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  1. Yea I'm going to need one sent to me haha... seriously, after years and years of begging, they FINALLY made a shirt for streets. This has been long overdue. Oh and as for the writing on the back of the IP shirt, it is the same shiny font used for Hollywood's 2016 shirt. Its not as terrible as the rubber blood font. And its on the top-back so it'll be clean versus how when they write on the front its huge.
  2. Since nobody bothered to take the initiative, I got screenshots of the merch that was teased during the Live Stream. STRANGER THINGS (shirt, hat, and "not pictured" mug) Character IP House Shirt (Notice it doesn't feature Blumhouse characters) ^The BACK says "We Know What Scares You" TRICK R TREAT (shirt & leggings) SCAREZONE (11x17 poster & "not pictured" shirt)
  3. Just announced for ANOTHER year... The Red Barn returns to #ScaryFarm this year with terrors waiting for you behind every blood-soaked corner. Do you dare enter?
  4. Here is an update from yesterday (Tuesday, August 21st, 2018)... Spotlights have popped up all over the park in the designated scarezone areas. Scenic will be commencing very soon. SEWER OF SOULS ^Six Flags has got jokes... "Sewer of Soles"... Like the sole of your shoe. CONDEMNED: FOREVER DAMNED ^I do have a better pic of this facade.... but...... TERROR-Tory Twisted (scarezone) With scarezone construction having begun, I'll be sure to have another update in a few days...
  5. Quite whining about the two Blumhouse films we have for Hollywood. They're taking something unconventional and getting creative with it. Watch it end up your favorite maze. Universal doesn't own every horror movie from the 80s and getting the rights to use IPs has become restricted (which is a good thing). Plus the 80s theme is just a loose marketing gimmick. And as I already said in the Blumhouse thread, they own The Purge and want to promote the new film for its upcoming bluray release. Besides, I'm sure if you dug deep into the library of 80s horror, you'd find a movie similar to The Purge. And Happy Death Day is a straight up 80s-esque slasher horror movie, so it works. They've already done The Thing a sequel in 2007 & the prequel in 2011. And WB owns Gremlins, which is featured at their own haunt event in its own special way.
  6. But again... when you look at haunts that have been going strong much longer than HHN without the use of an IP or even "NEW" content, IPs are definitely not crucial to bringing in the masses. All it requires is good marketing. Marketing is what sells an event, not an IP... at least that is how it is supposed to work. Sadly, Orlando fell down the Hollywood rabbit hole of IP's for advertising, despite the fact that the event did just fine with a killer iconic logo or icon. As I said, Knotts has been doing their event for 45+ years with 90% non-IP related content, so clearly they know what they're doing. In California, HHN does not reign supreme, sad but true.
  7. They've already done all of the above (1995/1996, 2009, & 2006), except for Sleepaway Camp. And again, I think you're missing the point of corporate synergy. The First Purge promotes the film coming soon to bluray, Happy Death Day promotes current bluray sales while also hyping next year's sequel. You shouldn't be begging for an IP dominated event, that is how you get trapped in an endless loop of more of the same- just like in Happy Death Day. Just look at Hollywood's event. IPs are NOT crucial to bringing people into the event. That is completely not true at all... just look at Knott's Scary Farm. They've been doing their event for 45+ years now without needing to rely on IPs to bring in the masses every year. Even with repeat content, other haunt events still bring in people year after year without the use of an IP. Believing that IPs are crucial to haunt events is the reason why & how the haunt event industry gets lazy.
  8. Happy Death Day totally fits the 80's slasher vibe, even though it takes place in this era. You say blame, I say blessing. God forbid these tighten the noose around the use of non-Universal IPs for the event. or better yet, in Orlando's case, marketing/higher-ups to back down and let A&D do their thing with more original content. IPs can slip in here or there via the old-school method of HHN- "loosely based" (Demon Cantina, Body Collectors, Interstellar Terror, etc).
  9. Soooo.... you didn't like All Nite Die-In or Silver Screams?
  10. Again, this is NOT the event shirt, this is the Annual Passholder exclusive shirt. There is a difference. The tagline that is rumored/expected for Hollywood is "TRUE FEAR COMES FROM WITHIN", so expect something similar since there is no event icon, only the very loose 80s "theme". Also, the original logo for Fright Fest was the classic universal monsters. The Chainsaw Pumpkin logo didn't debut until the following year for HHN 2 & 3.
  11. You're not missing much. Its actually rather boring, then 5/6 ruin it further. Aside from that, you can watch it HERE!
  12. ^Now THAT is a very creative ride-overlay for a haunt. But I'm not talking about a ride overlay, I'm talking about an actual bumper car INSIDE the house. Completely different than putting scareactors on a ride.
  13. You should be able to view all 3 posters on the site when you click "more details". The video is below the posters & text, so it shouldn't be covering anything. But here are the 3 posters (not sure why they weren't included in the initial thread post)
  14. More than likely not, since that is the AP shirt. But expect a similar design though judging from the lanyard. House shirt will probably have a pumpkin/dead vines frame on the back.
  15. Yes... put this all together with your spoiler between ][ the two brackets. [ spoiler ] -insert spoiler here- [ / spoiler ]
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