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  1. How have I missed this for SEVEN DAYS?! This is always one of my post-season highlights.
  2. Hey guys, I wouldn't necessarily bank on the NLC trio for next year. New Line only owns the rights to Freddy at this point. Jason's back with Paramount, and I believe Millennium Films owns Leatherface now? Not sure how that might impact using the characters as they appeared in the New Line films, but there're certainly some trickier legal areas now.
  3. I thought so. I've been waiting to see what's coming out so I can have friends pick stuff up for me, but no luck so far.
  4. Did an output of the audio file in reverse. It's just the code repeated
  5. Honestly, if LT this year would be like LT last year, I'd rather that money be spent on houses/SZ's instead. As much fun as running around the park for no reason other than to get virtual points that don't mean anything is...
  6. So I did an in-depth, quick 4 minutes of web researching, and it looks HalloweenMovies.com, the source of the leak, is owned by Compass International Pictures, a defunct company now owned by Trancas International Films, Inc. They own the rights to Halloween 1, 4, and 5. So it looks like the rights holders were ready to announce, which leads me to think that the hold up is on Universal's side. Another thing to consider, though, is what the house content will be, and if that's affecting the announcement. Universal owns the rights to Halloween 2 and 3, and Dimension owns the rights to 6 - 10, and any new films. Maybe, if the house is a best of, they're having issues with Dimension? Otherwise, it seems like the rights are all lined up. I'm of course by no means saying that I think the house has been cancelled or anything, it's just odd that this hasn't been announced yet. Particularly since they went ahead and announced the original content already, and that's been saved for last the past few years.
  7. If you look at the picture I posted, it looks like we see three stages of the Wendigo transformation. The mask on the right is the most human, with the lips chewed off. The one just to the left has a mostly human head, but the face has been peeled away to reveal something a more monstrous. And the head at the top is the creature more (or fully) transformed. My guess is that the colonists are possessed, and then transformed, into a physical manifestation of the Wendigo.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Since there's now a precedent of the old icons making cameos, I could easily see her popping back up.
  9. From the blog on the Roanoke colony: What’s this business about the “spirit of Wendigo?” I’m pretty sure my family rented one of those for a road trip when I was a kid. I think that’s a Winnebago… The spirit of Wendigo is something much more sinister. It’s actually a mythical Native American creature that curses all those who ingest human flesh. These people have snapped, and they have to somehow justify their cannibalism. They think they’re being possessed by the Wendigo spirit. They start eating their own mouths. They’ve chewed away their lips. They’ve just completely lost it. WENDIGOS!!!! OHMANHMANOHMANOHMAN This is officially my most eagerly anticipated house now! And from FB, could that mask in the upper left be one of the full creatures?!
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