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  1. Thanks for the awesome memory chica2!
  2. Huge thanks to the actress who played Patience Buckner in Cabin in the Woods. It was around 10pm last Friday. As I was watching my group catch the Buckner hallway scare, I felt hot breath on the side of my face, only to turn and find you there, within inches of me. Startling to say the least haha. Awesome scare, and thanks for getting up close and personal!
  3. Two funniest things I've heard so far while watching the Walker Bomb, both involving the driver of the truck: 1 - An english fellow chatting to his other buddy says, "Am I to believe that is Herschel?" while pointing at the driver. (It was quite amusing with the accent). 2 - A Frat bro yelling "Saruman, hey look it's Saruman!" while pointing to the driver
  4. madmonk

    Evil Dead

    I really enjoy the finale makeups/costumes in this house. They are crazy/creepy looking.
  5. Had some fun actor interaction the last time through this house, but still not a huge fan of it :-(
  6. Total improvement over the first few weeks. Seems like there are more actors in this house now and the energy is pretty damn good now. Congrats to the cast for the turnaround and SMs for the turnaround.
  7. I had a really nice time going through this house on opening weekend, but since then it has been awful. I've been through it at least 4 more times and have either had an empty house (cast change maybe?) or bad timing every time. The sets are nice to look at but without actors in them, or actors just standing back in their hidey holes, it's kind of bleh. The last time there weren't even any horse mask actors (towards the end). And the finale scene...yeah...I kinda feel bad for whomever has to play that role.
  8. Many people don't like this house, but my wife got one of her best scares of the year last Friday walking through here. Props to the first winged Demon (throwback from In-Between). You got her the first time but as she was walking out of your scene, you came within inches of her face on the side scare and achieved an awesome scare. I was right behind her and it was great seeing her get a bonafide scare.
  9. Saw one overly drunk couple directly ahead of us on Friday night, walking into American Werewolf (around midnight). First they tried to pour themselves some beer in the first scene of the house, and then proceeded to touch just about everything they could get their hands on. In the living room scene, the drunk guy tried to hold the closet door shut so the actor couldn't come out but he was unsuccessful. I slowed our group's pace down tremendously and let them stumble ahead. I didn't want their obnoxious, drunken antics ruining the experience in my favorite house.
  10. Anticipated: 1. Cabin in the Woods 2. American Werewolf in London 3. La Llorona 4. Afterlife 5. Walking Dead 6 Resident Evil 7. Havoc 2 8. Evil Dead After Visiting (2 times): 1. American Werewolf in London (gets better every time I see it; the wolf puppets are one of the best things I've ever seen at HHN) 2. Cabin in the Woods (minimal latex masks and some pretty damn good sets) 3. Evil Dead (with the right timing, this house is pretty great, especially the end) 4. Walking Dead (blows last years house out of the water) 5. La Llorona (beautiful, but has had timing issues every time I've been through; some of the masks in here look awful) 6. Afterlife (trippy with a few memorable scenes) 7. Resident Evil (hokey, zero scares, but still fun to hunt all the easter eggs) 8. Havoc 2 (loved the first one, the pacing on this one just seems off though; this one feels like a chore to go through sometimes)
  11. Pretty sure this is Jakemeister in this shot :-)
  12. Thanks man, for some reason the ambiance.battlecry.mp3 just has the gun shots but not the music playing. The other mp3 files have just the songs for the games. I'm trying to grab the song for the battlecry game but it may be imbedded in there in another way. Thanks again for posting
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