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  1. Total nights attended-23 Final house and show count. Evil Dead-39 AWIL-39 CITW-37 RE-30 Havoc-19 Afterlife-14 La Llorona-29 TWD-25 B&T-27 RHPS-20
  2. Evil Dead #1 AWIL #2 CITW #3 Resident Evil #4 La Llorona #5 TWD No Safe Haven #6 Havoc Derailed #7 Afterlife #8
  3. 1. Evil Dead 2.Cabin in the Woods 3.AWIL 4.Resident Evil 5.Afterlife 6.Walking Dead 7.La Llorona 8.Havoc 2
  4. Yeah I am agreeing with what is being said. A lot had to do last year with the location of TWD Dead Inside. This years house I have a feeling will be a hell of a lot better due to it being in a different location. ie Bigger, Darker, etc...Can't wait to see the difference. :zombie2:
  5. Found this last week at a thrift store for $3 bucks
  6. I believe that the final days will eventually be added to include the FFPP. The more people who attend means more $ for Uni. The last week of the event I'd say they will make the announcement that the FFPP now includes Nov. 1st and 2nd.
  7. Getting the FFP+ ticket this year so I will be attending all those nights. HNN shirt will confirm later.
  8. ^ If you ever want to sell those 2007 tarot cards let me know,
  9. In John Carpenter's CHRISTINE the car was a 1958 Plymouth Fury. Since it's a classic car perhaps maybe something involving or surrounding Mel's DrIvE In. Pure speculation of course.
  10. That is just f*****g amazing. All I can say is if we do get this I hope some scareactors do that backwards crab walk like that one girl did.
  11. Yeah he is a friend of mine. And what DesigningtheFear said is true it's there for Grad Bash. Or is it. Just kidding. Or am I
  12. I kinda figured it was for Grad Bash but a boy can dream
  13. Pure speculation of course but listen between 4:15 and 4:22
  14. No Nicki Minaj, No Kesha, No Justin Bieber. Everything else I'm okay with. Party on Dudes!
  15. Balloons. Macy's Parade has balloons. HHN 23 Possibly a return of the FOTD parade.
  16. You know when Dr. Jimmy mentioned R.I.P.D. in his video I instantly thought that R.I.P.D meant Ripped as in Ripped from the Silver Screen. I figured with all the mentioning of the universal monsters and the 100 years of universal horror that it might be possible to see another RFTSS type year again since 2009 was mainly based off of horror movies. I do know that RIPD actually is about undead cops but of course this was just a crazy opinion of mine...
  17. Screamhouse in 2002 and Screamhouse Revisited in 2003 were back to back houses. Screamhouse Resurrection was in 2006 Psychoscareapy Maximum Madness in 2006 and Psychoscareapy Home for the Holidays in 2007 were back to back houses. Psychoscareapy was in 2003 and Psychoscareapy Echos of Shadybrook was in 2010 Scary Tales in 2001 and Scary Tales II in 2002 were back to back houses. Scary Tales III Once upon a Nightmare was in 2008.
  18. Yeah it would be virtually impossible to do an Evil Dead house the right way at HHN without the gore factor that it has. And lets say hypothetically they did do an Evil Dead house at HHN but with hardly any gore. People would say, Man that house really sucked because it wasn't done right or They really skimped on the gore in that house. So it looks like a lose lose situation anyways.
  19. If there are no last minute changes then there is nothing to worry about. Universal and A&D always do the best they can. Whether some people believe that or not. I'm the side that believes they do. Remember there could be no HHN at all.
  20. Imagine the HULK movie in 2003 if you will. They decided to reboot it again in 2008 to try and make it better. Since TNA wrestling is gone from Universal there is another soundstage to possibly use for HHN so I have to say that it is possible for a Walking Dead reboot type house at HHN. Whether it happens this year or next. Or maybe even not at all. Who knows. Possible doesn't mean definite.
  21. By the looks of things i'm going to have to agree with this statement.
  22. HHN Flashdrive added to my collection. There is a lot of cool things on this.
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