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  1. I saw a few Nightmares/Universal people taking pictures around San Francisco and Disaster this weekend. If you did, please feel free to share! A lot of us Walkers would appreciate it. We're not on the event map, so most people don't realize that we're back there (unless they've gone through Havoc).
  2. I know it's not happening, but "survivor's experience" makes me think "extreme house." I bet that would fix some, if not most, of yesterday's negative reactions though.
  3. There were masks and costumes last year that resembled specific zombies in the show (like Jawless and the Sheriff's Deputy) but only two roles based off of named walkers: the Well Walker and Bicycle Girl. The problem with doing actual characters from the show, specifically in the streets, is that they would have to be considered speaking roles (at least I would think that they'd have to be). Zombies who can't stalk and scare-actors who aren't supposed to directly talk with/to guests... it's going to be an interesting year.
  4. I had the same thing happen at the reunion audition: they only took about 8 out of our 40, and I wasn't one of them (after multiple years doing this event). 6 days later I got a "Congratulations, you've been cast!" email. It's been a pretty rough year so far for auditions but hang in there.
  5. As of Thursday, bicycle girl is in fact in the house... in the storage room... and on her "feet"... I ought to know... Thank you, Sir! : ) Glad to hear that our extra energy is noticable! Lets see if it keeps up in this heat. hah
  6. Has anyone caught some pictures of The Walking Dead cast change for the house? I keep seeing A LOT of people snapping shots of us coming and going from first and second set (when it's still light out), but none have surfaced on here or Flicker yet. : ( This will probably be my only way of getting a picture of me in character, as I don't actually walk in the hords that we do with the street casts.
  7. It was definitely one of the rougher EPs that I've done, especially in terms of organization. I think it was just a lot of new ideas and changed protocol to absorb/implement in a single night.
  8. In my opinion, this sounds closer to Richard Matheson's Hell House (when I think heinous deeds, I almost immediately think Emeric Belasco). If not that, then maybe something slightly tamer, such as the lore surrounding Ohio's own Franklin Castle? In 2010, we had a source via Twitter named Emeric Belasco, and if I remember correctly Dr. Jimmy went into get detail about the name's source material in that year's Speculation thread. Some online sources that I’ve found cite Hell House as being loosely based on two real life haunts (Franklin Castle, originally the Tiedemann House, in Cleveland, Ohio, and Waverly Hills Sanitarium near Louisville, Kentucky).
  9. In 2010, I remember the website updating around 10:30-11PM the night before the official reveal day. Maybe we'll get lucky like that this year and not have to stay up till midnight or later.
  10. "... a motive and a-key." Music, somehow?
  11. "She's gonna be back and she always is." ... on her back? Makes sense to me as she's always lying down. When was the last year we actually had a rat lady, Cirque in 2009?
  12. "IFFF... F... F?" I couldn't resist. : P
  13. I don't know; I haven't gone in it yet.
  14. I feel like the plot for Pen & Teller is partially due to last year's whining over the nonexistent casino house. Careful what you wish for, I guess.
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