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2011 Scareactor Appreciation Thread


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Shout-outs for 10-14-11

*Cast A for Winter's night, especially the last "grim reapers"

*Cast A (i think) of The Forsaken, especially the scareactor who said in spanish "we shall kill Mickey" (in reference to my Pal Mickey)

*HR Bloodengutz (don't know which cast though), who asked who my friend (Duffy the Disney Bear) was.

*The scareactress portraying gluttony which had fun with Duffy

*One of the sloth scareactors which tried to get my Figment hat, along with the two lust scareactors who tried to follow me afterwards.

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all The Actors in 7 Amazing

going to the event for a while now, and being able to experience everything, I started not liking this zone but, being fair, the actors here really do an amazing job, the girl sins dance while the minions scare, everyone does such a good job, Congrats! the Energy here is just awesome, and it doesn't stop, all the actors just keep going, just great :)

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Friday the 14th and Sunday the 16th - two absolutely top-notch nights. I'll post specifics in the house and zone threads (after I sleep until Wednesday), but I want to send out thanks here.

Thank you so much for making my visits so great! The scares and fun just keep getting better. You're all the best - kudos and thanks and pizza and beer for everyone!

Sleeping now...

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Before I forget them - got Nightmare shout-outs from one of the Lusts in 7, a Saws'n'Steam actor (wasn't Harry Warden), Kim in Winter, the Nightingale in the body-on-a-table room, H.R. Bloodngutz (I don't think it was Shoe though...), the Leprechauns, the Spaniard in the second room of Forsaken, probably missing one or two... but still, it was all very memorable and I had top-notch runs through every single house. Thank you to everyone for a great final night!

Full review to follow in the coming days

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From last night:

Your Luck Has Run Out: Scare of the night, and possibly the whole weekend when it's said and done, goes to you guys. This was the only street I hadn't done yet, and I was dreading it because I'd passed by earlier and saw the Spade Gang out and about. But at 9:08 I gathered my courage, and in I went. I made it through most of the alley without anything happening until I noticed a guard watching me. I hesitated, fearful, but when he didn't move, I turned around to move on.

With a horrific scream, a perfectly concealed Demon Luck came lurching out of the fog and was RIGHT in my face. Oh she got me GOOD, I screamed and yelled "Oh SHIT!" Now, I love a good scare, so I clapped and laughed it off... well, I sure as hell wasn't laughing when I tried to leave the alley and one of the guards suddenly kicked on his chainsaw and charged at me! Oh man I screamed and screamed and scrambled butt over elbow to get out of there. If any of those scareactors are reading this, that was fantastic! I thought about that scare all night!

:) You're welcome. (p.s. I love it when people clap, mostly because when I get scared I clap too)

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Had to call it an early night tonight due to a long workday ahead, but the scares were a-plenty while I was there. Going through my night:

Another 3 runs through Forsaken, again the second was alone. Guys, Cast A, you really know how to show a girl a good time. Special kudos to the second conquistador - don't know how he did it, but he got a major jump scare out of me in what seemed like a good two rooms away from where he had just scared me. And I should probably knock off the caliente bit - I'm harmless, really I am :)

In-Between, Cast A - I'M SORRY!! I got to do a solo run through here tonight, but it was while it still light outside - and I was blind as the proverbial bat. I was totally lost in there, I almost went into at least two boo-holes, and one poor demon finally had to point me in the right direction :blush: . Everyone was absolutely fabulous and on top of their game, I'm pretty sure I got every scare there was to get. And now we know what REALLY scares Troi - alone, blind, and LOST. Heart was racing for a long long time after this one.

Saws N Steam - got a mostly alone run through here again tonight. Cast A, you are really good at ganging up and harrassing the heck out of me (this is a good thing). Especially the two gents near the beginning with the dagger/scalpel instruments. I know I'm gonna end up as power from the people real soon in there.

HR Bloodengutz, Cast A - HR told me to keep writing about him. Hmmm - I'm gonna hafta chew on that for awhile. But I've gained a whole new appreciation for the extent of Cupid's dancing skills. :D

Acid Assault - you can never get too many hand hearts. And apparently I would taste very good with ketchup.

Lucy/Minions. I had a blast playing with you all "in the zone". Had fun interacting with the Demon Luck as well (yes, Uncle Fred is still dead). Also got a great Nightmares shout out. I'm just sorry you had to repeat it - there were some chainsaws or something going off nearby...

Seven - sigh. So much love for this zone. Got to walk through both casts and see some great action - even when there were very few guests, the actors' energy was still off the charts. Too bad I couldn't stay for Manson. And I really do want to interact more with the Sins, I still just have to figure out how to deal with the creep factor.

Oh, and the snorts again - snorts a-plenty. For realz, someone needs to cc me on the email about that.

I hope I didn't leave anyone out, but know how much I enjoyed interacting with all of you. Looking forward to the next visit - see ya real soon!

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MrBungle you got me good a few nights! Tonight was fun since I was with Thomashhn and a friend of ours. the other night you scared the crap out of the guy I was with cuz you got so close to me lol

Also tonight around 11 I forgot who Thomas said it was but you were the 2nd Cupid in Bloodngutz.... Fun times.... Happy what ever that was you poked me with wasn't hard lol!

There were a few others I can't recall that pointed at my shirt and a few NIGHTMARES!!!! :)

I must say the shirt was well worth it and have had a few GREAT scares!

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Lucy/Minions. I had a blast playing with you all "in the zone". Had fun interacting with the Demon Luck as well (yes, Uncle Fred is still dead). Also got a great Nightmares shout out. I'm just sorry you had to repeat it - there were some chainsaws or something going off nearby...

:) Uncle Fred! I believe we met last week in Nightmaze. I love seeing repeat Guests, keep coming back!!

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some shoutouts from last night (10-21-2011

*Cast A (i think) of The Forsaken for scaring the hell out of me (as i was virtually the only one at that time), and the scareactor who targeted my Pal Mickey who said in spanish that he thought he "killed" mickey once, but he even said that he'd "kill" mickey again, as well as Duffy the Bear.

*Vorpal for giving me one great scare at Nevermore

*The scareactress portraying gluttony which had fun with Duffy, along with the entire 7 cast (especially the two lust minions who really targeted Duffy, and poked fun at him being non-universal by telling him "he doesn't belong")

*The thanksgiving chick who "stabbed" Duffy, and the pilgrim guy @ Bloodengutz, who made me scream from his musket shot.

*Lady Luck's goons who targeted me for my Duffy ears, who also ganged up on Duffy when he got "scared".

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Huge shoutout to the minions at Luck Has Run Out, and the demons in Canyon of Dark Souls on Thursday the 20th. Huge shoutout to the stiltwalkers, especially the one that was muffling something underneath his mask, and pointing frantically at my vault shirt! I was the dude with the mustache with the cute girl holding a stuffed cat (circa Cats n' Combs last year lol).

Also, HUGE HUGE shoutout to all in Nightmaze for totally transforming the zone. It's exactly what I wanted it to be.

Oh, and shoutout to the glutton vaulter in Seven :D.

Can't wait to go again, actually leaving right now haha.

Sorry if I missed anyone from Thursday, been super busy lately.

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For Sunday, 10/23/11:

Forsaken and Company - you know who you are. You all rule. Seriously. Rule. Another great night - being sliced into 37 pieces in the Courtyard was just a bonus.

HR Bloodengutz - first time seeing cast B in a long time, then caught cast A a little later. Cast B Abe, thanks for the shirt point! Cast A HR - always a great pleasure, next time I'll bring the ibuprofen and tea with honey and lemon. Cast A Arbor day lady - I can ALWAYS count on you to spray me with blood and gasoline. Loved seeing you again! Cast A Lincoln and Washington - you two are da bomb. I'll buy a hat so I can tip it to you. Cast A Leprechauns - you always make a point to get me at least once, and frequently twice. Nice!

Lady Luck's minions by Lucy - I lost another appendage tonight, and couldn't be happier about it. Anyone see "Boxing Helena"?

Seven - Cast A & B Gluttony minions, great to interact with you again! Cast B Wrath minion - m'man! Bump pow! Cast A lust minion - what you suggested is illegal in 13 states - you gotta deal! Cast A Vanity minions - you had to double team me with the mirrors again? I don't need to be seeing that!! :)

Canyon of Dark Souls - Uncle Fred was ecstatic at the shout out! Don't forget, he's looking forward to bumping into you on the other side. Big hug!!

Everyone rest up for the home stretch. Take care and thank you!

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Back from my 3rd night and I have to thank the person who's playing H.R. Bloodengutz. I've seen both casts and your such a cool actor. Every time I've been through has been a fun experience. Tonight I talked to you about the button on your throne. My first night we talked about my favorite holiday and the second night we talked about the food to the right of me. I love the interaction. 3 more nights for me. Hopefully 3 more conversations with mr bloodengutz.

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<3 the HR Bloodengutz from last night who said "Ahhh, the Vault, I love that place!" Big shoutout to the Vaulter in Saws n' Steam who backed me and my frantic girlfriend into a corner, and then flicked me on the chin. That was epic. I haven't had such a personal scare in a very very long time. Thank you, that totally made my night.

Back to Bloodengutz, I didn't realize that the Elf at the end also was a Vaulter, so shoutout to him. I saluted you, hope you saw.

Shoutout to the entire Poe cast. The first several times I went through Poe, I thought it was great, but meh. I didn't really like it all too much. I didn't get scared. The guy with Poe's head scared the everliving shit out of me. It was intense. I haven't had a scare that great in a long time either. Such a simple scare, I should've seen it coming, but KABAM, severed head in the face.

In Between demons in the finale, thanks for scaring the everliving shit outta my girlfriend slamming that door. Thanks for making your house which had low expectations from me hover toward the top of my list.

In Forsaken, I freaking LOVE the Spanish actor that gets in people's faces toward the beginning of the house. Last night I brought my stuffed cat "George" from last year (Cats n' Combs style) except I safety pinned some 3D glasses to him, and let my girlfriend hold him (perfect target for scares haha). The Spaniard slapped poor George in the face, and then shouted something at my girlfriend probably involving cats but neither of us speak Spanish. You sir were epic. I hope that you can read this. You give me some of the greatest scares in this house, just because of how aggressive you are, and for some reason someone screaming a language that I can't understand at me gives me the heebiejeebies.

Hmm, I could go on about last night, and the previous nights which I never had time to type about. So bear with me haha.

The Torso zombie and the guy with the tophat at the beginning of Winter's Night=awesome. The guy with the tophat gets me and/or my girlfriend EACH TIME. Well, ok, not always with a tophat, but it's the guy right after the angel. Amazing hiding spot. Right in the open.

Anyhow, onto the streets. Seven, you guys definitely outlived my expectations tenfold. When I first went through the zone I was all "meh." Then I really got into it, and now I'm loving the interaction.

Then I went to Acid Assault which also had a similar "meh" feeling from me. Ho-lee-ehfing-shit. SO MUCH INTERACTION. Especially with the "kitty" that the scareactors loved to pet, or slap, or scream/bark at, or just look at and say "kiiitttyyy."

Especially when I got in an argument with my girlfriend in front of The Thing (she was too scared to go in, I tried to convince her to come with me, then she got all angry at me >,>). I love it when scareactors break up any sort of conversation in their zones. It's always been a staple of the event for me (dating back to 2005 when I was arguing with my father to go with me through Terror Mines, and an orc snuck up behind me and scared the shit out of me). It turned an annoying conversation into an interesting one.

Anyhow, forgive my jumpiness, and forgive me if I excluded anyone that may remember me from last night. Last night was superb. I honestly and truly enjoyed it. It took a while for me to get "into" the event this year because I'm not really feeling the theme, but as always, the scareactors got me "in" to the mood reaaaal quick. Hoping to get another great experience tonight, lines be damned.

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Shoutout from 10-21:

Nightmaze - Towards the end of the night, the last moveable gate headed towards Mel's.

You shut the gate on the group that was following me, even as they tried to stop you. The look of confusion and terror on their faces was priceless. No matter how much they struggled, you just kept closing the gate until they were forced to find an alternate path.

Mucho props!

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The very end of last night in H.R. Bloodenguts - Fourth of July part both of them got me pretty god props to you. Leprechaun's also got me.

Props to everybody in the Forsaken house I don't know what it is but every time I go into that house everyone seems to get me. So thanks. You all rock.

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Props to the vaulters in Bloodengutz making the house scarier than I ever thought it'd be.

Oh, and the guys in Forsaken...HOLY CRAP! I don't think I've ever experienced the cast with a metric assload of Vaulters/HHN'ers until last night, and it was intense! Guy with his eye out in the first/second room=you are amazing. Freaking out on me was the best thing I've ever seen in this house. <3 The Forsaken that tried to eat my kitty in the courtyard. And <3 to all of the others for making a house with such low expectations come up so high on the list.

In Between, you guys were rocking it as usual. I think that In Between is going to be very close competition for my #1 house, also another that had low expectations, but delivered amazingly.

The Poe cast was fantastic last night....never thought I'd get scared in that house ever, but I had the crap scared out of me numerous times last night and the night before.

The S n' S cast was outstanding, as usual. Another contender for my favorite house. Stopping me and my girlfriend about midway through the house, and asking her if you could take her fingers or her eyes was AMAZING! Especially since she was conga-lining before we got held up, and then the rest of the house was open completely to us. And finally the saw at the end scared the ever living shit out of her. Thank you S n' S guys. Yet another for #1 house. I think I'm just going to have to stick with a "top three" or something, the houses this year are just superb. Shoutout to the one who stopped us, and then got in my face and was all "YOU!" My girlfriend had to literally drag me away, I just froze and didn't know what to do haha.

<3 The Nightingales cast. My girlfriend is literally scared to death of your house, it's a challenge to even get her to enter. This is the only house thus far that still gets my adrenaline pumping uncontrollably. I still get several scares that I'd either never experienced or just weren't expected. Definitely another in the top three on the scare list, and the queue is always so short! <3 to the vaulter/HNN nightingales :D.

Winter's Night also=awesome. Shoutout to every scareactor here, the ambiance and the atmosphere here is just superb. Not the scariest house, but it has some of the best scares, and in my opinion, some of the best theming of all of the houses this year, only competition being Forsaken.

Now, scarezones....

<3 <3 <3 Acid Assault scareactors...the interaction is amazing! And the female scareactor who wanted to eat my kitty "George" was awesome. Next time we'll bring ketchup, for sure.

Seven was on fire as usual, another shoutout to Sloth, Envy, and Vanity minions. You guys totally rock. The rest of you guys do too, but those three stand out to me the most.

Last but not least (remember, this is all just last night haha) Luck's minions are so. Freaking. Awesome. Best new scareactor this year, imo. You guys rock, your costumes are very effective, and you all know how to take advantage of your roles. I at first didn't like you guys too much, you were all "meh." Then you got saws. Then I payed more attention to the outfits and watched you guys do your stuff more often, and became very pleased.

Kudos. Only two more nights for me to write up more big posts! Hehe.

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some shoutouts from yesterday's outing.


*Gluttony temptress (Cast A) who got Duffy and tried to "feed" him the grapes,

*Sloth temptress (cast A) for getting Duffy to take a "nap" with her),

*Envy temptress (cast A) for "introducing" Duffy to her snake. and

*Vanity's goons (cast A) for recognizing Duffy from his previous visit on the 21st, and even going as far as to call Duffy out for wearing a police officer's uniform and telling him that "he didn't like cops".

*Envy Temptress from Cast B for calling me "figment".

[The Forsaken]

*Cast A was spot on when it came to noticing Pal Mickey, especially the soldier following the opening jail scene who once again lamented that Pal Mickey is still alive (to which i replied in spanish "Infinite Lives")

[hr Bloodengutz]

The Thankgsiving chick who pointed her knife at Duffy, as well as the elf with the toy chainsaw who tried to "attack" Duffy

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I have to give a well deserved Shot out,

the the Crow in stilts in grown evil I dont know what cast but, The crow in stilts im talking about keeps making this crow hissing sound lol which I LOVE! :)

also the head tilts, the putting the wings to their back, amazing! one of the favorite actors in here, some of the owls are really good too, but the actor playing the crow making the noises is just awesome!

also, this was the Only crow that let me take a couple of pics, without covering, Thank you so much you don't know how much it means to me to be able to have a pic of the crow costume,

a funny thing that happened some days before was that i was taking pics, and the crow let me, but then the crow got mad and did the hissing sound and push me away with their wing LOL that was so funny and cool

well, anyway, really good job

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