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  1. At the Hollywood HHN Twitter they said a new maze will be revealed soon. Maybe a double announcement tomorrow for a new house?
  2. Wonder if we will get scenes from the game too. Alchemilla Hospital always got me in the games. And to pertain to Robbie, he was just a mascot suit lying around at the beginning of SH3
  3. I can compare 07 to 08 and I feel that I do not like what may be happening to HHN. While Nightmare on Elm Street Dreamwalkers is one of my favorite houses, the originals that year were better to me. I can't conpletely fault Comcast using IPs I just don't want to have lets say a Friday the 13thback house every year. If they can keep rotating properties I could probably be happy.
  4. Don't know if any one is interested but at the discount shop at the exit of Universal they have the shirts for 12 or 6 and cards for 4
  5. Don't know if anyone else saw but if you bought a Rush of Fear pass you can upgrade to the Frequent Fear Pass tonight was pretty awesome with the weather
  6. So I didn't see this on the forums yet but I received a survey from Universal about this years event and one of the questions is who is you favorite icon, listing our newer ones like The Director and Jack but also the Cryptkeeper. Any thoughts on this for future events?
  7. I agree that the sticks needed to go; on the 23 I almost got hit in the face when one swung it around to pop it near my fiancee
  8. Very much agree 2008 spoiled me I have attended since '05 and agree that RoF had some amazing scarezones (should put reference to ny image gallery from that year o.O) Some years though especially since I think that being spoiled makes me expect a little less every year =/ hopefully next year will see a focus on them again
  9. I am always up for parks trying out new ideas so I won't knock it completely but you are right about the sets possibly being better though if we get these great quality houses instead as well the streets can be a little sparse to me
  10. Ah okie dokie was wondering what that was about I was in line for The Thing when I got the tweet and they were gone when I got out really neat thoigh
  11. I agree with the last line definitely
  12. I went to the Universal store at CityWalk and they had a few I just had to show my pass you were only supposed to get them during passholder nights according to the thing they gave us. Sure they just wanna sell them
  13. Hey Hush won't be able to make it tonight my fiancee pulled her hamstring at IOA and we had to go home. Hope you enjoy the night let me know what your favorite house is =)

  14. Finally decided to put my vote for Nightingales every time I have gone through that house I have gotten the best scares and I love the design of the whole house
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