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  1. The website has been updated to include prices for the General Admission and Annual Passholder Admission. Seems like they are restricting LT to those whom purchase FF passes.
  2. Knowing that the two are not related. I am NOT surprising that the website is acting up. I expect some issue since there were some issues at the Employee Preview Night event.
  3. The walkers will be there just not as we originally thought.
  4. Hey Mr. Black, can you please edit the posting in which you qouted my post as I have changed the link to the map image.
  5. JW, it has been this way for a few years already. They really couldn't bunch up a lot of house in one area due to crowd control.
  6. Here is a prerelease map for HHNXXII.
  7. If they follow the way Universal Orlando does their ticketing then it should give you the option of will call kiosk, print@home, pickup at ticket window or mail.
  8. In my opinion Silent Hill is an ok horror genre game and movie but they could have gone with so many other titles such as the F.E.A.R. series, Fallout series, or even the original Resident Evil series. But I hope that Silent Hill will be good house with a few good scares.
  9. I tried it today and the AP link worked fine. They must have been updating and activating it when you were trying to load it.
  10. Everything will still be functional on the 31st as it will be on the remaining event nights. They close at 12 am on the 31st.
  11. When it comes the type of employees you get at Universal it is truely random and the same thing goes when you pass through the security bag checkpoint before entering CityWalk as well as the Security checkpoint at the gate. It is also messed up that if you get into the park before 3pm or 4pm and are waiting at the staging/holding area you are never checked. Do they really need the extra checkpoint at the gates? No especially when you might no be checked if you arrive earlier in the day and are already in the park. It would have been better just to have the checkpoint at the CityWalk checkpoint and be done with it or at least have it uniformed for everyone.
  12. Overall, it reflects an attempt to answer criticism, which you have to respect. They're trying to improve the show throughout the month. I have to agree with some of the lines being cut hurting the show abit but the one being over the heads of everyone under 35 is incorrect. I would say under the age of 25 would be correct since I remember them being on when I was a kid and I'm 31. Hell even my sister remember that show and she's 25.
  13. That is true. But they don't carry all the meds for all situation. Just the basic meds no prescription meds. So the in-park first aid office can be a good spot to hit for the basic. Still messed up that they told her to get rid of the meds that are allowed.
  14. The security person that told you that must have had something up their you know what. Sounds like you were cherry picked. It really comes down to who you get when you're going through the check points. I remember one time I had to take out my cell phone from its case because the person doing the check wanted me to when it was unnecessary since the case it clear and see through. There was another time I had to take a small camera out of a tight camera bag as well. Both times the person told me it was because I might have a weapon in either one. Since every security person does something different. You should not have had to throw out your meds and should have demanded a supervisor from both Universal and the Security group as Universal does not state that person meds cannot be brought in. I have take some meds with me into the park with no problem at all. But again it really depends on who you get.
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