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  1. McLovin


    Pretty Excited for this house! I watched the 1st and 3rd... Now to watch the 2nd!
  2. Is it time for HHN 23 yet!?!?!?!

  3. I hope Rosie enjoyed that Lollipop tonight Always a fun time with Rosie..... even when she is mad at me lol
  4. That must have been you then creeperannie6 Thanks!!
  5. Now that sounds like a lot of fun.... Hmm... I am already planning on buying a big bag... Halloween night can't come any faster!!! And I didn't forget Valdez... He got some skittles from me the other night...
  6. That was such an awesome experience!! Happy I got to see what your perspective of that house was Kathy!!! AC deff. moved up some on my list of houses.
  7. Sorry!! I had a group go with me so I wore the HNN shirt... I'll have it on tonight and I don't know who it is on here... but one of you called me out last night.... Please let me know who you are... it creeped some of my friends out lol
  8. Do they possibly have something to do with the games??? just curious... since they seem like sub categories... just a thought...
  9. Kelise keep an eye out for me on Thursday... I will be wearing a McDonalds shirt that says McLovin on it
  10. I am not sure which Cast it is but to the Girl in the Fox Mask... I hope you actually enjoyed those Gummy Bears!!! If you are even on here...
  11. Kelise i think it was you who gave me a name shout out tonight around 10:05 can't recall where it was at but I was taking pictures of you guys in formation leaving... All of you started passing me and all of a sudden I hear McLovin!!! Made my night If it wasn't you give whoever it was a thanks for me EDIT: I think it might have been in the Hollywood area...
  12. I just want to give a shout out to e z_e... I applaud you sir.. Best scare I have gotten in a while I still don't know exactly how you crept up on me....
  13. All of you ladies are amazing! I love watching your legion!!
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