothic...you guys definitely deserved HOTY! <3 to the two gargoyles who stopped me and began petting my stuffed cat. And much <3 to all of the others for being totally creepily awesome! You guys got much scarier after the latex smell went away. The guys in the bell room=awesome too. Due to the unusually long lines for Halloween, I was only able to hang out in the streets and not able to hit the rest of the houses on Halloween. Epic oodles of love to the Traditionals! Rosie...'nuff said. Thanks for knocking off my girlfriend's glasses, thanks for the EPIC freakout after my girlfriend "kissed" you.....taking off the mask, screaming very loudly in agony, and then about germs...you must've been doing that for a while. It was fantastic. Another set of Traditionals to totally make my night where the scarecrow standing on top of the rock (SO EPIC!) and the pumpkin man hiding underneath....with a badass picture someone drew for him. Oh, and the cat girls coming by and joining in on the shenanigans. I loved my interaction with pumpkin head...."Nah, your head is more yellow than anything." He walks up, gets in my face, points exaggeratedly at the obviously orange pumpkin on his head. "IT IS ORANGGGGEEE!!!!" Beasts were on fire last night too...to the beast that climbed on top of one of the props, and then jumped down VERY forcefully in front of an unsuspecting guest, scaring them so badly that they fell to the ground...that made my night. Best thing I've ever seen. I actually caught a pic of said beast as he was jumping off, but not while standing up there. It was great. The cheerleader with an axe....I haven't gotten a whole lot of interaction with you, but you did an amazing job just being generally scary and creepy. I think you may've scared me once or twice...but you've always stood out to me. <3 to my favorite chainsaw ladies, and the vampires, though I cannot remember any specific events that happened on Halloween (though I probably will remember in a few hours or days!) Thank you everybody for being amazing this year. I loved it, and I can't wait for next year! Edit: Knew I forgot someone! Thanks to EZE for being totally epically amazing this year, screaming in my face one last time, AND giving my girlfriend a hug! You sir, are awesome. I hope you return next year, and if you do, they keep you on the streets.
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