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  1. very entertaining stuff...I should vist more often
  2. Just found this thread--amazing work Cody. I tried grabbing XX! also but got an error message..is that still there or did I miss out on it?
  3. Rockit was never an issue that I'm aware of, no doubt do to its location far away from "civilization". When IOA was built there was an agreement with the neighboring community that Duling Dragons would not run after a certin time due to noise concerns and the closeness to the Turkey Lake area homes. It was not a law but self-imposed by Universal to be good neighbors. I'm not 100% certin if Hulk was in that agreement but both have always closed early during late nights at IOA. If this agreement has changed I've seen nothing in the media about it.
  4. dozen guest guzzling rides? Can't run the coasters late at IOA and as much as I want another IOA year there is no way 2013 will happen without the Transformer ride being part of the landscape.
  5. My love letter to HU http://behindthethrills.com/2012/11/keepers-tales-horror-unearthed-digs-up-another-fan/
  6. Late to this thread but here goes. When IOA opened the guide/storyteller in Poseidon's Fury was a rather eccentric acting old man (who was not all he appeared to be) who introduced himself by saying something along the lines of "oh, my name? Well, just call me.... Keeper for I am the keeper of this old temple and the tales it tells". Since I fancy myself a bit on the mysterious side, good at spinning a yarn and I've been around the theme park "temples" of Orlando for a few years longer than most, it seemed the perfect way to not only identify myself but also to pay tribute to the original version of the attraction.
  7. Same here..never used it and always able to get everything done in one night. As long as you stay and scream and have done your homework its a piece of cake. Most years I am done with houses by 8 or 8:30. I'd rather spend my movey on a souvineer of the event.
  8. He's a Universal property and no doubt cost them nothing
  9. A friend of mine went thru TWD last night with Teller in front of him. He said Teller was very cool about posing for a picture and real freindly. I remember him tweeting about being up at 5:30 to do the morning news shows so that's very cool that he was still open to fans after what must have been a very long day.
  10. keeper

    Reaper's Review

    Gotta agree about Vanity's minions...they were standouts in a zone full of superstars. There was on guy in the A cast that got me EVERY FRICKIN TIME I walked thru all month long. In addition to having amazing timing, he was also funny as heck when talking to you.
  11. no link..this is the store at the park exit..they also have Treehouse of Terror shirts at $14.95
  12. Wow I would never say this...very little experience with Busch to make a judgement but I've always found Universal employees far more friendly that Disney's
  13. One of Pride's minions "mirrors" me , without fail, every fricking time I go thru...he's usually the last character in the zone. Well played minion--well played.
  14. I agree with Bear--if you ever have something like this happen just politely and calmly ask to speak to a Universal supervisior. I have never seen them be unreasonable. This sounds like someone trying to throw their weight around. I had one question my Mobil speedpass fob on my keychain. I explained to him what it was and he still seemed hesitant until I suggested maybe he needed to check with a supervisior if there was a problem and he just grunted and waved me thru. The whole process is silly since those in the stay and scream area don't go thru any screening at all beyond the CityWalk stick in bag routine.
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